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Paul Morel In Sons And Lovers

D.H. Lawrence: Son and Lover "Bildungsroman, a form of fiction which allows the novelist to recreate through the maturing of his protagonist some of his own remembered intensity of experience" (Nivin, Alastair; pg. 34) D.H. Lawrence re-created his own life experience through the writing of Son's and Lovers, an intensely realistic novel set in a small English mining town, much akin to the town in which he was raised. The son of a miner, Lawrence grew up with a father much like the character...

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Sons and Lovers as an Autobiographical Novel

Novel gained immense popularity during the 20th century. In the history of English novel D. H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers is a typical 20th century novel. The 20th century novels bear the characteristics of realism, romanticism, modernism, impressionism, expressionism etc. It was a time of complex human psychology. A contiguous overflow of a thought, which is happening in human psychology become the theme of the novel of the time. After the havoc and destruction of the First and the...

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Sons and Lovers

Educational Series, 1993). At the time this letter was written Lawrence was fictionalizing his relationship with his mother, as well as the rest of his family, in the novel Sons and Lovers . In the novel the Lawrences would be named the Morels, but though the names are different there are many parallels between Sons and Lovers and Lawrence's own life. These parallels are what make the novel truly autobiographical. However, the strongest evidence of the autobiographical nature of this novel exists...

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Paul in Sons and Lovers

20751 Mrs. Cooper AP English 10/06/10 Paul’s Psyche in Sons and Lovers Sons and Lovers, by D.H. Lawrence is a novel which follows the protagonist—Paul—as he matures. Through his actions, one can see that his psyche is altered in a way which makes it improbable for him to remain in a successful relationship; proving this alteration, Paul fails in his relationships with both Gertrude and Miriam. Paul cannot succeed in any relationship because his mother altered his Id, Superego, and Ego via...

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Paper of Son and Lovers

The characters in "Sons and Lovers" ——Tragedy of Paul's Love 郁彩霞 Abstract: As the main character in this novel, Paul, shows the most struggle in his love: the love for hs mom, for Miriam and for Clara. My work is to analyze the complicated relationships among the women and the man. Due to the Oedipus complex of Paul, he always can't balance his love between his lovers and mother. A pure pilgrim of Miriam and a feminist of Clara, Paul finds himself in love with both of the two. However...

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Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers: A Psychoanalytic Criticism Psychoanalysis is a psychological approach that focuses on the concepts of Sigmund Freud and helps us to understand human behavior. D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers (1913) is a text that cries out for a psychoanalytic interpretation.One of Freud’s most famous theories is the Oedipus complex, which deals with a child’s emerging sexuality. Freud used the story of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex to help illustrate his theory. In the story, Oedipus unwittingly kills...

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Sons and Lover Themess

derived from the legend of King Oedipus of Thebes in ancient Greece. Oedipus unknowingly killed his father and married his mother. He begot two sons and two daughters from her. Freud, a German psychologist, used the term Oedipus Complex to signify the manifestation of the sexual desire of the child for the parent of the opposite sex i.e. sexual desire of the son for mother and conflict with father. Webster’s Dictionary explain the Oedipus Complex as : ’ ’ the unconscious tendency of a child to be attached...

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English Essay Sons And Lovers

Topic- analyse the following extract from Sons and Lovers in detail, commenting carefully on the stylistic aspects reflected in the passage, discussing what the extract revels about the characters and their relationship(s). Briefly mention any other relationships in the novel that are similar/ strongly dissimilar to the relationship revealed in the extract. Sons and Lovers by D.H Lawrence is an example of a Bildungsroman, an autobiographical novel about the character’s life, and that character’s...

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Parent relationship in "Sons and Lovers"

David Herbert Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers is considered as one of the most innovative novels of the twentieth century. In this novel, though Lawrence mainly deals with the relationship between men and women, he also informs us that the relationship between parents and children with the influence of the disharmonious relationship between the special man and woman—father and mother is very significant to children, family and even society. Sons and Lovers is an autobiographical account of Lawrence’s...

