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  • Michael Porter

    Michael Porter’s Value Chain and Gaining a Competitive Advantage The more value an organization creates‚ the more profitable that organization likely will be and by providing more value to your customers‚ the organization is gaining a competitive advantage. Understanding how your company creates value and looking for ways to add more value are critical elements in developing a competitive strategy. The concept was first introduced by Michael Porter in his 1985 book “Competitive Advantage.” A

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  • What Is Strategy by Michael Porter

    read was‚ What is Strategy? By Michael Porter. In this article Porter talks about the abilities to set objectives‚ facilitate resources and the ability to target the right customers. Porter goes onto talk about operational efficiency. He says that operational efficiency is basically preforming similar tasks better than your rivals in the market. He emphases being different than your rival‚ don’t try to be better and always out do them‚ be different and unique. Porter stresses that to have a competitive

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  • Michael Porter S Value Chain Final

    Michael Porter’s Value Chain History of Value Chain • Popularized by Michael Porter’s book best seller “Competitive • • Advantage” 1985 Creator of “5 Forces model” Helped Gereffi in the late 1990s develop Global Value Chain. Michael Porter’s Background • Born May 23‚ 1947 in Ann Arbor‚ Michigan • Received MBA in 1971 Harvard Business School • Competition and company strategy • 6 time winner of the McKinsey Award Value • The Value is the extent to which a good or service is perceived by

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  • Porters Diamond

    by taking; institutional‚ cultural fit and success opportunities into consideration. These models also give in-depth information on locations that the companies have chosen. A very well-known framework is the Porter’s Diamond which was found by Michael Porter in 1990. This report will discuss the advantages and disadvantages to determine a company’s home and host location decision by analysing two high street retailers – French E.Leclerc and UK’s Sainsbury’s. Porter’s Diamond Model (1990: 73 ) states

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  • Porters Theory

    CRITICALLY ANALYSE PORTER ’S DIAMOND THEORY.APPLY IT TO EXPLAIN THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS OF AN INDUSTRY OF YOUR HOME COUNTRY. Overview of Porter’s theoretical perspective The theory of Porter is a study which works as a tradition that is related to the neo-classical economics with the nature of self adjusting nature of markets. The theory of Porter places innovation and industrialisation of geographic which is one of the number of theories for competitive advantages which aims at the

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  • Porter Definition of Strategy

    WHAT IS STRATEGY? BY MICHAEL PORTER! 1! ! ! What is Porter’s definition of Strategy? ! Porter claims that a competitive strategy refers to the fact of being different to the competition‚ choosing a different set activities to deliver a unique mix of value to the client. He affirms that the essence of strategy is in choosing to perform actions in a different way than the rivals do and differentiate themselves in the market aligning themselves at the same time with the needs and wants

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  • Porters Diamond in India

    Executive Summary What are the secrets of India’s success in information technology? By using Porter’s Diamond Model‚ this article tries to answer that question. Based on the analysis‚ it seems the only determinant in the Porter’s Diamond that creates India’s success is Factor Condition (i.e. the Indian intellectual capital and “Indian connection” in Silicon Valley). The supporting determinant outside the diamond is the outsourcing trend in current global competition‚ which can be considered as the

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  • Michael Porter’s Theory

    You are required to submit an essay that provides a critical analysis (meaning looking at arguments both for and against and stating your reasoned position) of the following statement: Michael Porter’s theory on National Competitive Advantage‚ is the best theory to utilize when an internationalising firm wants to select one country over another for new entry The globalization has become a ubiquitous and potent symbol of the age since the early 1980s. The term globalization was used to describe

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  • Porters Five-Force Model

    Assignment1: Advantages and Limitations of Porter’s Five-Force Model Chaitanya K Mandyam American Public University System Michael Porter observed and explained the different levels of profitability across firms and industries by his “Porter’s Five - Forces”. The main factors that affect the difference are: 1. Threat of Substitutes‚ 2. Buyer Power‚ 3. Supplier Power‚ 4. Barriers to Entry/Threat of Entry and 5. Rivalry. He analyzed the importance of all these

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  • 5 Forces of Michael Porter

    influential analytical model for assessing the nature of competition in an industry is Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model‚ which is described below: Michael Porter described a concept that has become known as the "five forces model" to help understand how competition affects your business. Porter’s 5 forces analysis is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development developed by Michael E. Porter in 1979 of Harvard Business School. It uses concepts developed in Industrial Organization

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