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Oxford Learning Centres Inc The Childtime Alternative

TOPIC: Alternative Learning System in the Philippines I. Overview II. How It Is Implemented DISCUSSANT: Mrs. Emily J. Ruivivar I. WHAT IS ALS? ALS stands for ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM which is a free education program implemented by the Department of Education (DepEd) under the Bureau of Alternative Education (BALS). It aims to benefit those who cannot afford formal schooling and follows whatever is the available schedule of the learners. The program follows a viable alternative to the...

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The Alternative Learning System

THE ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM Overview: Historical Context of ALS As always, it is best to trace the source of an educational system such as the ALS to the basic and fundamental law of the land. The Philippine Constitution provides for free and compulsory elementary education and free secondary education through the Department of Education (DepEd). This means that all Filipinos have a constitutional right to basic education, and the DepEd is mandated to provide this service to all Filipinos...

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Alternative Learning School Online Information System

World Wide Web or simply Web is widely used in many different aspects and is very useful to almost all needs of people. It is a reliable source of information and Marketing is one of the aspects where Web and technology is greatly applied. Alternative Learning School, Incorporation is now what it is today because of the continued support of teachers, parents, and community whose dream is to provide quality and relevant Christian education for the children. The school is situated at Gomez St., Purok...

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Alternative Learning System Accreditation & Equivalency

ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM ACCREDITATION & EQUIVALENCY (ALS A&E) SYSTEM What are the legal bases of the Alternative Learning System? Constitution of the Philippines 1987, Art. XIV, Sec. 15 Executive Order No. 117 Sec. 115 DepEd Order No. 32, 1972 Proclamation No. 480 DECS Memo No. 204, 2. 1998 DECS Order Nos. 22 and 28, s. 1999 What is the ALS Accreditation and Equivalency Test? The ALS A&E Test formerly the Nonformal Education A&E Test is one of the four components of the ALS A&E (then NFE...

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THE SYNTHESIS OF MONSTER INC. In Monsters Inc. At the beginning of the story, depicted a company belonging to the monsters that find and produce energy from the screams of children being made afraid by them. They’re harvesting energy to keep from becoming extinct by going back to when humans were most prominent. Monsters must have relied on anti-human instincts to believe that just touching a human would corrupt their world like it did in the past. So they scare humans to gather their energy...

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Students of Alternative Learning System: Basis for Academic Performance

knowledge, because as the saying says “learning is the key to success”. But unfortunately not all individuals are given a chance to be educated. There are out-of-school youth and dropouts students. One of its factors is maybe the financial problems. Students tend to stopped to seek job for their needs. So, the DepEd implemented a program which is Alternative Learning System (ALS) that helps students who cannot afford formal schooling. Alternative Learning System is a ladderized, modular non-formal...

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Self-Managed Learning in the Context of Lifelong Learning

SELF-MANAGED LEARNING IN THE CONTEXT OF LIFELONG LEARNING Unit 13 Personal & Professional Development Introduction NatTrainSolns (NTS) a small but influential management training consultancy agency based in City West Industrial Park, Dublin. We deliver professional educational training to both the public and private business sectors. Our mission is to provide targeted training solutions to meet the needs of our clients, operating under the highest ethical standards and treating our stakeholders...

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alternative learning

Alternative education From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alternative education, also known as non-traditional education or educational alternative, includes a number of approaches to teaching and learning separate from what is offered by mainstream or traditional education. Educational alternatives are often rooted in various philosophies that are fundamentally different from those of mainstream or traditional education. While some alternatives have strong political, scholarly, or philosophical orientations...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution: University of Phoenix Learning Team

achieve a common goal is bound to experience some form of conflict. In the context of a University of Phoenix learning team, settling these disputes in an efficient and quick manner allows the team to be more productive and thereby earn a higher grade. Having some form of resolution process in writing for the team to follow when a dispute does happen will then allow for a more effective learning team. Some of the potential disputes that may arise in this setting include differences in opinion regarding...

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active learning

Active Learning and Learning Styles: A selected bibliography An Invitation: Readers are encouraged to send details of their own favourite references for adding to the list to me at: mhealey@glos.ac.uk. Thanks. Readers new to the topic may find it helpful to start with the references marked with a *. Angelo, T.A. and Cross, P.A. 1993. Classroom assessment techniques (San Francisco: Jossey Bass). 2nd Edit. Backx, C (2008)*The use of a case study approach to teaching and group work to promote...

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