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  • Mongols as Villians

    The Mongols were some of the most innovative and intelligent people of their time. They were also some of the most vicious and barbaric villains of the 13th century. With genius war tactics and fearless warriors‚ they were the most advanced villains of their time period. Using cruel methods of punishment‚ such as boiling their warriors‚ showed clear evidence of barbaric activity. While using those cruel methods they also had intelligent ways of biological warfare such as catapulting plague ridden

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  • Mongols Conquest

    The Mongols conquest in the regions of China and the Middle East had significant similarities and differences in their political and economic aspects. In china the Mongols rule was called Yuan Dynasty and in the Middle East it was called the Ilkhanate of Persia. There are many similarities and differences between China and the Middle East under the ruling of the Mongols‚ Politically and economically. Politically some differences are how the Mongols inhabited each of the areas as well as how they

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  • Dbq Mongols

    century‚ the Mongols‚ a nomadic people of Altaic stock who first appear in Chinese texts of the 11th century‚ traveled all throughout Afro-Eurasia conquering other civilizations by using destructive forces to gain power in that region. Genghis Khan‚ a leader of the Mongols‚ made war against the Tangut Kingdom of Xi Xia in Northwestern China from 1206 until 1209. Khan’s plan of attack made the Tangut Kingdom of Xi Xia acknowledge his newly acquired position as leader of the Mongols. Later in 1211

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  • How Did Genghis Khan Build The Mongol Empire

    The Mongol Empire was very strong it lasted from 1206 to 1368 during this time there was many rules and many very cool inventions that were used. The first ruler was Genghis Khan the second was Kublai Khan and the third was Batu Khan. Genghis Khan was born in the year 1162 on the steppes of Mongolia.he lived until August 18‚ 1227 he was a great ruler. He came to power by uniting the Nomadic Tribes of Northeast Asia. After founding his empire and being named Genghis Khan he started to conquered

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  • Asian Mongols: The Mongols

    The Mongols The mongols were a enchant force that was not to be trifled with. The mongolians of the Asian steppes had a positive impact on the world during their rule of the Asian continent from 1206 to 1368 by influencing trade peace and good rulers. The mongols were led by the Kon family and only them. Ganghis Kon was the first leader and the one that brought all of the clans together and concerned most of china. Kublai Khan Becomes Emperor. With the mongols in power trade flourished and

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  • The Mongols

    Jem The Mongols‚ created by Genghis Khan‚ is perceived by some as a brutal and uncivilized culture. They are known to carry out treacherous massacres as they conquered parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. However‚ this perception is false because the Mongols were a very much rather civilized culture. A civilized culture can be defined as having advancements in society‚ being well organized‚ and having the ability to prosper. Organization of a society allows for more time and an easier way for the

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  • Mongol Criticisms

    Introduction to History of the Middle East November 28‚ 2010 Mongol Invasions The Mongol Invasions of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries have long been a point of contention amongst historians and scholars. The series of assaults launched on behalf of the Mongols ultimately amounted to a holocaust in which few were spared. Though the immediate impacts of the conquests were undeniably horrific‚ some historians have commended later Mongol regimes for the institutional reforms they introduced.

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  • The Mongol Terror

    Question: The Mongol Terror‚ Mongol Peace Mark Fellows Mfellowes@revere.mec.edu The following question is based on the accompanying documents (1-6). The documents have been edited for the purpose of this exercise. What was the significance of Mongol expansion and rule in Eurasia during the 13th and 14th Centuries? How did the settled societies of Eurasia respond to the Mongols and what were the consequences of the interaction between sedentary peoples and the Mongols? Be sure your

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  • Politics in Mongol

    Politics in Mongol and China During the time period from 1000-1500 C.E‚ the political systems of Mongols‚ who dominated the steps of Central Asia but also settled societies in Persia‚ Anatolia‚ and India‚ differed from that of China‚ in eastern Asia‚ both making a great impact of societies to follow and modern times. In order to gain deep insight on these two societies and observe who made a larger impact‚ these different societies must be compared. The eunuchs and mandarins of China greatly

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  • Mongol Change and Continuity

    Period 4 11/25/12 MONGOLS CCOT ESSAY The Mongols were a vast and influential empire that spread throughout Eurasia. From the time of Genghis Khan to the Yuan dynasty‚ the Mongols experienced numerous changes in their lifestyle and leadership as they strayed from their nomadic ancestry. However‚ while they experienced some changes‚ they still clung tightly to their culture until the end of the empire. Genghis Khan was the founder and emperor of the great Mongol Empire‚ and as a result‚ it

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