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Chapter 34 Motor Insurance Burglary A

their legal heirs because no scheme of insurance was present at that time. • Vehicles for the purpose of insurance are classified as follows; • Private: cars • Commercial vehicles: passenger vehicle, cargo vehicle • Motor cycles: scooters and motorcycles Kind of Policies • Act Liability Only: compulsory insurance in regards to liabilities arising out of using motor vehicle in a public place. • Third Party Only: policy that covers a third party who suffers less in connection with damage of property...

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Hitory of Biker Gangs

History of biker gangs Biker gangs are defined as a group of motorcycle riders who share a common identity and mythology. Although not all motorcycle gangs engage in illegal activities, these groups have gotten a bad rap in the latter half of the last century. Historically, the term 'biker gang' also included chopper and motorcycle hobbyists who like to travel in packs and tourists that enjoy the freedom of exploring the highways on two wheels. Nowadays the most common understanding of the...

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Biker Essay

enforcement motorcycle club. The author, Karen Katz, probes into such topics as the law enforcement and outlaw biker controversies over the formation of the clubs; the history of the clubs; the purpose of the clubs; their political structure, and the role of women among other things. It also gives an extensive view in the history of a law enforcement motorcycle club. Basically, this book gives all the proper information on how to join and become an understandable law enforcement motorcycle club rider...

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Perceptions of Organized Crime Groups

biker groups and 2 Outlaw Motorcycle Gang’s (OMG’s) and was raised in and around the biker atmosphere, but none of those groups that are mentioned in the book. She has heard the mentality of the OMG’s as opposed to regular Biker Clubs. The 1% clubs run their clubs totally different with no regard for breaking the law, indulging in violence, or starting trouble. 1% Outlaw Biker Gangs One of the clubs that she knows of is called the Chosen Few. The Chosen Few is a 1% motorcycle gang that ----------has...

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Report Expert System

MOTORCYCLES BREAKDOWN SYSTEM Expert System and Knowledge Engineering IKS 3223 Project Proposal By Abdullah Ariffin Bin Arsad Khairul Anwar Bin Zamzuri Norharis Bin Mohd Aris Nurhidayah Binti Ashari FACULTY of COMPUTER SCIENCE and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY September 18 2012 Contents MOTORCYCLES BREAKDOWN SYSTEM 1 1 Executive Summary 3 1.1 Title Of The Project 3 1.2 Institute 3 1.3 Project Schedule Summary 3 1.4 Project Deliverables 3 1.5 Project Guides 3 1.6 Project...

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Motorcycle Clubs and Organized Crime

Motorcycle Clubs and Organized Crime There are different types of gangs; this paper will explore the origin of outlaw motorcycle gangs. I will explore the history of the motorcycle, origin of outlaw motorcycle gangs, their bureaucratic structure, illegal activities and involvement in organized crime. The four major biker gangs that exist within the United States and those that have expanded internationally will be discussed. Let’s start with a little history lesson. The...

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Drug and Alcohol Culture

based on emotion and hysteria. Knight employs the stereotype of the bikie gang to raise alarm in the reader who is likely to recall from the exaggerated figures in the foreground. The figures are intentionally confronting and the caption ‘Outlaw Motorcycle Gang’ on the back of the jacket of one figure encourages the reader to draw associations between the figures and the violence which has recently been widely reported in the media. The figure holding the placard is distanced to suggest that his voice...

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Editorial on "Lane-splitting"

10 October 2013 Dear Mr. Editor, I am writing this letter in hope of legalizing motorcycle lane splitting in more US states. Motorcycle lane splitting is currently only legal in California and in a few other countries. Many people believe that lane splitting is a dangerous act that motorcyclist do to navigate through traffic. However lane splitting is done to prevent crashes and to help be more visual to other drivers. Lane splitting is legal in California mainly due to California Highway Patrol...

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Marketing Plan for Motor Star

Product The company will outsource motorcycles from EASTWORLD MOTOR INDUSTRIES CORPORATION (EMIC) where its head office is in Caloocan City. We will have different kinds of motorcycles such as: Underbone, Scooter, Solo, On/Off Road, Business Type, Cruiser, Ebikes and AEON. * Company Logo 2. Properties of the Product Motorcycle components and systems for a motorcycle are engineered, manufactured, and assembled in order to produce motorcycle models with the desired performance, aesthetics...

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Hells Angels: An Outlaw Motorcycle Club Bikers have always been seen as “outcast” – they don’t always live the lives of the majority, and usually refuse the typical values the society imposes on us by engaging in outrageous behavior. The Hells Angels are members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club who typically ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. Despite common inclination towards spelling their name as “Hell’s Angels”, the official site claims the missing apostrophe represents many types of...

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