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Sons And Lovers : Mrs.Morel's Inflence

D.H. Lawrence's novel Sons and Lovers explores the significant family and companionate relationships of early adulthood. Unfortunately, and possibly unbeknownst to Lawrence himself, the relationships in the novel are often abusive, triangulated, and otherwise inappropriate. Many of these distorted connections may stem from the unconscious and cyclical perceptions of love by the characters. In D.H. Lawrence's novel, Sons and Lovers, each character's view of love is shaped by observing his parents'...

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A Stylistics Analysis of Sons and Lovers

A Stylistics Analysis of Sons and Lovers 2006级教育硕士 周凌帆 2006694 一.Abstract: In this essay, I mainly talk about the author, D.H.Lawrence and his works. And I also give a brief analysis of Sons and Lovers. 二.Key words: Sons and Lovers, analysis 三.Body: 1. Brief account of the author of the passage David Herbert Lawrence is one of the major novelists of the English tradition He was born at Eastwood, England, in 1885, the fourth child of a collier father and a genteel mother...

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Analayz of Sons and Lovers

full title Sons and Lovers  author D.H.Lawarence type of work  novel genre Its an atobiographical novel in two parts. In the period of his mother's illness,viewing her as a 'clever, ironical, delicately moulded woman' — and her apparently unfortunate marriage to his drinking father, an instability man. language English  time and place written In 1908 in Nottinghamshire Lawerence began writing the novel Sons and lovers.He completed the novel in 1913, while mourning his mother's death and under...

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Women in Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers, published in 1913, is D. H. Lawrence's third novel. It was his first successful novel and arguably his most popular. Many of the details of the novel's plot are based on Lawrence's own life and, unlike his subsequent novels, this one is relatively straightforward in its descriptions and action. D. H. Lawrence has been always criticized for the content of his novel and his characters. Sons and Lovers is another novel which was even banned for years because of its explicit indications...

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Sons and Lovers as an Autobiographical Novel

sons and lovers by D. Lawrence as an autobiographical novel the label, ‘autobiographical’ can safely be attributed to this superb specimen of fiction, bearing the mark of Lawrence’s genius. The most salient characteristic of the characters portrayed by Lawrence is according to Albert, “the resemblance they bear to their creator. In fact Sons and lovers is one of the most autobiographical of English novels. D.H. Lawrence is one of those great artists who write because of internal compulsion, and...

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oedipul complex in sons and lovers

 Oedipus complex in Sons and lovers Sigmund Freud introduced two theories, one is Oedipus complex and other is Electra complex. Sigmund Freud's theory, the Oedipus complex takes its name from the Greek play Oedipus Rex. In the play Oedipus is prophesied to murder his father, marry his mother and have sex with her and he does this unwittingly. The strong attraction of a child to the parent of the opposite sex and envy or jealous feelings toward the parent...

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Nature in Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence

sexual fulfilment. His experience growing up in a coal-mining family provided much of the inspiration for Sons and Lovers, his third novel, also considered his ‘crowning achievement’ (Qamar Naheed, 1998). Written in 1913, it is considered a pioneering work for its realism, vivid characterisation, treatment of sex complications and faultless control over tone and narrative method. Sons and Lovers is referred to as a Künstlerroman (a version of the Bildungsroman), which is a novel charting the growth...

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Mrs Morel, and How She Ruined Lives in Sons and Lovers.

How Mrs. Morel Ruined Lives. Gertrude Morel, a mother whose possessive love for her sons hinders their ability to establish fulfilling relationships with other women, and her detest of her husband closes him out of their lives. Gertrude can not bear to see her children live the life that her husband Walter does so she makes sure that they detest him, especially William and Paul. Mrs Morel did ruin three lives in this novel, Walter's, William's, and Paul's. Walter was a simple miner with simple...

