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Nike Building A Global Brand Case Analysis

| Nike: Building a Global Brand | MKTG 4082W | | 1. Nike’s brand image, a set of emotions, feelings, and experiences with the brand, developed over time through advertising campaigns and consumer experiences with Nike. The core attributes of Nike’s brand image include high performance, innovation, and aggressiveness. Nike positioned itself as a company that makes products for athletes, by athletes. They tailor their products for serious/winning athletes and also stress their point-of-difference...

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Lenovo Building a Global Brand Case Analysis

 Lenovo: Building a Global Brand Case Analysis Case Summary Lenovo, the leading PC (Personal Computer) manufacturer in China, acquired IBM PC division in December 2004 for $1.75 Billion. The acquisition was a marriage of 2 great companies with complementary strengths and the operations effectiveness was expected to benefit both companies. IBM at that stage wanted to shed its PC business and concentrate on the service industry while Lenovo wanted to expand its market presence. Growth of the PC market:...

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Building a global cosmetic brand

Coursework Assessment One Individual Case Study “Loreal” Dubai Campus 2013/14 Name: Chelsea Tina Potgieter Student Number: M00369950 Module Number & Title: MKT3130 International Marketing Module Leader: Dr. Alun Epps Seminar day: Wednesday; 17:00 pm Assessment ONE: Individual Case Study Report (40%) Thurs 20th February 2014 4:00pm Each student will be provided with a case study and will be required to write a report on the case study based on three questions. ...

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Nike Brand Analysis

Brand Analysis Assignment Nike 1. What is the positioning strategy of the brand ¡V that is, how is it different from other brands in the market? How is it communicated through promotional materials? Nike is a brand that usually signs top athletes of every sport from across the world to lucrative deals so that the athletes can wear and represent Nike to its fullest. Nike, unlike its competitors, wants to be seen more as a symbol of strength, dedication, hard work, sweat, perseverance and the...

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Marketing and Nike Swot Analysis

Nike Swot Analysis Strengths * A very professionally competitive company. * Has ownership of no physical factories so production can be moved to a more cost effective location when necessary. * Very well branded among consumers. * Offers their products worldwide. * Have offices in forty five different countries. * Fortune 500 company. * Employs over thirty thousand people across the world. * Has a very strong marketing campaign that increases brand familiarity. ...

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Nike Swot Analysis

SWOT Analysis Nike Strengths. Very good Leadership is one of Nike’s strengths. Nike is a very competitive organization. Founder and Owner, Phil Knight is often quoted as saying that “Business is war without bullets.” Nike has a healthy dislike of its competitors such as Reebok and Addidas. This competition in the market results in the company to strive to have to best products and on the market. Nike sponsors the top athletes and gains valuable coverage through the media. Nike has no factories...

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Building a Global Brand

CASE D-5 : OSIM ; BUILDING A GLOBAL BRAND OSIM is a multinational company that markets, distributes and franchises a comprehensive range of healthy lifestyle products, which cover four key areas such as health, fitness, hygiene and nutrition. The objective of OSIM is to cultivate in consumer a positive outlook toward life and healthy living through the shopping experience. Brand identity is how the company wants the consumer to perceive their product or their brand. The brand identity of OSIM...

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Europe and Global Brand-building Strategy

FITTskills: International Marketing Case Study #1: Golden Global Award Case Study #1: Golden Global Award Eye candy Coralius Cosmetics is a global cosmetics manufacturer with annual revenues of $1.1 billion. Its brand of eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow is widely recognized in over 75 countries. Headquarters are in Los Angeles. In the past, Coralius has successfully relied on its country managers to create local advertising and promotion initiatives for its cosmetics. Take one The...

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Osim: Building a Global Brand

Individual Assignment 3 - OSIM: Building a Global Brand 1)What is the meaning of the brand identity of OSIM? Brand identity of OSIM refers to how OSIM wants its consumers and potential consumers to view OSIM and its products. OSIM wants to improve the quality of life of its customers through the use of OSIM's products and view OSIM as a leading global brand. What are the different aspects of this identity? OSIM's brand identity, includes its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance...

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Nike Brand

Nike Athletic Shoe Industry {draw:frame} ”It is one of the most recognized symbols in the world-The swoosh. Simple.Fluid.Fast.” (Nike.com) III. Overview of the Company and Brand A. Internal Analysis Company Overview: Marketing Strategy of Brand a. Brand description, product line overview classification Nike carries a wide selection of all kinds of athletic shoes. Running shoes, basketball shoes, casual shoes, trail shoes, and cross trainer shoes. Nike tends to be more on the expensive...

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