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Observations of an Apple

Observations of an Apple The assignment was to observe a fruit or vegetable for at least an hour. I thought it was crazy and pointless but not so ridiculous that I would not do it and earn a bad grade. Before I started, I read Samuel Scudder’s essay “Learning to See” where he talks about having to do a similar type of assignment but with a fish. He eventually became engrossed in the fish and so I became determined that I was going to try to find all I possibly could about my apple in the hour...

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Participant Observation

Participant Observation Sports are important social mediums in our country, but basketball is the only sport where you can go to almost any park and play with complete strangers. While other sports involve diverse equipment and numerous amounts of players, basketball is a quick and easy game that only takes a court and a ball. While using the participant observation method, one can easily see how pickup basketball becomes a common stage for social interaction. While my original perspective of...

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Child Observation

middle of play with her. She would jump from one area to the next and forget where she had previously left her toys, and on some occasions, she even forgot that we were still watching her because she was to entranced in her own activities. During my observation. I observed that Faustine is a very healthy and fit child. Her biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development is up to par compared to children of the same age as her. She is very athletic and her social skills are very strong. ...

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Observation Paper

Josh Dickey Intro to kinesiology April 18th, 2012 Observation Paper Doing an observation of someone you kind of have this idea in the back of your head of what kind of job he has. I realized that the image you have in your mind really is just what the everyday person sees. While I observed Keith Lytle I figured I would just see the same normal stuff that I see all the time when on the baseball field. I was wrong in so many ways. Keith not only has to break down the swings of the hitters...

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Workplace Observation

Before I begin talking about my observations on the three groups I observed, I should give a background of where and whom I studied to give you a clearer understanding. I work in Orange County at a donut shop and I just box donuts and make lattes/Frappuccino’s all day long. My shifts are always morning time (around 5am usually) so people tend to be half asleep most of the time because they just woke up and most of them are heading to work. The first group I observed were a group of people who worked...

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Nonverbal Observation

Nonverbal Observation Activity ____________________________________________________________ _________ Prof. Michelle Coleman COM 111 – Interpersonal Communication Objective: In this nonverbal communication observation activity, you will become a “people watcher.” You will watch two different people in two different situations. It is helpful for this activity if (1) you do not know the people you are observing, (2) if they do not know you are observing them, and finally, (3)...

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 KNPE-245 CHILD OBSERVATION PAPER The aim of this paper is to describe a 60 minute child observation with regards to the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domain. BACKGROUND OF THE CHILD The child chosen for this observation paper is a Mexican boy named Julian (age 7 to 8). He was in the park with his whole family: parents (in their late 20’s), older brother Renato (10) and younger sister Sylvia (3). I thought he was the perfect candidate because I could observe the interaction between...

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Social Observation

Elam 1 Sam Elam Mr. Unrien Sociology: Hour 5 12 September 2012 Sociology Observation Summary This weekend, I decided to go and observe my dentist office. It’s also a bit more than a dentist office but I didn’t go in the other little buildings they all seemed to have stuff to do. I thought that my dentist office would be a perfect place to do a social observation. I mean think about it everyone has teeth and most people go to dentist so you have a very diverse community. I also went into my...

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Observation Analysis

Since food and drinks were not allowed in many places of the library, those who wanted to have food would come here. These people usually shared the same pattern that they would read books or stare at their computers while eating. During the observation, seven people went straight forward to the newspaper shelf, picked up their favourite copy, found a seat and began to read. They usually came in alone and knew exactly what they wanted to read. There was another group of people who regarded the...

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 OBSERVATION CHECKLIST EARLY LITERACY BEHAVIOR DIRECTION: Observe your family or relatives having 1 or 2 kids only who are 2-3 years old. Observe the kids’ behavior and the family members’ interaction. Determine the early literacy behavior of the kids by checking the most observable traits only. A. Oral Language Humming Imitating familiar sounds Singing Counting Reciting Chanting similar to reading Producing pleasant sound to imitate reading voice Using incomprehensible language but...

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