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Parenting Style

The Important of Parenting Style Developmental psychologists have long been interested in how parents impact child development. However, finding actual cause-and-effect links between specific actions of parents and later behavior of children is very difficult. Some children raised in dramatically different environments can later grow up to have remarkably similar personalities. Conversely, children who share a home and are raised in the same environment can grow up to have astonishingly different...

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Atticus Finch's Parenting Style

Finch and His Parenting Style “To Kill a Mockingbird”, an acclaimed novel by Harper Lee, is recognized throughout the world. The novel follows a lawyer and his children prior to and during a legal case to defend a black male. That lawyers name is Atticus Finch. Atticus Finch is not just an ordinary father. He teaches his children things no parent of the 1930s, or even the modern time period, would think of doing. His style parenting, compared to modern day parenting and parenting in the 1930s,...

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The Parenting Style

The Differences Type of Parenting Styles Parenting is defined as a complex activity that includes much specific behaviour that work individually and together to influence child outcomes. How parents impact child development? Specific parenting behaviours, such as spanking or reading aloud, may influence child development. Most researchers who attempt to describe this broad parental milieu rely on Diana Baumrind’s concept of parenting style. The construct of parenting style is used to capture...

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Parenting Expectations and the Reality

Dorothy Williams Professor Swanson English Composition I (1010-80) October 12, 2010 PARENTING EXPECTATIONS AND THE REALITY While there is nothing in the world more rewarding than becoming a parent, there is no way to completely prepare for actually being a parent. Financial planning, researching how to be a parent, and planning on how life will change give future parents some expectations about what it is like to be a parent. It is a good idea for soon-to-be parents to have a plan, but the...

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Parenting Analysis

Parenting Analysis Paper Cynthia Camarena-Garcia CONSL 504: Life Span and Family Development November 14, 2011 Dr. Sammie Williams Parenting Analysis Paper There are many ideas about how to nurture children. Some parents implement the ideas their own parents used, others get advice from friends and some read books about parenting. Other parents also take classes offered in the community to determine how to raise their children. There is not a single person with all the right answers...

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Parenting Techniques

Training on Fathers Parenting The Behavioral parent training programs have been developed to address child behavior problems through improvement in parenting practices. The triple P or Positive Training Program is widely reported as an effective, evidence based program for parents. However this journal demonstrates that there are significant differences in the program’s effectiveness for mothers and fathers. The analysis on this journal demonstrates that The Positive Parenting Program shows a large...

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A Problem in Parenting

Problem in Parenting Some of the most difficult challenges for parents today are their children’s behavior problems and how parenting styles affect child development. It’s important for parents to understand the changes that a child goes through during each phase of development. One thing that parents need to realize is that after each phase of development, rules need to change along with it. This is because children become more independent as they get older, and different parenting styles are...

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The Theme of Parenting in To Kill a Mockingbird

The Theme of Friendship in To Kill a Mockingbird Parenting is one of the main themes in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. The theme of parenting is shown through four father figures in the novel, Old Mr. Radley, Nathan Radley, Bob Ewell and Atticus Finch. Old Mr. Radley and Nathan Radley are unorthodox parents. Bob Ewell is a parent no one should aim to be. Unlike these father figures, Atticus is the ideal parent. In Harper Lee’s Novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the fathers have different teaching...

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Helicopter Parenting

Overprotective Parenting Ruining Society Parenting techniques or methods of raising children have evolved over history. In the last 30 years the scientific and medical communities have put parenting and its effects under a microscope. Parenting extremes from overprotective to “maladaptive” or neglectful parents represent the opposite ends of the parenting spectrum. Studies reveal that overprotective parenting or as it are more commonly known “helicopter parenting”, are a serious burden on today’s...

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Effective Parenting

Shakirah Young DEP2004 28 November 2012 Effective Parenting In life, we learn and grow from the people in our environment. Whether it is a best friend, sister, or teacher we have learned something new from them. We have seen how people can have a major effect on our behavior, attitude, and social development. From this, we can gather that parents are one of the key components in fostering a child’s development. A lot of quality aspects are needed in order to be a respectable parent. Decent parents...

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