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Ohms Law

Study about Ohm's Law: • To verify Ohm’s Law by calculating voltage, current and resistance based on different views of Ohm’s law as well as measuring those values to compare the theoretical results with the actual results. • To verify the relationships of R-I, V-I and R-V given ohm’s law by increasing one parameter while holding the other parameter constant, then measuring and calculating equivalent results of the third parameter. What is Ohm's Law: Ohm's Law is made from 3 mathematical equations...

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Ohms Law

An Investigation of Ohm’s Law Stephen McGill (22044566) Results from test using 25Ω Resistor: Voltage(Volts) | Current(mA) | Resistance(Ohms) | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0.57 | 20 | 28.5 | 1.01 | 40 | 25.25 | 1.49 | 60 | 24.83 | 2.01 | 80 | 25.12 | 2.51 | 100 | 25.1 | 3.0 | 120 | 25.0 | 3.51 | 140 | 25.0 | 4.0 | 160 | 25.0 | 4.5 | 180 | 25.0 | 5.03 | 210 | 23.95 | 5.52 | 230 | 24.0 | 6.02 | 250 | 24.08 | 6.51 | 270 | 24.1 | 7.0 | 290 | 24.13 | 7.5 |...

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Physics Ohm Law

Experiment No: EM-1 Title: Ohm’s Law, Meters, Resistivity I Purpose: The basic of simple electrical circuits and measurements is learned. Also, investigating the dependence of the resistance of a wire on its length, cross-sectional area, and the material of which it is made. By examining electrical resistance (R) through a metal conductor, the voltage (V) and current (I) through the conductor, the following principles will be demonstrated: 1.) Ohm’s Law 2.) Dependence of resistance (R)...

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Confirming Ohms Law

CONFIRMING OHM’S LAW BY ALEX KUCHMENKO 9.1 Aim – To Confirm Ohm’s Law through experimentation. Hypothesis – The More Ohms the resistor has, the weaker the current will become. Materials – Power pack, ammeter, voltmeter, resistors, connecting wires. METHOD – 1. POWER PACK POWER PACK RESISTOR RESISTOR VOLTMETER VOLTMETER AMMETER AMMETER A A V V Set up a known resistor...

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Ohms Law

2006 "Ohm's Law is the relationship among electric current, resistance, and voltage. The principle is named after the German scientist George Simon Ohm." –Webster's Online Dictionary. I will be discussing the uses of Ohm's Law and why it is so important in everyday electrical problems whether it be simple or not. It is everywhere and used by many whether they notice it or not. Ohms law states that current in amperes is equal to voltage divided by resistance. This form of ohms law is most useful...

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Ohms Law Investigation

Ohms Law Ohms Law Thomas More College Thomas More College How it applies to different materials Lucas Cosmidis 11 physics How it applies to different materials Lucas Cosmidis 11 physics Aim/Purpose The aim is to investigate whether 12v light bulb and a ceramic resistor are either non- ohmic or ohmic. From results calculations can be made to find the resistance produced and then graphed indicating whether the light bulb and ceramic resistor is ohmic or non ohmic Background...

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Home Work

Temperature of material c. Dimension of material d. None of the above The SI unit of conductance is ohm b. mho c. ohm─1 d. mho m─1 The unit of resistance of a conductor is ohm cm b. ohm/cm c. ohm d. ohm/cm2 The unit of resistivity is ohm b. ampere c. mho d. ohm-meter What is the conductance of wire of resistance 2? Give example of elements which do not obey ohm’s law. Draw V-I graph for ohmic and non-ohmi material. Give one example. A wire is stretched to increase its length...

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Ohms Law and Resistance

wire will increase. Background: Some materials have consistent resistance at the same temperature regardless of how much voltage is applied through them, these materials are known as ‘Ohmic’ resistors. This is because they are said to obey Ohm’s law, which states that if a voltmetre is used to measure the voltage (V) of an unknown resistance (R), and an ammetre is used to measure the current (i) through the same unknown resistance, then ‘R’ would be given by R = V/i . The eureka wire used in this...

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Georg Ohm

Simon Ohm was born on March 16th, 1789. He died on July 6th, 1854. He was a German physicist. As a high school teacher, Ohm began his research with the recently invented electrochemical cell [ (Unknown.) ] Using his own equipment, Ohm determined that there is a connection between the electrical forces (voltage) applied across a conductor and the resultant electric current. This known as Ohm’s law, which is named after him. Ohm was born in Erlangen, Bavaria. His parents were Johann Wolfgang Ohm and...

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Ohmmeter and Resistance

normal probability density tables.) [(a)38, (b)95, (c)100, (d)46] 1    SECTION 3: SERIES OR SHUNT OHMMETER. Q7. It is desired to construct a series ohmmeter with a mid scale indication of 5000 ohms. The instrument used requires 0.5 mA for full scale deflection and has a resistance of 50 ohms. The battery voltage is 3.00V. (a) Find the values of resistors needed in the ohmmeter circuit. [4958.33 Ω ≈ 5 kΩ, 250 Ω] (b) Find the range of R2 needed to zero the ohmmeter if the battery voltage...

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