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Class Conflict in D.H Lawrence's Sons and Lovers

Teacher: Ms. D. Campbell “Sons and Lovers as a novel epitomizes the conflict between the unskilled, ‘ill- educated’ working class and the rigidly moral, emotionally and sexually inhibited middle class.” D.H. Lawrence was one of the first modernist novelists to be passionately involved with his characters. Among the proletarian novels in the English literature, D.H. Lawrence’s Son’s and Lovers is the model and the precursor in terms of treatment as well...

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Sons and Lovers Eaxamine the R

Sons and Lovers: Examine the Relationships Paul has with the Women in his Life. Paul Morel is the main character in DH Lawrence’s novel ‘Sons and Lovers’. The story charts his early life from when his parents married and the subsequent birth of four children, through childhood and early adulthood to the death of his mother. During this time three women have a major impact on his life, his mother, Miriam and Clara. Each has the most influence at different times in his...

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Cold Comfort Farm and Sons and Lovers Representation of Family Life

The representation of family life in Cold Comfort Farm and Sons and Lovers Family life in Cold Comfort Farm ia portrayed negatively mostly throughout the novel. It’s one of the main themes in the novel and can be seen through Flora and the presentation of the ‘Starkadders’ (Flora’s distant relatives). Flora is not close to her family and says ‘If i find out i have any third cousins living at Cold Comfort called Seth, or Reuben, I shall not go’. This shows that she’s already stereotyping her own...

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The Role of Mrs. Morel and Miriam in Paul’s Life

Mrs. Morel and Miriam in Paul’s life The relationship between Paul and Miriam is one of the central themes inSons and Lovers”, since it is through this relationship that Paul faces his issues regarding his mother’s role in his life and women. Even though Clara is later part of the theme of Paul, women and his difficulty in committing, it can be argued that Mrs. Morel, Paul and Miriam are somewhat a love triangle. The fact that Miriam shares certain personality traits with Mrs. Morel is what...

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Sons and Lovers

ability to castrate him thus taking away his prize possession, the penis (Fromm 1980). The Oedipus complex can include the relationship of daughter and father, but for the purposes of this essay we will focus on the individual relationships between a son and mother. Freud claimed in a letter written to his colleague Wilhelm Fliess, “I have found the phenomena of (a boy) being in love with (his) mother a universal event in early childhood” One may think this theory to be possible, because the concept...

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sons and lovers: women

in his book Sons and Lovers shares with us many different types of women, in this critical analysis of women in Sons and Lovers I will be dealing with three women Mrs. Morel, Miriam and Lily. Mrs. Morel is the most significant of all the women in the novel, seeing that everything revolves around her. She dislikes her husband because of his persistent consumption of alcohol and the way he abuses her, because of this she focuses all her time and devotion the her two young sons Paul and William...

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Sons and Lovers as Psychological Novel

D. H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers as a Psychological Novel – Sons and Lovers belongs to the category of psychological fiction. The remarkable development of psychological novel is a notable phenomenon of the twentieth century literary scene. The psychology of the characters and the typical problems, emanating from a particular psychological pattern form the staple of a psychological novel. This psychological novel has been ushered in by Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. The psycho-analytical novel...

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How Is Mrs Morel Presented?

is Mrs. Morel presented in Chapter One of Sons and Lovers? The first chapter begins with a description of the neighborhood of “The Bottoms,” the miners’ dwellings in which the Morel’s live. The Morel’s consist primarily in the first chapter of, Gertrude and Walter Morel, and their son William. Before we are even introduced to Mrs. Morel, the description that D.H. Lawrence gives in the opening few pages is enough for the reader to graft an opinion. Lawrence firstly writes that Mrs. Morel “descended”...

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On Oedipus in Sons and Lovers

relationship when they grow up. After introducing the origin and understanding of Mother Fixation, the thesis points out that D. H. Lawrence, together with his works, especially Sons and Lovers, is a specific evidence of the Oedipus complex. In the traditional Chinese family culture,combining with some of the special relationship of the sons and mothers and the conflicts between the mothers and daughters-in-law they reveals the phenomenon and essence of Mother Fixation. The thesis firstly explains the understanding...

