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  • The Music Therapy

    Music is everywhere. From the womb‚ you experience sound: your mother’s heartbeat‚ breathing and muffled voice. Growing up you sing songs and hear music being played—you may even make your own music. From the discordant‚ irritating noise of traffic in the street to the soft‚ soothing Muzak played in the elevator and at shopping malls‚ music surrounds you and‚ may impact you without your knowledge. The constant honking of a car horn will tend to irritate you; whereas‚ a string quartet playing classical

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  • L’amante Segreto: Voglio Morire - Barbara Strozzi

    Barbara Strozzi was an Italian composer and performer during the seventeenth century. Between the years 1644 and 1664 she published eight volumes of vocal music. In these publications Strozzi most frequently wrote for solo soprano and basso continuo. Six of these volumes include only secular vocal music including vocal styles such as madrigals‚ ariettas‚ arias‚ and cantatas for solo voice. One cantata in particular‚ L’amante Segreto: Voglio Morire‚ was part of her second collection of secular vocal

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  • Oedipus

    Level of morality "..Lady Macbeth can be considered a perfect wife. She may not be a perfect person‚ but when viewing her as a wife‚ and only a wife‚ she actually can fit this statement. She does many things that may benefit her husband‚ and hence the reason to why this title can be fitting for her place. Lady Macbeth understands her husband because their relationship is so close. She encourages and reassures Macbeth when he is most vulnerable. She is also loyal‚ supportive and protective

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  • Pop Music

    Pop music in the 21st Century Hello! Everyone‚ It’s the weekly podcast. I’m Terry Lam. Today I’m going to talk about pop music in the 21st Century. Basically‚ pop music is short for popular music and nowadays‚ there are many different countries in the world are doing pop music like Britain‚ America‚ Korea‚ Japan‚ Africa and China‚ and among all of these countries‚ recently the most famous pop music country is Korea and Japan which is called K-pop and J-pop and they are very popular through the

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  • Music Therapy

    Music Therapy has been a part of culture and medicine longer than the general population realizes. Native Americans used chants and songs as part of their healing processes and ancient Greeks believed that the music is what healed the soul and body. The term music therapy first appeared in the article “Music Physically Considered” in Colombian Magazine (1789) where the author remained anonymous. Within the upcoming years two medical dissertations were published. In the early 1900’s several associations

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  • Preparing for the role of Salieri in Peter Shaffer's Amadeus

    Written Concept Amadeus – Peter Shaffer The monologue I’ll be performing is taken from Peter Shaffer’s play ‘Amadeus’‚ a fictionalised account of the lives of composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri. I shall be playing Salieri‚ court composer of the Habsburg court of Vienna in the 18th century and the early part of the 19th‚ around the time of Mozart’s rise to fame. He is bitter and jealous of Mozart and his popularity‚ and in the monologue he turns to God and asks what he has done

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  • fanfare for the common man

    Fanfare for the Common Man The piece was written in 1942 for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under conductor Eugene Goossens. It was inspired in part by a famous speech made earlier in the same ear where vice president Henry A. I couldn’t relate to this piece‚ it didn’t resonate with me. Berlioz “ Symphonie fantastique IV ( March to the scaffold) This piece reminds me of marching band at high school pep rally. The sound of the timpani also remindsof heavy footsteps of an army. The song starts

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  • How Far Do You Agree That Good Comedy Is Tragedy Narrowly Averted

    How far do you agree that Much Ado About Nothing shows the truth of the claim that “good comedy is tragedy narrowly averted”? “Good comedy is tragedy narrowly averted”: these words were spoken by Jonathon Bate and Eric Rasmussen in their publishing of ‘William Shakespeare: Complete Works’. They show how many elements of comedy could be interpreted as almost tragic. The comedy in Much Ado About Nothing is often created when the audience can see that something could go horribly wrong‚ however it

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  • How Has The Internet Affected Your Privacy

    September 26‚ 2013 How Has The Internet Affected Your Privacy? After the terrorist attacks on September 11‚ 2001 the government took a big step forward in trying to protect the American people. Today‚ 12 years later‚ the government continues to protect the American people online in ways that are questioned daily. The questions remain‚ does the government really need to be watching us online? What privacy do we have while using our computers? Imagine shopping at your favorite store‚ you

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  • Isabel Perez Dobarro: Living The American Dream

    Able to perform the most complex song with unquestionable ability‚ the Compostelan pianist Isabel Pérez Dobarro is living the American dream. But she does not renounce her Galician heritage. Currently gathering praise and applause along the world‚ the president of New York’s Beta Pi Chapter is now‚ at only 24‚ one of the figureheads of the world’s musical elite. Pérez Dobarro fills venues around the world‚ breathing life into the work of our most important composers‚ while at the same time campaigning

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