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  • How to Determine Genuine Philippine Money?

    Steps in recognizing genuine BSP banknotes Version 1 and 2 1. Paper - the genuine note is printed on a special kind of paper which is rough when we run our fingers through it. 2. Watermark - is the shadow of the portrait appearing on the face of the note. 3. Security fibers - embedded red and blue visible fibers are scattered at random on both surfaces of the note. 4. Embedded security thread - special thread vertically implanted off center of the face of the note. It can easily be seen when

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  • Historical Perspective: Philippines Educational System

    Philippine Educational System: Historical Perspective | | The present educational system of the Philippines is the result of a long process of educational evolution.  A.     Pre-Spanish Period During the pre-Spanish period‚ education was informal. It means that there was no overruling agency that governs the educational system.         The child is taught at home by the parents or by some tribal tutor.        The practice of  apprenticeship‚ whereby a person usually learns some occupational

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  • Human Rights Still Not Upheld in the Philippines

    — the progressive alliance of trade unions in the Philippines — and member of Pro Labor Assistance Center (PLACE)‚ Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) and the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) was released from prison. He was joined by five leaders from popular organizations in the Southern Tagalog region east and south of Manila. All six had been detained for three months. These arrests and detentions seem to be tests by the Philippine state of new tactics against the legal popular movement

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  • A Comparison on Philippine and Indonesian Educational Systems

    individual and the society at large. However‚ in two ASEAN nations‚ there still seems to be some shortcomings in the education sector. There are three issues in the education system of both Indonesia and Philippines that will be discussed and compared: quality‚ affordability of education‚ and budget. Philippines has revised its educational system only recently‚ making the compulsory years of education twelve instead of ten. With this change is the adjustment of the curriculum. All subjects under all the

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  • The Relevance of Studying Philippine Literature in English

    As we have learned in Philippine history‚ apart from superior arms to subdue the true revolutionaries who waged a continuing war against colonial rule‚ the Americans used education‚ propagated the English language and lifestyle. In effect‚ this changed the milieu of literary production as the English language became the standard for what is canon. Many important things can be learned in the study of Philippine literature in English. Studying Philippine literature in English is important because

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  • Metro Manila and Philippine Youth Congress

    Philippine Youth Congress on Information Technology REACTION PAPER SUBMITTED TO: MR. ACE GARCES PROFESSOR SUBMITTED BY: Lovely Mae A. Cabaccan BS INFORMATION TECHONLOGY 4-B Philippine youth congress on Information Technology Y4IT Celebrating a decade of transforming lives. This 2012 the University of the Philippines Information technology Development Center (UP ITDC) is propelling itself to greater heights as it celebrate the 10th year of the Philippine youth

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  • Constitutional Commission of the Philippines

    huge amounts being funneled into bogus nongovernment organizations (NGOs). Between 2010 and 2012‚ some P500 million of pork went to fake NGOs through the state-owned Philippine Forest Corp.‚ the office of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala and National Agribusiness Corp. (Nabcor)‚ documents obtained by the Inquirer showed. Philippine Forest Corp. is the agroforestry arm of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)‚ while Nabcor is the agriculture department’s corporate subsidiary

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  • Falling in Love with the Philippines

    Essay Justine Alaina R. Miranda BC 12 –Y February 4‚ 2012 No. of words: 1‚103 Falling In Love With The Philippines I have been to other places‚ over the Philippines‚ across the continent‚ and even to the other side of the globe. I fell in love with foreign countries and not of my own. But during my sembreak vacation‚ where I got the chance to see Northern Philippines‚ I fell in love with Ilocos. I fell in love with my own country. To tell you the truth‚ I wasn’t really excited about

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  • Philippine Claim to the Spratly Islands Group*

    PHILIPPINE CLAIM TO THE SPRATLY ISLANDS GROUP* Introduction The Philippines is a mid-ocean archipelago consisting of more than 7‚100 islands some of which remain unnamed. The islands portion of the archipelago lies along some 1‚150 miles between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. It is separated from Taiwan by the Bashi Channel‚ from Indonesia by the Celebes Sea‚. from North Borneo (Sabah) by narrow passages‚ channels and straits‚ from the Asian mainland by the South China Sea and from

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  • Alias in Philippine Province

    City - picnic area Apalit‚ Pampanga - tapayan capital Baclayon Church‚ Bohol - oldest stone church Bacolod City - city of smiles Bacolor‚ Pampanga - country’s capital in 1762-1763 Baguio City - summer capital Balabac Island‚ Palawan - land of Philippine mouse deer Baliuag‚ Bulacan - the first town to have election Banaue Rice Terraces - stairways to the sky Barasoain Church - headquarters of the Malolos Congress Basey‚ Samar - town of mat festival Batanes - smallest province; northernmost

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