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Antonio Vivaldi Baroque Period

Music?). The composers used a single voice that was accompanied by instruments, as well as specifying the instruments used, to capture the importance of the relationship between tonic and dominant chords. Vivaldi used these techniques to compose many operas, concertos, and church music that helped shape a new era of music. Born in Venice, Italy, on March 4, 1678, Antonio Vivaldi was one of nine children of Giovanni Battista, a professional violinist in the orchestra of the San Marco Basilica (Sartorius)...

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Verdi Requiem

All but one of Guiseppe Verdi's masterworks are operas. This poses a problem for those of us who aren't opera buffs. Fortunately, though, that one exception is his stunning Requiem, into which he poured the same vibrant emotion that thrills opera fans, but without the trite plots, simplistic characters and dull narrative stretches that tend to alienate others. Indeed, more than a few critics have hailed the Requiem as Verdi's finest opera. Verdi's inspiration was neither religious, egotistical...

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Joyeux Noel

1914, there had been a spontaneous ceasefire— the troops on both sides had abdicated their weapon for the night to observe the birth of the savior, whose name they were killing for each other. The Christmas Eve truce was led on by a German and Danish opera singer that were singing along to the Christmas tunes produced from the bagpipes. The soldiers had gotten out of their trenches and walked across “No Man’s Land” to congregate with the adversaries. Soldiers conversed about their backgrounds, showed...

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Unit 4 Study Guide Music Appreciation

wanted music to be available in their homes as well as easy enough for their children to take lessons to learn it. 13. What city was the musical center of Europe? Vienna. Austria. 14. What are the complaints with opera seria (Baroque opera) which lead to the development of comic opera? Opera seria was getting too excessive with their costumes and becoming to serious. The people wanted something a little funnier. What is a symphony? How did it evolve? A multimovement orchestral form. They derived from...

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Cosi Essay

altered. This transformation can be described as admirable as Lewis now holds views that are distinctly different from the society that surrounds him. In control of self Through the play, Lewis’s motives for directing the Opera change. Initially, Lewis is directing the Opera because he ‘needs the money’ but his relationships and exposure to the patients allows Lewis to realise how important Cosi Fan Tutte is for their wellbeing. Lewis first comes to this realisation when the ‘experiment’ is deemed...

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Music in the Industrial Revolution

and directed choirs in Leipzig; wrote over 300 cantatas and numerous accomplishments for the organ, harpsichord, clavichord and for small orchestras! George Handel (1685-l759) was a composer, as Bach, but was most well known for composing Italian operas and English oratorios. Joseph Haydn (l732-1809) has often been called the father of the symphony and string quartet. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) who was considered to be the greatest musical genius of all time by many was a classical writer...

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The Valkyrie Compared To Wagner's

deeply thinks that Wagner's music is too brute, artificial, and unsophisticated. Nietzsche though is a big fan of Bizet who works he thought sounded natural and perfect like music should sound unlike the crudeness of Wagner’s. The orchestras in each opera were very different from each other. In “The Valkyrie” by Wagner the music piece was very emotional and would set the feeling of what was happening. Compared to ‘Carmen’ by Bizet which is very soothing and peaceful Wagner's piece is just simply angry...

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William Grant Still

his fathers’ death, Still and his mother moved to Little Rock, Arkansas where she was a High School English teacher for nearly thirty years. Still’s step father, Charles Shepperson, nurtured his interest in music and musical talent by taking him to operas and buying him recordings. Still was self-taught in saxophone, clarinet, and cello along with an assortment of other instruments while also taking violin lessons. A man with humble beginnings, William Grant Still became the first person of African...

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opening scenes. 2. Lewis Nowra incorporates Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte in this play by using it as the opera and chosen to be acted out by the patients, whom it is mainly focused on. It is also used where Lucy’s faithfulness to Lewis is tested, where she betrays him by having an affair with Nick. Just like in Cosi Fan Tutte, Lewis accepts his trust in Lucy is betrayed and begins to agree with the opera that women are unfaithful. 3. Whilst directing the play Lewis learns more about himself than the...

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 “Carmen”, as one of the most famous operas in the world, has been performed many times in many different troupes. This 4-act opera represents the highest achievement of the 19th century French opera-comique. After Bizet died, “Carmen” finally became the classical performance canonized by the professionals and music fans. George Bizet (1838 – 1875) was a French composer and Pianist of Romantic era, whose the most prominent work being “Carmen”. In his young age he went to the Paris Conservatory...

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