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Organ Failure Plan

Organ Failure Intro 1. Definition Organ failure is when an organ in the body does not perform its expected function. Especially while one’s under medical treatment such as injuries, postoperative shock, or major infectious disease, one’s vital organs are more likely to malfunction. 2. Reasons (Causes) sepsis (the presence of bacteria in the bloods) and of shock (very low blood pressure). It can occur two or more systems in the body in which case it is multiple organ failure. Body 3. Problems resulting...

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Responsibility Ought To Be Considered In Organ Allocation Analysis

Responsibility Ought to be Considered in Organ Allocation Organ allocation. A process in which someone, somewhere decides where to place people on the transplant list. Many factors must be considered as organs are a scarce resource. Such factors must include, life style, age, prognosis, other comorbidities and most importantly the cause for the transplant. To explore these ideas, I will focus on the Zambrano article introduced in class. In this article, the author explores the argument of responsibility...

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Commercialization of Organ Transplants

Commercialization of Organ Transplants I’ve recently done research regarding the commercialization of Organ Transplants. I’ve found many arguments for and against this subject. Some individuals find the act to be unethical, and other’s think it will save lives. The problem is that a new policy was proposed to allow sale of organs by consenting individuals to patients in need and to medical institutions. When it comes to the subject of human organs, there are a few ethical...

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Organs on the Black Market

Who Holds the Deed to YOUR Body? The sale of organs on the black market is a huge problem in our society today. It is immoral and needs to be more heavily monitored by the government. I once knew a women with three small children to support unfortunately, her husband was shot and he died. She was left with the three small children and had no way to support them, and no one to help her. When she was presented with the opportunity to sell her organs; to make money and thus be able to better care...

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The Human Organ Market

The Human Organ Market Over the past decade the number of patients in need of an organ transplant has increased dramatically. The shortage of organs each year increases the number of patients on the waiting list and has deprived many people from a new life. There are over 100,000 Americans on the waiting list and overage 19 people did each day from the lack of an organ transplant (Abouna 1). Between the years 1988 to 2006, the number patients in need for a transplant has increased times six (Abouna...

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Why Is Organ Donation Important

Why is organ transplant important The reason why I think organ donation is very important, because it gives a second chance to life to a person that is in need of an organ because they organs have start to fail and shut down. Although clinical issues such as the possibility of the recipient's body rejecting the organ have been raised, the social and legal issues—from determining how donations should be handled and who should receive them, to the black-market practice of organ trafficking—spark the...

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The Importance of Organ Donating

Speaking from my own experience, it is not easy to make a decision to donate a loved one’s organs, however, my sisters and I knew that our mother wanted to be an anatomical donor. She had filled out an advance directive stating that upon her passing, she wanted to donate any viable organs for transplant purposes. We donated her eyes, and now someone out in this wonderful world we live in has her eyes. This person can now see the beauty around them, maybe even their grandchildren for the first time...

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Persuasive Speech Organ Donation

thought about organ donation? Well according to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation network, as of 5:30 pm on Wednesday there are 110,912 patients currently on the waiting list, and among these are men, women and children of all races and ethnic backgrounds, and to that number one more person is being added every eleven minutes. Many people on this list will die before they receive a transplant due to lack of organ donors. This does not have to happen. We can help by donating our organs.    There...

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Should Human Organs for Sale?

HUMAN ORGANS FOR SALE Should the sales of human organs be legally or not, it is quite difficult to find a satisfied answer to this controversial question at the moment. Although a large number of articles were written, numerous speeches were made, countless meetings were hold to discuss about this matter but until now it is still a big controversy issue all over the world. Thanks to the steadily development of scientist, technology and medicine treatment, nowadays human organ can be transplanted...

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Selling Organs Should Not Be Legalized

Organ donation affects hundreds of thousands of people and their families worldwide. At the end of October 2008, more than 100,000 people were waiting for an organ in the United States alone. Unfortunately, the number of donors is nowhere near that figure. The development of organ transplantation as a standard medical procedure denotes that there is a substantial demand for organs than is adequate to fulfill the current needs (Barber 234). If the organs were readily available as needed, thousands...

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