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My Favourite Movie A Walk To Remember

central concept in modern life. A Walk to Remember is one of my favorite movies, since I was inspired by someone that I got the chance to see it and then fell in love with the movie, and it really had an extra-ordinary love story which this movie had big impact on me. The film is based upon a novel by Nicholas Sparks, an amazing writer and author of novels such as The Notebook and The Lucky One, which I really like a lot as well. It’s a must-see movie that that can and will inspire anyone about...

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Movie Analysis: a Walk to Remember

MOVIE ANALYSIS: A WALK TO REMEMBER A Walk To Remember is a romantic movie based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. It is a 2002 Warner Bros film which starred the 90s pop singer Mandy Moore as the demure, religious, and bookish Jamie Sullivan and punk rock musician Shane West as the popular but rebellious Landon Carter. Directed by Adam Shankman, the story is set in the small town of Beaufort, North Carolina. Landon and his entourage of hooligans have an initiation ritual which, as usual, involved...

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A Walk to Remember. Movie Review

A Walk To Remember Writer: Nicholas Sparks(novel), Karen Janszen(screenplay) CHARACTERS: Major Characters: Landon Carter -The 57 year-old man who through flashback narrates the story of his seventeenth year, the year that changed his life. Jamie Sullivan-The seventeen year-old girl daughter of a Baptist minister who is dying of cancer, but who impacts on the lives of everyone around her. Settings The story takes place in the real-life city of Beaufort, North Carolina (pronounced...

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A Walk to Remember: the Movie

A Walk to Remember The movie, A Walk to Remember, is an excellent example of the development of an interpersonal relationship. Jamie (played by Mandy Moore) is quiet and religious. Landon (played by Shane West) is outgoing and free-spirited. They moved in different social circles. Though they knew of each other through school, they really didn't know each other until they both were in the same school play. Landon did not want to reveal his feelings for Jamie to his circle of friends for...

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A Walk to Remember

A WALK TO REMEMBER I'm sure many of you know what the majority of Nicholas Sparks's books are: tearjerkers which aim to make the reader fall in love with the novel, only to cry at the end. A Walk to Remember was the first Nicholas Sparks book I had ever read, and it was just about perfect. This novel is a bit of twisted take on your average romance novel. Instead of the good girl falling for the bad boy, it's more of the other way round. Landon Carter, your average high school ruffian is not in...

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A Walk to Remember - Movie Review

A Walk to Remember Movie analysis Part 1: The movie is talking about Jamie (Mandy Moore) and Landon (Shane West) as popular bad boy follows the lives of these two Beaufort, North Carolina, high school students as they each grow and learn from each other through life's tender moments and unexpected trials. Jamie is a star-gazing, Bible-toting priest daughter, who, because of her strict Baptist upbringing, wears mostly loose-fitting dresses and sweaters. Landon, on the other...

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A walk to remember

A Book to Remember! I chose this special book to be the first on our review section as I think it will appeal to the majority of our readers. A Walk to Remember is one of the most popular novels by the best selling, contemporary author Nicholas Sparks. The American writer was born in Omaha, Nebraska on December 31st, 1965. Among his most famous novels are; The Notebook (1996), Message in a Bottle (1998), The Guardian (2003) and True Believer (2005). All of his books were domestic and international...

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A Walk to Remember

Breanne Peterson Mr. Bruce Blansett ENG 112 WA01 12/6/12 Teen Movie or Christian Morals Let's face it, Girls love a romantic movie that have a love story that stand the test of time, while some parents want to their children to watch a movie that has a good moral background that will teach their children that no matter what sides of life you come from, love can always make people change themselves for the better. A Walk to Remember was released in 2002 and “based on the 1999 romance novel of the...

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A Walk to Remember: Film Analysis

Mara Kate V. dela Cruz 3-St. Simon “A walk to remember” Film Analysis: A. Question for discussion: 1) Why do you think the movie is entitled “a walk to remember?” * It is entitled a walk to remember because landon never forget Jamie until the end of their love even Jamie has a “leukemia” 2) Described how Jamie and Landon started their love story? * It is Jamie and Landon love story and it is centered on lando’s prov.their love was so strong that even when faced...

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a walk to remember

A Walk to Remember Analysis 1.) A Walk to Remember, released in 2002, was directed by Adam Shankman, and co-starred Mandy Moore and Shane West. 2.) This movie is based on the bestseller written by Nicolas Sparks. When bad boy Landon is forced to clean up his act, he must cross paths with the awkward school geek and preacher’s daughter, Jamie. The two grow close against the wishes of their opposing clique and family, but are faced with even more troubling struggles when Jamie reveals a terrible...

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