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  • European Airlines

    Corporate Strategy---European Airlines 1993-1997 ⇨ Back ground and PEST analysis For many years‚ European Airlines are considered to be feed by the government. Before 1990s‚ the introduction of deregulation‚ this market was highly controlled by the government. Automatically‚ the result is high price as well as poor management and service. Consumers‚ of course‚ complained about the bad perform of them. Like most of the state-owned businesses‚ although some of the airlines intended to lower their price

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  • United Airlines Slept Analysis

    UNITED AIRLINES SLEPT ANALYSIS Q1: What is meant by the external business environment and what are its main components? External environment refers to the environment that has an indirect influence on the business. The factors are uncontrollable by the business. The external environment of an organization is those factors outside the company that affect the company ’s ability to function. Some external elements can be manipulated by company marketing‚ while others require the organization to

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  • emirates airlines


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  • Philippine Airlines

    a common mode of transportation to get fastest way to reach your destination. In the Philippines‚ a third world country‚ have a numerous airlines providing air travel service. Ensure the passenger safety which include in the ticket we had paid off. Aviations safety tackles all preventive measure in danger or risk inboard or even inside the airport. The airline must ensure it to the passengers‚ in order to gain profit and loyalty from them. In early years of aviation industry in the Philippines‚ many

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  • Airline and Indigo

    IndiGo Airlines  – A Case study in International Business Strategy The right thing to do is also the smart thing to do The success of Indigo is a mix of a clear brand promise of "on time" and supported with slick branding and signage‚ smart technology support and a passionate and young work force who multi-task. About Indigo IndiGo is India’s largest airline with a market share of 29.5 per cent as of June‚2013 as well as the country’s largest low fare carrier. IndiGo is the fastest growing

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  • Oasis Hong Kong Airline

    Oasis Hong Kong Airlines: The First Long Haul‚ Low Cost Airliner in Asia Team A Scott Burgoyne‚ Marvin Cook‚ Randy Collins‚ Amanda Baldwin‚ Jason Odle and Cynthia Hicks-Leeper Everest College On-line Business Policy and Strategy MAN 4764-1001 Instructor Monya Ashe February 11‚ 2012 Introduction Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was founded in February 2005 by Rev. Raymond C. Lee‚ and his wife‚ Priscilla H. Lee had they survived; this month would have marked their seven year anniversary. Unfortunately

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  • Crm in Airlines

    (CRM) in Airline Industry:  Today’s global marketplace‚ airlines are countered with unstable and highly competitive business environment. Most airline companies perceive that it is increasingly important to react quickly and effectively to changing demand patterns of the customers. The challenge is maintaining profits in the face of forceful competition. The opportunities are in managing customer relationships to earn customer profitability that can contribute to the firm profits. If airlines do not

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  • Airlines Research Assignment

    Communication and study skills Research Task The industry I am researching is Airlines as this is one of the large industries in the UK and has grown massively over the last couple of years. About 1.25 million people (number from http://www.mega.nu/ampp/PEGB/chap11.htm) travel on an aeroplane every year‚ making the company around £167 billion every year. The industry creates around 150 million jobs for people making it a large part for a lot of people’s everyday life. The importance of the industry

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  • Delta Airlines

    mainline is a legacy airline and competes utilizing its low price and productivity. DeltaExpress tries to build on Delta’s leading position. DeltaExpress is an integral part of Delta and centrally managed in terms of pricing‚ flight frequency and routing and all the resources are shared. It benefits from the high levels of productivity amongst flight attendants and ground crew. The relevant strategies for Delta are business level strategies (Cost leadership among Legacy airlines) and corporate level

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  • 7ps of Airline


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