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  • Session Initiation Protocol

    Initiation Protocol Unit 5 Abstract Session Initiation Protocol also known as SIP it is a communication protocol that is extensively utilized for managing and terminating sessions in an IP based network. A session may be an easy end to end telephone call or shared multi-media meeting session. This can be setup to start services such as voice enhanced ecommerce; a simple click to call or IM’ing with a friend in an IP based organization. The session initiation protocol has been

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  • Distinguish Between Ftp and Telnet Protocols

    1) Distinguish between the FTP and TELNET protocols. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer text files‚ programs‚ spreadsheets‚ and databases across the Internet. TELNET is a terminal emulation protocol used on TCP/IP-based networks. It allows users to run programs and review data from a remote terminal or computer. TELNET is an inherent part of the TCP/IP communications protocol. While both protocols deal with data transfer‚ FTP is useful for perusing a file of data as if the user were

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  • Wireless Application Protocol

    through fact based reports and presentations which clearly demonstrate that the proposed design works best for the company. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) – Cellular phones/Handheld devices WAP or also known as Wireless Application Protocol is a set of protocols for connecting cellular phones and other handheld devices to the internet. WAP supports most wireless networks including CDPD‚ CDMA‚ GSM‚ PDC‚ PHS‚ TDMA‚ FLEX‚ ReFLEX‚ iDEN‚ TETRA‚ DECT‚ DataTAC

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  • Multichannel Mac Protocols for Wireless Networks

    Collision-Free MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Muneeb Ali‚ Tashfeen Suleman‚ and Zartash Afzal Uzmi Computer Science Department‚ LUMS {muneeb‚tashfeens‚zartash}@lums.edu.pk Abstract Mobility in wireless sensor networks poses unique challenges to the medium access control (MAC) protocol design. Previous MAC protocols for sensor networks assume static sensor nodes and focus on energyefficiency. In this paper‚ we present a mobilityadaptive‚ collision-free medium access control protocol (MMAC) for

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  • Post Office Protocol

    ------------------------------------------------- Post Office Protocol From Wikipedia‚ the free encyclopedia | This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2007) Find sources: "Post Office Protocol" –news · books · scholar · images | Internet Protocol Suite | Application Layer | BGP · DHCP · DNS · FTP · HTTP ·IMAP · IRC · LDAP · MGCP · NNTP 

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  • Review of Kyoto Protocol and Its Impact on India

    The KYOTO Protocol The Kyoto protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The major feature of the Kyoto protocol is that it sets binding targets for 37 industrialized countries and the European community for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These amount to an average of five percent against 1990 levels over the five year period 2008-2012. The major difference between the Protocol and the Convention is that while the Convention

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  • Environment: Greenhouse Gas and Kyoto Protocol

    The government in Malaysia is concerned about the environment but.... The government in Malaysia is concerned about the environment but much remains to be done to maintain the environmental balance. The Department of Environment has organized a campaign which is very beneficial to society. Another alternative is patrol by the DOE should be increased. Besides that‚ the government also should focus on the problem of deforestation. Furthermore‚ the government needs to carefully review each application

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  • Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler

    "Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler (RBPH) is a reliable multicast transport protocol mainly aimed for applications that require ordered‚ duplicate-free‚ multicast data delivery from multiple sources to multiple receivers. The advantage of RBPH over traditional multicast protocols is that it guarantees that a receiver in the group either receives all data packets from transmissions and retransmissions‚ or is able to detect unrecoverable data packet loss. RBPH is specifically intended as a workable

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  • Network: Next-higher Layer Protocols

    Q1-1) Identify the five components of a data communications system. 1.Message. 2.Sender 3.Receiver. 4.Transmission medium. 5.Protocol. Q1-11) Why are protocols needed? To achieve end-to-end delivery of data. Q-17) Explain the difference between an Internet draft and a proposed standard? - An Internet draft is a working document (a work inprogress) with no official status and a six- month lifetime. - A proposed standard is elevated to draft standard

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  • Ethernet and Spanning Tree Protocol

    following 3 questions as per assignment; QUESTION 1 – What are the three primary differences between Cisco layer 2 network resiliency and HP IRF resiliency? The first obvious difference is the protocols that they use. Cisco uses Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) while HP IRF uses the Link Aggregation Control Protocol. The second difference lies in the architecture being used. Cisco uses a mesh of network switches‚ linked to other switches in the aggregation layer‚ which in turn is linked to the core. This

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