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Great Expectations- Miss Havisham

Expectations (Prompt 2) Miss Havisham is a wealthy, but odd old lady who lives secluded with her daughter Estella Havisham. Miss Havisham was left at the altar by her fiance and lives her life dwelling in the past, hung up on losing the love of her life. She wears her wedding dress (that is now yellowing from age) and has every clock in her estate stopped at the exact minute that she found out that the man she loved, left her. The reader will quickly notice that Miss Havisham is a bit of a “fruit...

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Miss Havisham...A Victim or a Villain?

Dickens Directed Study August 21, 2001 Miss Havisham A Victim or a Villain? Was Miss Havisham a victim or a villain? This extremely eccentric character is absolutely essential to the plot of Great Expectations, for with malice intended, she greatly alters the paths of Pip's and Estella's lives, and with obsessive behavior destroys her own life. Miss Havisham was heir to a fortune that had been gained by successful industry rather than noble birth. Miss Havisham's suitor, Compeyson, was, by social...

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Miss Havisham Women

not among the Lintons ... but in the open air” . Great Expectations by Charles Dickens similarly inverts the idea of the Angel in the House with the character of Miss Havisham, a jaded spinster who is referred to as looking like “the witch of [Satis House]” during one of her initial encounters with the young protagonist. Miss Havisham was denied the fulfilment of the nineteenth century ideal when she was jilted and defrauded by her fiancé on the day of her wedding, and has since allowed her home...

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Great Expectations Essay

Expectations. Miss Havisham wants revenge on the entire male race. Compeyson wants revenge on Abel Magwitch because he has property and money in New South Wales. Arthur Havisham, Miss Havisham half brother, wants his revenge on Miss Havisham because their father left her most of the money and estate. Pip does not realize that Miss Havisham and Abel are both using him for their revenge. Miss Havisham wants revenge on the male race because of what happened to her on her wedding day. Miss Havisham uses...

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Great Expectations Essay

Miss Havisham is the most important character in Great Expectations. How far do you agree? Miss Havisham appears regularly throughout the novel and is a key character. However, Pip is the protagonist, he is the one the book is about so he must be the most important character? This is what it would seem if you don’t look deeply enough: But I think the further you search, the more you will see how important Miss Havisham’s character really is and you will eventually conclude that she is most...

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Theme of Revenge in Great Expectations

Miss Havisham’s Revenge Although many aspects of revenge resemble the concept of justice, these choices do not only affect us as individuals, but everyone around us. In the novel, Great Expectations, Charles Dickens created the character Miss Havisham to portray the concept of revenge. Miss Havisham was left by her fiance at the altar, and from that moment on she devoted her life to make sure others felt her pain. She adopted a young girl named Estella and raised her to break men’s hearts...

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Great Expectations: A Character-Driven Novel

has a lasting impact on the drive of the novel since his decisions are very instrumental and effective towards the other characters as well as to himself. This phenomenon applies to not only Pip, but to the other characters, especially Estella, Miss Havisham, Joe, and Abel Magwitch. Everything a character does and every encounter between the characters in Great Expectation has an effect on the flow of the plot and situation of the novel. Before the very beginning of the novel, the conflict of the...

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charles dickens

Pip discovers that Magwitch has returned and that it is he and not Miss Havisham that is his benefactor he is repulsed and devastated. “The abhorrence in which I held the man, the dread I had of him, the repugnance with which I shrank from him, could not have been exceeded if he had been some terrible beast”.8 We can relate to Pip’s reaction as he firmly believed for years and was led to believe from Jaggers and Miss. Havisham that his benefactor was a person of the genteel class, when he finds...

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How does Dickens make the reader feel sympathy for Pip in extracts from 'Great Expectations'?

this also gives a comic edge to the convicts character. Whilst Miss Havisham doesnt have a personal dialect although her speech is very prosperous and well spoken: You are not afraid of a woman who has not seen the light since you were born?. This also brings the point across of how she hasnt left the chair she is sitting in since her wedding day, which never went forward. In the second extract Pip is asked to visit Miss Havisham, after she remarked how she would like Estella to play with Pip....

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Great Expectations (revenge And How It Backfires In The Book)

people who seek revenge on others often end up hurting themselves as well. One person who finds herself getting hurt after she takes vengeance on others is Miss Havisham. After being left at the altar by a man named Compeyson, she vows to break all men's hearts. To aid her in this devious task, she adopts a girl named Estella. Miss Havisham raises Estella to break men's hearts and to be very cold hearted. Estella would criticize others by their looks and did not care about what others thought about...

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