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Bondage and Escape in Sons & Lovers

theme in "Sons & Lovers" is bondage and escape. Every major character is held hostage by another character or by their environment. Her husband, her family and her anger at the family's social status hold Mrs. Morel hostage. She has no friends to be seen or money of her own to use. Her escape from her bondage is her death. She was unhappy her whole life and lived though another human as a source of happiness. She essentially lived her life through William and, after his death, through Paul, which in...

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Lawrence's Use of Time in Sons and Lovers

the use of techniques such a setting and narration. Sons and Lovers is set in the early 1900’s during the second industrial revolution in a small mining town in England. By choosing this time period and place, Lawrence isolates the themes to be addressed, as well as provides context for the relationships, occurrences and behaviour in the novel. The activity of coal mining is an important one in the book as it provides income for the Morels as well as many major problems. This reflects the views...

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D.H.Lawrence Sons and Lovers

'In Sons and Lovers, Paul is not really torn between Miriam and Clara but rather between his mother and his father.' Discuss. Sons and Lovers is considered one of the greatest English novels of the twentieth century. Centred on the lives of an English rural family, the novel explores issues relating to marriage, family, industrialism, class and sexuality. While the first sections of the book focus on the early marriage of Mr and Mrs. Morel, it is their second son Paul who comes to dominate the...

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Evaluate the View That Sons and Lovers Contends That It Is Not Possible to Overcome the Legacies of Childhood and Adolescence.

Evaluate the view that Sons and Lovers contends that it is not possible to overcome the legacies of childhood and adolescence. In D H Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, the influence that one's childhood and adolescence have in determining the character of an individual is clearly evident. In the case of Paul Morel, the overbearing nature of his mother and the intense relationship between them impede his own romantic life, for he is unable to love another woman as much as he loves her. Moreover, his...

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Oedipus complex in the life of the main character as reflected in D.H. Lawrence sons and lovers

"Oedipus complex in the life of the main character as reflected in D.H. Lawrence sons and lovers: a psychological approach. The objectives of the study are to explain Oedipus complex in the life of the main character of Lawrence Sons and Lovers observed psychologically._ _This research is categorized into a library research because all sources are taken from libraries. The subject of the research is novel entitled Sons and Lovers by D.H Lawrence. The object of the research about revenges in the novel._...

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D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers D. H. Lawrence is considered one of the Twentieth Century's greatest and most visionary English novelists. He was born in 1885 in Eastwood, a mining community in Nottinghamshire, England (DeMott iii). His father was an uneducated miner and his mother had been a schoolteacher before she married. According to England's rigid class system, his mother's marriage to his father was considered a step down, since she came from a well-educated middle-class family. Thus...

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D. H.Lawrence’s Treatment of Nature in Sons and Lovers

quality. The following vivid account to the sun-set is a clear pointer to Lawrence’s keen sense of colour and profound descriptive power: “The sun was going down. Every open evening the hills of Derbyshire were blazed over with red sunset. Mrs. Morel watched the sun sink from the glistening sky, leaving a soft flower-blue overhead, while the western space went red, as of all the fire had swam down there, leaving the bell-cast flawless blue. The mountain-ash berries across the field stood fierily...

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sons and lovers

starting, is my object. Nay, we’ll go Together down, sir. Notice Neptune, though, Taming a sea-horse, thought a rarity, Other of Browning’s brief dramatic monologues include ”Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister,” “The Laboratory” and “Porphyria’s Lover,” Several important longer dramatic monologues, which appeared in the poet’s collection Men and Women. are “Fra Lippo Lippi,” “Bishop Blougram’s Apology,’ and “Andrea del Sarto.” His crowning achievement in the style are the dramatic monologues he...

