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Concert Report

composer Giuseppe Verdi, who is primarily known for his operas. Whenever I come attend an indoor performance, I like to be seated in the middle section, from my experience that’s the perfect spot to enjoy an indoor concert, it gives me the opportunity to look at all the performers and I feel I hear all the distinct sounds properly. The program was divided into two parts, “Four Sacred Pieces” with Utah voices conducted by Dr. Michael Huff and “Opera Choruses” conducted by Dr. Robert Baldwin. The concert...

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Unit 4 Study Guide Music Appreciation

wanted music to be available in their homes as well as easy enough for their children to take lessons to learn it. 13. What city was the musical center of Europe? Vienna. Austria. 14. What are the complaints with opera seria (Baroque opera) which lead to the development of comic opera? Opera seria was getting too excessive with their costumes and becoming to serious. The people wanted something a little funnier. What is a symphony? How did it evolve? A multimovement orchestral form. They derived from...

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Music in the Industrial Revolution

and directed choirs in Leipzig; wrote over 300 cantatas and numerous accomplishments for the organ, harpsichord, clavichord and for small orchestras! George Handel (1685-l759) was a composer, as Bach, but was most well known for composing Italian operas and English oratorios. Joseph Haydn (l732-1809) has often been called the father of the symphony and string quartet. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) who was considered to be the greatest musical genius of all time by many was a classical writer...

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Bernard Shaw's Contribution to Realism

not to be as his previous one, he uses the burlesque form to disguise its themes. Although at first he doesn’t like the well-made play, but in Arms and Man, he used it and exploited it to achieve his aim. Moreover, he discovers his style in Italian opera, and he thinks it is more enchantment than drama, besides his drama by mixing the satirical burlesque of Gilbert and the wit of Wild with his operatic style. Styan, J. L. Modern Drama in Theory and Practice: Realism and naturalism. United Kingdom:...

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Firebird Igor Stravinsky Essay

The piece that I have chosen to write about is called Firebird written by: Igor Stravinsky in 1910. Stravinsky Grew up around music since he was a young boy, his father was Fyodor Stravinsky, who was the principle at Imperial Opera, St Petersburg, and his mother Anna was an amateur singer and piano player. Though Igor did not jump right into music he actually began to study law at St Petersburg University in the year 1901. He still kept his hands in music as he worked with a mentor. By the time...

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Cosi Essay

altered. This transformation can be described as admirable as Lewis now holds views that are distinctly different from the society that surrounds him. In control of self Through the play, Lewis’s motives for directing the Opera change. Initially, Lewis is directing the Opera because he ‘needs the money’ but his relationships and exposure to the patients allows Lewis to realise how important Cosi Fan Tutte is for their wellbeing. Lewis first comes to this realisation when the ‘experiment’ is deemed...

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 “Carmen”, as one of the most famous operas in the world, has been performed many times in many different troupes. This 4-act opera represents the highest achievement of the 19th century French opera-comique. After Bizet died, “Carmen” finally became the classical performance canonized by the professionals and music fans. George Bizet (1838 – 1875) was a French composer and Pianist of Romantic era, whose the most prominent work being “Carmen”. In his young age he went to the Paris Conservatory...

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The Phantom of the Opera Critique

My Critique of The Phantom of the Opera The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, a treat for lovers of dark, mysterious fiction, see's the life of someone who will do almost anything for love (especially when there is lack of it in their life) from the lives of Erik, The Opera Ghost ('O.G.' for short), and Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny. Both men are in love with the same woman, Christine Daee. Christine is a Swedish soprano at the Paris Opera House who has been singing with her father ever since...

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Concert Critique

Music 3300 Wheeler May 1, 2011 Concert Critique: Il Postino On Saturday April 9, 2011, there was an opera concert Il Postino by Daniel Catan at the Moores Opera Center. In each opera concerts, they have certain dramatic story lines that they try to convey and give the audiences message. The title of this concert, Il Postino is in Italian and means The Postman in English. The story line of this opera was about the famous Chilean poet and communist, Pablo Neruda, who was exile to a small island in Italy...

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Verdi: Hitting Close to Home

Verdi: Hitting Close to Home Italian born Giuseppe Verdi was in his musical prime when his Nabucco premiered in the world famous La Scala in Milan, Italy in March of 1842. This classic Italian opera, complete with an over the top sibling rivalry, death, deceit, and uncontrollable puppy love present in any melodramatic love story, is a holy derivation of the Babylonian captivity of the Jews in the 6th Century BC. When Verdi premiered Nabucco in the then-Austrian-occupied-Italy, the Italian spectators...

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