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Octopus Swot

Recently, researchers have discovered the existence of an extremely unique type of octopus. The species, known as the Indo-Malayan octopus, has the ability to alter its shape, form, and color pattern to mimic or imitate other sea creatures in order to avoid predation (2). The discovery of the mimic octopus is noteworthy because no other type of cephalopod is known to have impersonation abilities. The octopus is also not limited to one imitation. Researchers have observed up to eight different formations...

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Octopus Habitat

Justin Vickers Octopus- Saltwater On the floor of any ocean in the world, in the cracks and crevices of ocean rock is the common octopus habitat. The common octopus lives in temperate ocean waters. A key part of their lives are spent at the surface layer of the ocean. Areas of the ocean with the largest amount of octopuses are coastal areas, reef areas and ocean bottom areas. Octopuses have a totally boneless structure. They are terrifically flexible; able to squeeze themselves into the pristine...

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The Giant Pacific Octopus

The Giant Pacific Octopus This paper is about octopus dofleni, which is a bottom-dwelling octopus that lives on coasts of the pacific ocean, from Northern Japan to California. This essay will provide a brief overview of its life, habits and other characteristics of this, intelligent and creative invertebrate and member of the Octopodidae family. The life of the pacific giant may begin at any time of the year. The mating season however tends to peak in the month of December, with most of their...

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Leak of octopus card

In Hong Kong, the Octopus Card is not only treated as a means of electric payment. The Octopus Card interacts a lot with our daily life, like entering our apartments, registering students’ attendance in schools, recognizing our membership of certain organizations, etc. Hong Kong people trust Octopus deeply from our heart. The MTR Corporation together with the KCRC Managing Board owned about 80% of the share of the Octopus, while the HKSAR government is the largest shareholder of the MTR Corporation...

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Bio 101 Week 4 Assignment

Organism Physiology: The Octopus Bio/101 The cephalopodor octopus is a marine organism that inhabits many diverse regions of the ocean. Its food source consists of crabs, small fish, clams, mussels and other marine animals. The octopus is a predatory animal and has developed many skills to aid in its survival in the environment it has adapted to. The octopus has several main organs that are vital to its survival; the brain for its intelligence; the ink sack for its defense; and the arms for...

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Food     = Radula     = Odontophore "belt"     = Muscles Nervous System and Sensory Capability      Mollusks have a relatively complex nervous system, which varies from species to species reaching the height of complexity at the octopus. The octopus is thought to be among the most intelligent of all invertebrates, with a mental capacity likened to that of a domestic cat.  Sensory ability in some mollusks (notably the cephalopods) is considerable, with a variety of organ systems, as well...

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Biology - Mollusks

that secrete calcium carbonate  Visceral mass: internal organs Body Plan Body Plan Feeding  Many (snails, slugs) use radula: flexible, tongue-shaped structure with hundreds of tiny teeth to scrape food, or drill into other animals  Octopus: sharp jaws to eat prey Feeding  Clams, oysters, scallops: filter feeders; use siphon – tube-like structure through which water flows Respiration  Aquatic mollusks use gills  Land mollusks use mantle cavity; large surface area lined with...

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SWOT This is used to help focus activities into areas of strength and where the greatest opportunities lie. This is used to identify the dangers that take the form of weaknesses and both internal and external threats. The four attributes of SWOT analysis: Strengths - What are the advantages? What is currently done well? (e.g. key area of best-performing activities of your company) Weaknesses - What could be improved? What is done badly? (e.g. key area where you are performing poorly) Opportunities...

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SWOT Whereas the STEEP model looks at the industry as a whole, SWOT concentrates on your particular business. The acronym stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Generally speaking, the first two are internal factors, and the last two external ones; those on the right of the template are positive factors, those on the left, negative. As above, the following diagram suggests some of the issues that may be significant, but as this is a personal analysis, only you will be...

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Astro All Asia Networks plc (ASTRO) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review Summary Astro All Asia Networks plc (Astro) is one of the Malaysia’s leading cross-media group which provides direct-to-home satellite pay television services, commercial radio and TV programming in Malaysia and Hong Kong. The company is involved in the production, acquisition, commissioning, and distribution of films; production, processing, and exporting animated motion pictures; research, development, and licensing...

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