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Nursing Experience

who was studying Nursing at The University of Santo Tomas encouraged me to follow her footstep. I was contemplating to take Medicine but my brother Manolo who was an Intern at the Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital in Manila was complaining of sleepless night and unable to attend family reunion especially on Christmas and New Yeara eve. He would drop by just to have a quick bite of foods. So this type of work interupted my ambition of becoming a doctor. So I was back again to Nursing. On my era at that...

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Nursing as an Entity

Nursing as an Entity Casey Berling, BSN Student Eastern Kentucky University NSC 252 Intro to Professional Nursing Department of Baccalaureate & Graduate Nursing, College of Health Sciences October 31, 2012 If the question was asked, “What is your definition of nursing,” to the thousands of nurses in the world today, there would be one word that would unite them all, and that is the word care. Nursing strives to be a very unique profession where selfishness, and self-serving...

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The Future of Nursing

Running head: The Future Nursing The Future Nursing The Future of Nursing The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) will have a great effect on nursing. According to this article nursing will have to change it role in the ACA and the three main categories that need to be changed and redeveloped is transforming practice, education and leadership. “The ACA outlines some new health care arrangements, and with these structures will come new opportunities for new roles...

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Transcultural Nursing

 Transcultural Nursing Cumulative Journal M. Blair NUR401: Transcultural Nursing August 24, 2012 Transcultural Nursing Cumulative Journal The student initially entered the Transcultural Nursing class with limited knowledge and experience in caring for patients of differing cultures. Even though the student’s practice with assisting various cultures still remains narrow, her knowledge base and tools to assist with obtaining information and assessments has...

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Nursing Philosophy

Nursing is a career of compassion, caring, self-discipline, hard work, responsibility, intelligence, and honesty. I could go on and on with the characteristics that describe nursing. I believe in Christian values and attach them to nursing. I think of the words of Jesus and the Bible when taking care of patients; “And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them” (Luke 6:31). The Bible is a great source of strength and rules to live by for me. Because of this, I chose Watson’s Theory of...

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Nursing compotencies

Nursing Competencies GCU Nursing Competencies The first school of nursing in the United States was the Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing, founded in 1873. The Bellevue offered a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing with principles of nursing established by Florence Nightingale. In later years, the Associate-degree in nursing was formed by Mildred Montag, to help with the nursing shortages in WWII. “In the mid 1900’s an Associate-degree level nurse was thought of as a “technical nurse”...

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Nursing Informatics

The Use of Nursing Informatics in Health Care Today Melissa Morrison University of North Carolina at Pembroke Abstract Nursing Informatics is a specialty in Nursing in which a nurse will use technology such a computer in order to document data such as vital signs and to make an educated decision based on the data. A nurse who specializes in Nursing Informatics must display several roles in his or her line of work. The roles are as...

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Nursing Informatics

Fundamentals of Nursing Informatics Technology can be very helpful in improving safety and quality of health care. Nursing informatics refers to the combination of technology, nursing as well as the assimilation of data. It deals with the use of technology in order to organize and provide health care in the best and most resourceful manner. Computerized systems allow quicker and more accurate charting or record keeping. These systems save time and improve the quality of information furthermore...

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The Future Of Nursing

The nursing practice encompasses a broad spectrum of professions within the healthcare setting. From direct patient care through educators and positions within the political arena, nurses have greatest opportunity to mold and evolve healthcare for tomorrow. This presentation will introduce you to the future of the professional nursing practice. Topics presented: Evidence-based practice and the trends that influence healthcare and the future of nursing. How the application of nursing theory will...

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Nursing Managment

Nursing Management Feb 6, 2013 Article Review of “A Handoff Report Card for General Nursing Orientation This article examines the strengths and weakness of the orientation process of new grads or new nurses to a unit or hospital. By the use of a 100 point score report card containing a summary of the nurses skills, knowledge, and also use of the Benner which measure clinical performance and critical thinking. The article addresses the use of a report card to better communicate the strengths...

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