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adoptive mother, Miss Havisham to wreak havoc on the male sex. Even though they have the same purpose, and have similar qualities, both characters have different motives, level of ruthlessness, and intentions. Even though both characters seem to have the same goal, they do not have the same motives. Miss Havisham seeks to hurt all men possible, out of rage, and need for revenge. Estella, on the other hand, being raised by Miss Havisham, knows to do nothing else but that. Miss Havisham seeks revenge...

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Great Expectations

external influences. This is the case of Pip, the protagonist in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Great Expectations is a classic novel about a young, lower class boy whose life is forever changed from exposure to an upper class woman named Miss Havisham. One can argue that the people in his life are what advance the narrative of Pip’s life although it seems that Pip is in control as it is written from his perspective. As the novel begins, Pip is living the life of his sister, Mrs. Joe, which...

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an ordinary yet complicated life there until his uncle Pumblechook shows him to Miss Havisham who is an awfully strange woman with a beautiful adopted daughter named Estella. Miss Havisham is the richest woman and can often show many prejudices, raising Estella in this environment. Pip begins to live with them and falls in love with Estella who is of high socio-economic status and rejects Pip and mocks him. Miss Havisham also doesn’t accept his feelings and only supports him to become a blacksmith...

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Great Expectations: Secrets

thoughts back at home, it’s apparent which of the two Pip could never keep a secret from. At the dinner table Pip describes Joe’s intentions as “tender simplicity.” (Dickens 36) The word choice is usually that of a mother or a female not a male. Miss Havisham is first depicted as an elderly widowed lady who lives in Satis House. She is known for being very wealthy. The first time Pip goes to visit her he describes the house to be very dark and broken and describes her attire to be that of a women getting...

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essay lady macbeth

English Literature GCSE- Controlled Assessment Explore the ways Shakespeare and Dickens present Lady Macbeth and Miss Havisham as disturbed characters Shakespeare and Dickens both show disturbed characters in their play or novel. Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in1606, this gives us better idea of the time were they thought that witches were real and Shakespeare wrote this play because he wanted to impress the king. On the other hand Dickens didn’t want to impress anyone by writing a novel based on...

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Great Expectations--Parents Molding Children After Their Own Expectations

causing indelible consequences. Thus parents must not mold children after their own purposes and expect them to be someone different from whom they truly desire to be. This is one of the major mistakes we see in the novel made by characters such as Miss Havisham and Magwitch, who pretend to outline the lives of others. Pip’s life has always been influenced and affected by various people. Some want the best for him and others the worst. His parents died since he was very young and this forced him to live...

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Great Expectations Critical Lens

viewed through the class studies critical lens with a contrast between rich and poor. Miss Havisham’s estate and Uncle Pumblechook are comparable to the life of Pip and the family he lives with because they are upper class and lower class. In just the first 30 minutes of the story, the recurring motif of rich versus poor is expressed three times. First, when Pip is forced by Uncle Pumblechook to go to Miss Havisham so that his family can become richer and gain social status. Second, when Estella degrades...

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that pride does not matter what social class or group you are in. It is a natural thing and is not limited to just one definition, thus, it can be a gift or a curse depending on how it is used. A figure of power in Great Expectations is Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham was a woman of high status, however, she was also a broken woman who turned her back on love for men, due to her heartbreak on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life-her wedding day. Ever since that day everything involved...

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Great Expectations: Self-Sacrifice

aspects to others. Characters Magwitch, Pip, Miss Havisham, and Estella are examples of people who self-sacrifice themselves throughout the book. Magwitch, a convict who is wanted by the law, desires to financially aid Pip by converting him into a gentleman; Pip, an innocent boy who has yet to learn about the ways of life, had to sacrifice his time with his family members Joe and Mrs. Joe to move to London to become educated and wealthy; Miss Havisham has sacrificed and devoted her time to getting...

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Great Expectation

uses Miss Havisham and Magwitch as creators to show that society is not the best judge of character and that creators can have a large impact in ones life. Miss Havisham and Magwitch are both creators because they use children like Estella and Pip to do what they could never do themselves. Miss Havisham is a creator because she uses Estella to carry out her own plans. For example, Miss Havisham trains Estella to be cold and heartless and to seek revenge on the male race. Since Miss Havisham was dumped...

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