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Participant Observation of an Arab Cafe

Participant-Observation Study of the Arabic culture I have conducted a participant-observation research in an Arabic hookah café in Georgetown, the Zenobia Lounge. While I was expecting to get more insight about the way Arabs practice Islam in their daily lives, my observations were about the service sector in collectivist cultures and expression of cultural identities. I realized that the intimate relationship between a business and customers was more important than the service itself in collectivist...

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An observation in special education

unclear statements. Aaron has to be prompted to use his device most of the time, unless he wants the attention of his aide or teacher. A lot of the times the staff uses his device to model the pressing of appropriate buttons. While doing this observation, I would say one of the best things this program has is technology. For the student to be able to have been given a voice because of a Talk Tec device is great. Also the small class sizes are better due to lack of focus and behavior issues. At this...

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Observation Techniques In Early Childhood and Education

OBSERVATION OF YOUNG CHILDREN “By observation, we mean closely watch, listen to and generally attend to what a child is doing, and record your findings as accurately and objective as possible”. Reasons why observations are so important: To ensure normative development To know where children are in terms of Holistic development To plan developmental appropriate activities. To have a record of children’s progress in case of be required for the stakeholders (parents or other professionals) ...

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Special Needs Observation

CHLD 11A November 1, 2012 Observation An observation in a classroom has many benefits for the observer. For one of my observations I go to an elementary classroom and my second observation is a youth group at a church. Each classroom has their own setting and curriculum which makes each classroom very different from the other. My first observation was in an elementary classroom. The activity had five kids per group. These children all ranged from the ages of 7 to 8. Just before their art activity...

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Observation Of The Toddler Environment

Observation of the Toddler Environment Name: Iona Fisher Date: Wednesday May 14th, 2014 Time of observation: 9.30 - 11.30 Number of Children: 11 Number of Staff: 3 Ages of children: 18 months - 2.5 years of age Upon entering the toddler environment, the first thing that I noticed was the classroom atmosphere, which was calm and yet full of educational opportunities for a variety of students. The shelves and materials were organized in sequential order, the shelves were exposed so that materials...

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Observation Interpretation And Critique

Macbeth that Michael wants us to focus on so bad? Why does he portray her the way he does in the play?     Step 3: Analyze  Shakespeare is showing the audience something that Lady Macbeth tries to hide    Artus Scheiner is illustrating for us the observation of Lady Macbeth and the reaction of the Doctor and Gentlewoman who seemed to be shocked by her behavior      Michael Lynch really wants us to focus our attention on Lady Macbeth by using colors and tone to make her stand out.     Step 4: Evaluate...

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Child Development Observation

amount can be determined about their personality and skill sets. More specifically, their physical and motor development, cognitive and language processes, social and emotional skills, and the environment they could be surrounded by outside the observation time. The development of these processes can be observed through the actions and interactions a individual does or does not have with other people. The environment of which the child I observed occurred in a controlled area with other children...

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Classroom Observation checklist 2

 Classroom Observation Instruments Lauren Scanlan Grand Canyon University EDA-551 November 24, 2014 The following checklist it based off the Charlotte Danielson Framework. Teacher evaluations are based on four components or domains. Domain 1 is preparation and planning, domain 2 is classroom environment, domain 3 is instruction, and domain 4 is professional responsibility. When completing a classroom observation, only aspects of domain 2 and domain 3 are observable with a walk through...

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Observation of Child at Play

Observation of Child at Play Time: 6:04-6:38 Location: School field/Playground Child: Abigail, 72 months, girl Description: light red hair and freckles all over her face, very outgoing, talkative, and youngest out of two girls, loves to socialize, in the 1st grade. Observation: I walked up to the park where Abigail and her team were practicing. She was laying on the grass picking up a flower. She walks over to her dad and gives it to him. The whistle blows and she gets up and runs to the practice...

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Child Observation Paper

Child Observation Paper After observing a nine month old child for this Child Observation paper, the author of this paper has taken copious notes during the session. The purpose of this paper is recognizing the biological, cognitive and psychosocial development of the child. The author of this paper identified the background history of the child, the observation made and the development process of the child. BACKGROUND The child chosen for this child observation paper is a nine month old male...

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