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Namaste Solar Case

Namaste Solar Case Study 1. What is the mission of Namaste Solar? How does the mission reflect the company’s values? Explain. The mission statement of Namaste Solar is “to propagate the responsible use of solar energy, pioneer, conscientious business practices and create holistic wealth for our community which benefits all stakeholders equally- customers, employees, investors, and the environment.” The mission statement reflects the company’s values because they direct explain how the values or...

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Solar Cell Company Case Study

ULTRA THIN-FILM ALKALINE SOLAR CELLS Solar Cell Company Case Study Solar Cell Case Study- S. Galioğlu- 2012 2 Outline • Introduction to Solaris Photonics Ltd. and Their Novel Product : “Ultra Thin-Film Alkaline Solar Cells” • Technology Behind the Ultra Thin-Film Alkaline Solar Cell • Explanation of the Patent (UK Patent GB2468526) Solar Cell Case Study- S. Galioğlu- 2012 3 Sectional view of the structure of an ultra thin photovoltaic device with alkali metal active...

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Solar Module case

Nanosolar Inc. Case Study Analysis Nanosolar is a start-up company and expects to be one of the first manufacturers to produce thin-film solar panels using copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) technology. Nanosolar is focused on selling a single type of thin-film Photovoltaic (PV) module called the “Nanosolar Utility Panel”. The utility panel is 50% less energy efficient than c-Si modules, but being 90% less expensive to produce. Strategic Options: (1) Continue to invest in European...

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First Solar Powered Case: An Analysis

First Solar Case Analysis Due to consideration of rising energy demand, global warming and nature of solar power, the solar industry has experienced a rapid development these years. First Solar, as one of the dominant companies in the industry, is suspected and scrutinized by CFRA for aggressive accounting practices. CFRA’s investigation aims at identifying potential risks in several areas, including revenue quality and recognition, inventory levels, customer and geographic diversification, warranty...

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The Solar Feeder Case Study

Identification Ed Welsh and Bo Haeberle discovered an idea of the solar feeder. After years of developing, the product became very successful. It even won several prizes like the best new product in the Bird Watch America trade show, the national birding convention. After this, Ed and Bo decided to sell their final product under new established company Squirrel Defense, Inc. They opened a small shop in Greensboro and begin the production of the solar feeder so they could take orders for the demanded product...

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Available ONLINE www.vsrdjournals.com VSRD-MAP, Vol. 2 (5), 2012, 166-173 Distillation of Water by Solar Energy 1Anirudh Biswas* and 2Ruby RESEARCH ARTICLE RESEARCH ARTICLE ABSTRACT The purpose of this research is to design a water distillation system that can purify water from nearly any source, a system that is relatively cheap, portable, and depends only on renewable solar energy. From the results of project calculations a truthful estimate was made to prototype the most effective geometries...

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Solar Bird Feeder Case Analysis

SDI, Inc. Strategic Case Analysis #1 1.What problems do you see at SDI, and which of these problems is the most important issue facing management? The most important issue facing management is the lack of a business plan and a logical strategy and objectives. It seems as though there was never a plan to make money. Strategic and financial objectives were not considered and goals were not measurable, time bound or assignable. Producing high quality squirrel resistant bird feeders is both time consuming...

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Solar Car + Solar Panel

 Solar Panel Name: Waqar Ali (12ME114) 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Mehran University Of Engineering Technology. INTRODUCTION: Solar Panel are designed to absorb rays from sun. Solar Energy is main source of energy, it is renewable energy that will never never lost. So we should utilize this great energy source. There are various ways we can use this solar energy for example: we can produce electrical energy which will be use to operate electrical things, this is...

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Solar Panels

Characteristics A solar panel is a collection of many small solar cells spread over a large area. These solar cells work together to provide sufficient energy to power a given item. (Northwestern University) Their creation is a very delicate process which is why many of their advancements did not come until last quarter of the 20th century. In this period, advancements in semiconductors and photovoltaic products allowed efficient and cost effective solar panels to be produced. (Solar Panel Info) ...

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Solar Power

assignment is based on solar energy and the title is “Solar Energy: and infinite resource meeting our infinite demand.” Firstly, solar energy is then introduced where it states that the energy radiated from sun is the solar energy which is essential for Earth. The aspects to be covered and the motivation for choosing solar energy are then explained. Pictures of solar cells are provided to have a better view of how solar power is generated. In addition, the importance of solar power is explained which...

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