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Video Game Essay

Have you ever wondered how games impact children? or why kids love to play them? Well your about to find out and the answer may be surprising. Video games were first introduced in the 1970s. By the end of that decade they had become a preferred childhood leisure activity, and adults responded with concern about the possible ill effects of the games on children. Early research on these effects was inconclusive. However, a resurgence in video game sales that began in the late 1980s after the introduction...

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Video Games in Psychotherapy

Video Games in Psychotherapy After reading the article, Video Games in Psychotherapy by T. Atilla Ceranoglu, I agree that video games can help in psychotherapy because I believe that playing videos can take their minds off of the tragic things going on in their life, such as children who went through abuse, neglected, control problems etc… This will help them release some stress and to have a little fun. I think those kids who have problems controlling themselves this will help them relax a little...

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How Video Games Affect Children

How Video Games Effect Children During the last decade, attention and accusations within the media have turned more to the meteoric rise in popularity of arcade-type home computer and console games. Considerable anecdotal evidence abounds about how teenagers are affected by shoot-em-up and beat-em-up games. Zimbardo (1982) remarked that video games are so addictive to young people that they may be socially isolating and may actually encourage violence between people. Another comment came from...

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Violence in Cartoons and Video Games Cause Children to Be Aggressive

Violence in Video Games and Cartoons Causes Children to be Aggressive Do you know exactly what your children are watching on television or what video games they are playing? The answer to this is simple; most parents leave their children unmonitored when these activities are being performed. Has it ever occurred to parents that cartoons and video games can be taking over young children’s minds? This is a controversial issue, and many want to know does violence shown in cartoons and video games cause...

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Violent Video games not the cause for youth violence

MEDIA VIOLENCE: POSITIVE AFFECT Violent video games and television shows has been the source of entertainment for years. Violent video games made its first appearance in the early 1970’s. In 1972 Sony released a very popular game, Call of Duty. This game series, gave many people, especially youth, aspirations to join the military. In 2004 Icon Productions released of the most realistic movies in history. The movie Passion of The Christ depicted a very clear and precise way that people were treated...

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Effects of Video Games on Children

The Effects of Video Games on Children Video games have always been under constant scrutiny by parents, doctors, and the media, just like anything in history that has had a profound impact on society, especially on children. Video games became an immediate attraction since the moment they were introduced into the world. The games can allow the player to become any character they could ever dream of, whether the character is from their favorite sport or from their favorite movie. It allows a child’s...

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Violent Video Game Debate

Violent Video Game Debate: Position: Against Hook: A lot of people in this room alone have probably at least once played a violent video game or at least have seen someone play a game that is violent. Games such as Call of Duty, Halo, or Gears of War. Heck I own all three of those games, but that’s beside the point. What good can come out of playing games where you repetitively kill others and see some ridiculous gory images? Honestly what good can come out of this when developing minds are playing...

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Video Games and Violence in America

Video Games and Violence in America Nowadays, it became a statement of good state, on the part of Bible thumpers and those who refer to themselves as “conservatives,” to think of violent video games as such that encourage young people to indulge in anti-social behavior. For instance, the article “Violent Video Games can Increase Aggression”, which is available on the website of American Psychological Association, implies that it is such games that result in more and more...

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Violent Video Games – Pro and Con

Researchers, parents and educators are all discussing the controversy around violent video games and their influence on kids. The audience seems to be divided into two large groups: one is in favor of restricting or even banning violent video games as they make children (and, arguably, adults as well) more prone to aggressive behavior, like that seen on the screen. Opponents of this view claim that video games do not cause violent behavior in real life and are, in fact, a safe outlet to natural aggression...

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Game over: the Effects of Violent Video Games on Children

Game Over: The effects of Violent Video Games on Children Seven hours. That is the amount of hours a day the average American child plays a video games (Anderson 354), and with technology advancing and games becoming more graphic, the concern over a violent game’s effect over a child’s development is growing. What does playing video games for seven hours do to a child’s development? Violent, role-playing video games adversely affects a child’s development and causes aggression in children and adolescents;...

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