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Moons Of Uranus

The bland aquamarine face of Uranus bears witness to the fact that Uranus is enshrouded in clouds. The planet appears to be blue-green because the atmosphere absorbs the, red wavelengths of the visible spectrum, . The uniformity of the planet's appearance confirms that the planet's atmosphere is composed almost solely of one element, methane gas. There is a preponderance of haze, composed of ethane and other hydrocarbon ices high in the stratosphere, and clouds of methane ice low in the troposphere...

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URANUS MRS. LANE’S SCIENCE CLASS AMIL JONES MAY 22, 2013 PERIOD 5 Uranus is one of the outer planets which we call gas giants and Uranus is also the seventh planet from the sun which was discovered in 1781 by an astronomer named William Herschel. Uranus was the first planet to be discovered in Modern times. Uranus is named after a Greek god of the sky in Latin. Before Uranus was discovered it was thought to be a comet but it was not fuzzy looking so it couldn’t be. It’s so far from the...

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Character Sketch of Caliban (The Tempest)

that Setebos, the god. Before Prospero and Miranda started teaching him their language his knowledge was limited. He says that they taught him “how to name the bigger light, and how the less”. Hence, he has not had a word to describe the sun and the moon before Prospero and Miranda came. The argument between the three of them is generally kept in a very cruel tone, which emphasizes Caliban’s claim that his only profit from learning their language was his ability to curse. Caliban’s language is not...

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Why Does Theseus Choose The Workman's Play The Others?

himself with a sword after seeing Thisbe dead. Evidence from the text: “Out, sword, and wound! The pap of Pyramus— And so I’m dying. Here I go, here I go. Okay, now I’m dead. My soul has fled to the sky. My tongue shall see no more, It’s time for the moon to go away.” (280-283) 4. What does Oberon tell the fairies to do before they sing and dance all night? Answer: Oberon tells the fairies to light the house up with a glimmering light. Evidence from the text: “Through the house give glimmering...

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Character Foil

the power over an army and Oberon has a mysterious right-hand man called Puck who does his every bidding. They are also shown as impatient men. Theseus describes his wedding day to be in “four happy days” (I. i. 2) is thinking “how slow this old moon wanes” (I. i. 3-4). He is very impatient and eager for the days to come. Oberon expresses his impatience when “I do but beg a little changeling boy” (II. i. 121). Since he is the king, him begging for something shows that he is impatient and probably...

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The Conflict Between Passion And Intellect In The Tempest

Therefore he carried out a plan to murder Prospero with help from Stephano and Trinculo (3.2.42) c. Explanation I i. Prospero showed apparent affection for Caliban, gave him wine ("Water with berries in't"), and taught him the names of the sun and moon. In return, Caliban taught Prospero how to survive on the island, showed him "the fresh springs, brine-pits, barren place and fertile," but Caliban curses himself for doing so, because before Prospero came Caliban was, in his own words, "mine own king...

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The Effect of the Prospero-Caliban Relationship on Dehumanization in Colonialism

only accustoms the colonizers to see and treat the other men as animals, but it unconsciously transforms them into animals themselves. The way Shakespeare describes Caliban as savage, bestial, deformed, “howling monster” (Shakespeare, II, 2, 188), “moon-calf” (Shakespeare, II, 2, 111-112), “poisonous slave” (Shakespeare, I, 2, 318), “a born devil” (Shakespeare, IV, 189), and moreover the way Prospero ruthlessly treats him promotes the idea of dehumanization of the colonies. Nonetheless, The Tempest...

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How Does the Composer Create Meaning in the Tempest?

Stephano: Out o' th' moon, I do assure thee; I was the Man i' th' Moon, when time was. This quote explains that Stephano has full control over Caliban, when they first meet Caliban believes that both Stephano and Trinculo are gods, (though Stephano quickly removes Trinculo from ‘power’), and worships them almost straightaway. The quote demonstrates that Caliban will believe anything that the Stephano tells him, which is in this case that he was once the man on the moon. Another theme...

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Claiming Caliban

knowledge of the island such as which plants were edible, and which area of the island were fertile or barren. “…show’d thee all the qualities o’ the’ isle…” (Shakespeare) Prospero was also kind in return, and teaches Caliban about the sun and the moon. Caliban sees himself as the rightful owner of the island, but Prospero is too powerful and rules over him on the island. “I must eat my dinner This Island is mine, by Sycorax my mother Which thou tak’st from me.” Caliban’s speech says Prospero created...

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The Mysteries of Uranus

The Mysteries of Uranus Jeremy Colin Newell Hanover College Hanover, Indiana April 5, 2001 Astronomy 145 ¡V Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe 2,870,990,000 km from the Sun, Uranus hangs on the wall of space as a mysterious blue green planet. With a mass of 8.683e25 kg and a diameter of 51,118 km at the equator, Uranus is the third largest planet in our solar system. It has been described as a planet that was slugged a few billion years ago by a large onrushing object, knocked down (never...

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