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Paul Revere Journal Entry

Paul Revere was an American Patriot who lived in the 18th and 19th century. He is the subject of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “A Midnight Ride” one of the most famous American poems. He was known as a son of liberty and was a key person in America’s fight for liberty. Revere was a messenger, a silversmith, a dentist, even a writer, but through all of his professions, duties and responsibilities Paul Revere remained loyal, brave and committed to his country
 Paul Revere was born...

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Paul Revere

When the British Came: Paul Revere Through My Eyes By: Shagun Doshi May 22, 1810 After over 37 years of marriage, you can just imagine the memorable moments I have shared with Paul. From watching our 11 beautiful children grow up to be wonderful people to the activism work Paul used to do back in the day. The main reason for me to write this is not only because I am 65 years old and my mind seems to be losing me, but also to tell the untold tale of Mr. Paul Revere, a great husband and a true...

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Journal Entries

JOURNAL ENTRIES” a. JIL made initial cash investment. Cash XXX JIL, Capital XXX b. JIL made an additional investment, Equipment. Equipment XXX JIL, Capital XXX c. Purchased equipment on account. Equipment XXX Accounts Payable XXX d. Purchased equipment for cash. Equipment XXX Cash XXX e. Purchased supplies on account. Supplies XXX Accounts Payable XXX f. Purchased supplies for cash. Supplies XXX Cash XXX g. Rendered services on account. Accounts receivable XXX Service...

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Journal Entry

September 13, 2013 Journal Entry 1 1. In your journal, write the eight areas of the self-assessment and record your scores for each as follows: 60 1. Accepting personal responsibility 68 2. Discovering self-motivation 68 3. Mastering self-management 53 4. Employing interdependence 51 5. Gaining self-awareness 46 6. Adopting lifelong learning 50 7. Developing emotional intelligence 66 8. Believing in myself 2. Write about the areas on the self-assessment in which you had your highest scores...

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Paul Revere S True Ride

 Period 3  15 November, 2014      Paul Revere’s True Midnight Ride  On  the  evening  of  April  18,  1775,  Paul  Revere  was  sent  for  by  Dr.  Joseph  Warren  and  instructed to ride to Lexington,  Massachusetts, to  warn  Samuel  Adams and  John Hancock that  British  troops   were  marching  to  arrest  them.  By   now,  most  of  the  Massachusetts  Patriot  leaders  had  taken  refuge  in  outlying  communities,  fearing  arrest  by  British  officials.  Paul  Revere, a  trusted messenger,  also ...

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Communications Journal Entry 1

 Communications Journal Entry 1 Write a 700- to 1,050-word journal entry in the narrative style. Refer to this week’s readings to inform your responses. Describe the flow of information in your company. In your journal, discuss the following: The intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, and intercultural levels of communication within your company How information travels up, down, and across your organization and how it relates to the basic communications model The functions...

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Jane Eyre Journal Entries

Journal Entries Journal Entry #1 “I was conscious that a moment’s mutiny had already rendered me liable to strange penalties, and, like any other rebel slave, I felt resolved, in my desperation, to go all lengths.” –-- -Chapter 2, page 6 Reaction: Being really young, her sudden decision was a poor choice. Response: She’s still very young, and needs to experience more of life in order to make better decisions. Have logic and not be fooled by only emotions. Explanation: With...

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Cash Flow and Journal Entry

Interest is paid semiannually on June 30 and December 31. Required: • 1. Determine the price of the bonds at January 1, 2013. • 2. Prepare the journal entry to record their issuance by The Bradford Company on January 1, 2013 • 3. Prepare the journal entry to record interest on June 30, 2013 (at the effective rate). • 4. Prepare the journal entry to record interest on December 31, 2013 (at the effective rate). 1. Interest for 4M @ 11,46992 is $45,879,680 Principle 80M @ 0.31180 is 24,944...

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Journal Entry 20

Journal Entry 20 (p. 223) In this activity, you will recall times in your life when you were off course and took effective actions to get back on course. Everyone gets off course at times, but only those who are self-aware can consistently make positive changes to improve their lives. 1. Write about a time when you made a positive change in your life. Examples include ending an unhealthy relationship, entering college years after high school, changing careers, stopping an addiction, choosing...

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Journal Entries for Being a Slave

Life As A Slave Journal Entry One Dear Journal, This is my first time writing in any kind of journal so I’m kind of new to this. My name is John Bow and I am a slave in a Georgia plantation. So, to start this journal entry out I will start to talk about my day. Today has been such a long day; my master has had me doing so many things today. I’m so tired and I just want to be home with my wife and eat. We don’t get much food and it isn’t that great, but it’s food. My day today consisted...

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