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literary work brilliant authors utilize characterization to effectively generate their masterpiece through thematic concerns. Thematic concerns refer to a central idea in a piece of writing or literary work. D.H Lawrence in one of his best sellers Sons & Lovers explores thematic concerns such as power, the oedipus complex, industrialization and family relationships. Well-rounded authors do not solely limit their work to the use of characterization but also take into consideration other devices. Lawrence...

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From Ansara, to Son, to Sorcerer: Paul Stoller’s Journey Amongst the Songhay

Paul Stoller’s eventual understanding and practicing of magic is the result of his acceptance and immersion in the world of the Songhay as a full-fledged member of the community. If Stoller had maintained his objective anthropological distance, his belief system would have never changed, and he would have never acquired the knowledge and acceptance of Songhay magic. It is not coincidence that when he begins to feel most accepted amongst the tribe parallel the moments when he starts to believe in...

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Comparative Study

How is conflict featuring in key relationships, the catalyst for the pursuit of dreams? In the novel, Sons and Lovers by D.H Lawrence and the movie, The Glass Menagerie based on the play by Tennessee Williams, conflict featuring in relationships plays a key role in altering one’s pursuit of dream. A range of relationships are explored and this is done through a variety of language techniques such as symbolism and imagery. The movie, The Glass Menagerie is set in a small apartment in St Louis in...

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The Apostle Paul

whom did Paul talk when he went to Jerusalem? How do we know? Show the similarities and differences between tradition and revelation in Paul’s gospel. Three years after his conversion, Paul went to Jerusalem to meet with Cephas (Peter). He remained in Jerusalem for fifteen days. After this time, he also met with James, the Lord’s brother. It was from Peter that Paul learned of the tradition, i.e., the details of Jesus’ teachings during His earthly ministry. It was important for Paul to inquire...

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Paul Bernardo

Paul Bernardo The urge shot through the mans body, uncontrollable, like sharks in a feeding frenzy. He could only quench his feverish desires by carrying out unspeakable devilish acts. The victim didn't matter, no thought was given to any implications of the satanic rituals. Several times Bernardo resorted to defecating of human beings in order to satisfy his sick and abnormal urges. Paul Bernardo's lustful and diverted sexual desires sprouted from the influence of pornography. Pornography...

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Lawrence’s portrayal of Female characters

characters in ‘Sons and lovers’ whose tragedies lie in the fact that they only function as stones in Paul’s life. In the novel we see Mrs. Morel is pitifully diagnosed with Oedipus complex, which enables her to be a powerful hermaphrodite and gains access to power. Miriam we see is imprisoned by Victorian morality, but her world is not purely spiritual. Paul just cannot see the physical aspect of her, so he refuses to enter her world. Clara is the woman who makes Paul a real man, but Paul only sees the...

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St. Paul

8/2/2012 Many people believe that Paul is in fact the founder of Christianity, and not Jesus. Of the twenty seven documents that constitute the New Testament, thirteen are letters attributed to Paul. Also, more than half of the Acts of the Apostles describes Paul’s conversion and subsequent activities on behalf of the spread of the good news about Jesus (the Gospel). This gives us an indication as to how important Paul was to the religion. Paul is one of the most prominent people in history...

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John Paul

human existence. Specifically, the life experience of Karol Wojtyla, who later became Pope John Paul II, significantly enriched and affirmed his belief in the Catholic Christian tradition. Born in 1920, Wojtyla endured great challenges throughout his life. By the age of 21, he had experienced the tragic loss of his entire family. In October 1978, he was elected as Pope, choosing the name of John Paul II. He accomplished much while serving as a Pope. In May 1981, he endured another almost tragic life...

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Native Son

Discrimination and Class Conflicts Seen from Richard Wright’s Native Son 【Abstract】Richard Wright’s Native Son is a brand-new page of the Black literature which is one of American “protest novels”. In this novel, the author uses the writing techniques of realism to reflect the fierce racial and class conflicts between the whites and the blacks. So this novel is very important for us to study American history in the 1930s. 【Key words】Native Son;Racial Discrimination;Class Conflict I. Introduction ...

