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  • Hurley-Davidson Case Study

    The Strength of Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson‚ Inc.‚ the only U.S. motorcycle manufacture still in business‚ dominated the superheavyweight motorcycle market with a 62.3 percent share while Honda had 16.2 percent‚ Yamaha had 7.2 percent‚ Kawasaki had 6.7 percent‚ Suzuki had 5.1 percent‚ and BMW had 2.5 percent in 1990 (592&596). The company also had a number of international markets. Actually‚ in 1990‚ approximately 31 percent of the sales were overseas. The company had made efforts to

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  • Unethical Business Practices

    Kay Lim Hung Professor Ortiz English Class 095-01 17 April 2013 The Right To Choose To Not Wear a Helmet Barry Millman wrote the article “ Motorcycle helmet law a no-brainer to both sides”‚ which expresses an argument from two different opinions about a controversial issue. The United States is known by the freedom‚ which is given to the entire citizens to express his or her own opinion. Therefor Americans will bring up their opinion toward any situation. Today the debate is among

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  • Editorial on "Lane-splitting"

    10 October 2013 Dear Mr. Editor‚ I am writing this letter in hope of legalizing motorcycle lane splitting in more US states. Motorcycle lane splitting is currently only legal in California and in a few other countries. Many people believe that lane splitting is a dangerous act that motorcyclist do to navigate through traffic. However lane splitting is done to prevent crashes and to help be more visual to other drivers. Lane splitting is legal in California mainly due to California Highway Patrol

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  • Harley-Davidson, Inc.

    October 22). Anti-lock brakes trim fatal motorcycle crashes: study. Retrieved February 24‚ 2009‚ from Canadian Broadcast Centre Web site: http://www.cbc.ca/news/story/2008/10/22/iihs-motorcycles.html Cate‚ M (2009‚ February 18). New law halts sale of ATVs for kids. Retrieved February 24‚ 2009‚ from Arkansas Online Web site: http://www2.arkansasonline.com/news/2009/feb/18/new-law-halts-sale-atvs-kids-20090218/ Datamonitor‚ (2007‚ November). Motorcycles in the United States. Industry Profile‚ Retrieved

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  • Pro Life

    XXIII Motor Vehicles Chapter 316State Uniform Traffic Control is allowing riders 21 and over to ride without a helmet as long as they carry at least $10‚000 in medical insurance. After that the motorcycle deaths across the state went up 81%‚ deaths of riders under 21 nearly tripled and the average motorcycle related head injury expanded to more than four times the required $10‚000 coverage un-helmeted riders must carry (Millman). These statistics have shown that not wearing a helmet is unsafe‚ half

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  • Dirt bike USA

    2. How does Dirt Bikes provide value to customers The company provides value to it’s customers by designing and manufacturing custom motorcycles of high quality‚ and by servicing those motorcycles. Proof of the high quality of the motorcycles can be seen in the number of races that the brand wins each year. Other ways they provide value to the customer are with the policy of listening to customers feedback on how to improve the product‚ and with the newly formed Dirt Bikes USA owners group.

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  • Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

    Identify a range of legal and non-legal responses to OMCGs Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMCGs) is a contemporary issue that engulfs Australian society. What makes prosecution of such gangs so complex is the strong foothold that gangs have in organised crime and the façade that is worn in order to evade the eyes of the law. Various responses have been implemented in order to cease all violence and more importantly disenfranchise organised crime and prosecute those within the illegal syndicates. Legal

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  • Helmet Law

    scooters and various other 2-wheeled cycles excluded from the motorcycle definition. These helmet laws don’t just apply for the driver they also apply to the passenger. Twenty-three states have motorcycle helmet laws that cover all low-power cycles. There are also 201 localities that have local ordinances. In 1967‚ the federal government required the states to enact a helmet law. By the early 1970s almost all the states had a universal motorcycle helmet law. In 1968 Michigan was the first state to repeal

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  • Motorcycle And Sweetgrass Analysis

    Comedy is a form of cognitive reappraisal‚ which Drew Hayden Taylor effectively integrates throughout Motorcycles and Sweetgrass to address tragic issues. Personally‚ I agree with Thomas King‚ that bombarding the reader with tragedy only results in their lack of interest. I believe that Taylor masters the use of humour to introduce sinister issues; he uses humour as a lubricating tool to ease the tension of the plot and maintain the readers engagement. Particularly‚ in chapter fourteen‚ I was intrigued

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  • Motorcycle Rider Persuasive Essay

    Rider’s Death Wish In 2013‚ approximately 4.8 million motorcycles were actively on the road; of those 4.8 million‚ about 90‚000 of those riders were involved in an accident of some sort. Accidents and death rates of motorcycle riders are increasing every year due to reckless driving by both cars and motorcycles. Famous actor Hugh Laurie once stated‚ “But unlike many folks at the wheel‚ I am occupied with getting where I’m going and keeping myself safe. Most people are applying makeup‚ texting‚

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