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  • orthopedic surgery

    Orthopedic surgery From Wikipedia‚ the free encyclopedia This fracture of the lower cervical vertebrae‚ known as a "teardrop fracture"‚ is one of the conditions treated by orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. This image‚ taken in September 2006‚ shows extensive repair work to the rightacetabulum 6 years after it was carried out (2000). Further damage to the joint is visible due to the onset of arthritis - a bone/joint disease. Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics (also spelled orthopaedic

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  • History of Orthopedic Surgery

    Orthopedic Surgeon and Its History Ciara N. Hayes Virginia College June 7‚ 2012 The word "orthopaedics" was coined by Nicholas Andry. It was derived from Greek words for "correct" or "straight" ("orthos") and "child" ("paidion")‚ in 1741‚ at the age of eighty-one he published Orthopaedia: or the Art of Correcting and Preventing Deformities in Children. In the U.S. the spelling orthopedics is standard‚ although the majority of university and residency programs still use Andry ’s spelling. In

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  • Orthopedic Nursing

    Orthopedic Nursing        University of Southern Maine                                                   “An Orthopedic Nurse takes care of people with musculoskeletal diseases and disorders like arthritis‚ fractures‚ broken bones‚ joint replacements‚ genetic malformations and osteoporosis. When musculoskeletal problems require surgeryOrthopedic Nurses assist doctors with the operation and help them later with recovering their mobility and strength. Education is also an important aspect of an Orthopedic

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  • Orthopedic Surgeon Career

    Anandhini Narayanan Mrs. Polesiak English 9 Accelerated 11 April 2012 Orthopedic Surgeon: The Career of Bones With our technology-advancing society‚ the numbers of existing careers are greatly increasing. In today’s culture there is a diverse spectrum of careers ranging from musician to proctologist. When choosing a career‚ one usually identifies their skills‚ in order for their expertise to be utilized in a job. Every career is vital and necessary‚ because it benefits the society as a whole;

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  • pain management in orthopedics

    adult patients with total hip or knee replacements‚ how effective is patient controlled analgesia pain management compared to femoral nerve block in controlling post operative pain within the first 24 hours after surgery? Importance to the science of nursing Major knee or total hip surgery is associated with severe postoperative pain (Yeh‚ Yang‚ Chen‚ & Tsou‚ 2007). In this group it can result in increased morbidity due to negative physiological responses such as reduced pulmonary and bowel function

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  • Hip Replacement Surgery

    What is Hip Replacement Surgery? Or otherwise‚ known as (Hip Arthroplasty.) Hip replacement surgery is an operation that will replace your natural hip with an artificial joint. In the normal hip‚ the two bones of the hip joint fit together like a ball and socket. The top part of the thigh bone which is the femur is shaped like a ball and it fits into the socket cavity of the pelvic bone. Ligaments hold the joint together and stabilize it. Hip replacement surgery is the second most common joint

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  • The Relationship Between Kolcaba's Comfort Theory and Orthopedic Nursing

    The Relationship Between Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory And Orthopedic Nursing by Myra D. Iliano St. Joseph’s College of Maine NU 500 Conceptual Bases for Nursing C. Andrew Martin‚ Instructor March 1‚ 2012 Abstract Katherine Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort establishes a framework for care provided by the nurse by defining the state of comfort as it exists in various forms and contexts. The achievement of optimal health through the relief of pain is asserted as the foundation of all nursing care

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  • Shoulder Surgery and the Athlete

    sport comes into question. More specifically‚ for those athletes who have developed‚ or even‚ were born with instable shoulders and have undergone physical therapy‚ are inevitably plagued with the notion‚ when therapy fails to work‚ to either have surgery to fix their shoulder(s) and to continue participating in their sport‚ or to quit their sport. In this sense‚ for the athletes who want to carry on in their sport‚ it appears that an open or arthroscopic Bankart Repair is the most plausible solution

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  • Knee Arthroplasty Simulator In Orthopedic Surgery

    To overcome all those complication‚ surgeons are equipped with sufficient training to perform the surgery that only can be done through the comprehensive method‚ knee arthroplasty simulation. In the presence of VR simulator‚ the complication encountered can be reduced and the surgery can be performed effectively. The complications would be bearable with the knee arthroplasty simulator as surgeons have a consecutive revision after being trained by the simulator. This simulator provides a pathway to

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  • Orthopedic Surgeon

    Divinity Amos- Richards Bowles‚ Scharlotte American Literature & Composition-5 10 February 2015 Orthopedic Surgeon In today’s society the importance of educating our youth is highly upheld. Education serves as an indicator of the amount of success in one’s future. Without an education the chances of successfulness in your future is slim to none‚ for the economy in the U.S. declines respectively every year; therefore‚ as a result the availability for jobs decreases as well. In this time of age

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