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The Apostle Paul

apart from Jesus himself, shaped the history of Christianity like the apostle Paul.1 Paul’s career in ministry lasted about thirty years. During his career, he shaped Christianity into what it is today. Before Christ saved Paul, he was an avid persecutor of Christians. (Acts 8:3) A religious Pharisee, who believed he was doing God’s will of the destruction of those who followed Jesus. After the road to Damascus, Paul became a zealous outspoken apostle for Jesus. He brought the Jews and Gentiles...

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Paul Essay

Paul of Tarsus – Essay Paul of Tarsus is one of the most significant persons in early Christian times due to his enormous impact and contribution to the Christian tradition. He went from being a destroyer of Christians to a committed Christian leader. Paul’s contribution to Christianity mainly comes from his missionary journeys that helped spread the Gospel, his letters and writing that make up about one third of the New Testament and the depth and influence of his teachings e.g. justification by...

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The Themes of Love and Sex in D H Lawrence's Sons and Lovers

predominant throughout the centuries. In fact it all starts with writers and poets like Shakespeare and John Donne. The Flea by John Donne is filled with sexual needs of the poet and his lover. Donne goes as far as rather than trying to arouse his beloved, the speaker appeals to her sense of reason. He thinks that his lover is as crazed desire as he is; she just needs help getting over those last scruples. Yet this enjoys before it woo, And pamper'd swells with one blood made of two; And this, alas...

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Paul Revere

Paul Revere was an American Patriot who lived in the 18th and 19th century. He is the subject of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “A Midnight Ride” one of the most famous American poems. He was known as a son of liberty and was a key person in America’s fight for liberty. Revere was a messenger, a silversmith, a dentist, even a writer, but through all of his professions, duties and responsibilities Paul Revere remained loyal, brave and committed to his country
 Paul Revere was...

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A Tearful Lover

A Tearful Lover An Essay on John Donne’s “A Valediction: of Weeping” INTRODUCTION John Donne, the famous metaphysical poet, was born in 1572 and was the son of a well-to-do London merchant and received Catholic teachings in childhood but after being denied two university degrees decided to convert to Protestantism in order to be able to excel in the highly Protestant society. According to Drabble he was later ordained as a priest of the Anglican church in 1615 and the dean of St. Paul‟s Cathedral...

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Paul of Tarsus

Paul of tarsus is recognised as the second founder of Christianity after Jesus. He was born in tarsus somewhere between 0 and 10CE. Although his teachings have influenced every generation of Christianity of Christian thinking and every variant of Christianity, in Pauls early years he was a Jew and a Pharisee and was also know as Saul. As a Pharisee, he was well known for he opposition against the individuals who were preaching Jesus Christ and was first mentioned in the bible witnessing the death...

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Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son In the preface of his book, Like Father, Like Son, Tom Smail gives us the reason for his writing: "This book is an attempt to discover what it might mean for our humanity that God is Trinity."(p. xi) He goes on to give his readers a general outline of what he'll be covering, beginning with how the view of Trinitarian doctrine has changed in recent times, and ending with a discussion on what we say about the triune God has deep implications with how we handle our relationship...

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Les Paul

Les Paul, known to friends as Lester William Polsfuss was born on June the 9th 1915. He is on the most important figure heads in the creation of a solid-bodied electric guitar and overdubbing recording techniques, not to mention various effects also. Paul's interest in music began when he took up the harmonica at age eight In 1947, Paul released a song through Capitol Records that had originally begun as an experiment in his garage, titled "Lover (When You're Near Me)" which featured Paul playing...

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The Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul Introduction This report paper will be on the life of Paul. We will look at many various different facts about this influential man of God. We all know the apostle Paul was used of God in a miraculous way, but this paper will take a behind the scenes look at some areas. I also endeavor to make this paper come alive and reveal things about the apostle Paul that maybe have never been discovered by the average reader and possibly forgotten by the veteran Christian. The Author of...

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Country Lovers

Country Lover’s: A Forbidden Lover Story I chose to discuss the short story by Nadie Gordimer, Country Lovers, I will identify the theme and the literary elements that helped me with my analysis. I would consider the story Country Lovers to be the story of racial barriers that created a forbidden love story. There are many literary elements that aid my analysis, and support my interpretation of the stories theme. I will discuss how symbolism, characters, and settings supported the forbidden...

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Paul Cezanne

order” (Gale). “Cezanne was a suspicious man” (Harris) and preferred to paint in peace and quiet of the countryside. Although, he was “difficult minded” (Paul Cezanne Biography) and destroyed or left unfinished many of his works, Cezanne was the “father of modern art and greatest of the Post-Impressionist painters” (Harris). This amazing artist, Paul Cezanne, was born on January 19, 1839, in Aix-en-Provence, France. His parents were Louis-Anguste Cezanne and Anne-Elisabeth Honorine Aubert. He also...

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Paul Tillich

"Did Jesus really rise from the dead?" Annette Evans PSY 1207 Professor Hinkle November 09, 2012 "Did Jesus really rise from the dead?" The Resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate evidence that He is the Christ, the Son of God, and the Savior of all God's creation. However, several people have different debates. There are several theories over the topic, “Did Jesus really rise from the dead?” Some of these concepts include; Did Jesus really die on the cross? Was He really raised from...

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A Portrait and the Irish history

Critically comment on the autobiographical element in the novel ‘Sons and Lovers’ supporting your argument with valid textual and critical point of view. ‘Sons and Lovers’ is among one of the most autobiographical works of English Literature. D. H. Lawrence spent a troubled life in terms of relationships, economic conditions and the lack of a normal household. The novel mirrors its author in this respect. The protagonist Paul, who is in many ways a ‘counterpart’ of D. H. Lawrence, has difficulty...

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Lover vs. Non-Lover

"The Lover vs. the Non-Lover" In Plato's Phaedrus, a dialogue between the main protagonist Socrates and his dear friend Phaedrus, the idea of love and philosophy join together and in one are the aspects of the other. Phaedrus has been spending the morning with Lysias, and decides to refresh himself by taking a walk along the Athenian countryside, when he is met by Socrates, who professes he will not leave him until he delivers the speech that Lysias has left with him. Phaedrus does not deny Socrates...

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Saint Paul and His Illness

Saint Paul is one of the most influential early Christian missionaries and leaders of the first generation of Christians. He was a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin and was born a Roman citizen, in Tarsus of Cilicia, with the Hebrew name Saul. Among the many other apostles and missionaries involved in the spread of the Christian faith, Paul is often considered to be one of the two most important people in the history of Christianity, and one of the greatest religious leaders of all time. In the New...

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Woman and Country Lovers

Racism: Country Lovers and What’s it like to be a Black Girl” ENG125: Introduction to Literature (ABG1316D) Racism: “Country Lovers” and “What’s it like to be a Black Girl” Literature is often known as short stories that tells a story using character’s inner narrative thoughts with thematic focus. Poems are formed with arrangement of words with musicality using stanzas and rhyming lines. Short stories and poems often have similar forms, style and content with different delivery style...

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The Passion of St. Perpetua, St. Felicitas, and their Companions, and Acts of Paul and Thecla

Thecla The character of Thecla first appears in the late-second century text the Acts of Paul and Thecla Briefly, Paul is depicted as preaching a message of chastity in Iconium, which causes Thecla to become enamored with his words and to abandon her responsibilities to her mother and her fiancé in order to follow Paul. She overcomes two persecutions by miraculous means, eventually baptizing herself in a pool of ravenous seals that are miraculously killed by a lightning bolt before they can...

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