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Metaphor for life essay,comparing life to a dresser

Metaphor for life There are an infinite number of ways for a person to describe their life. I think the best way is to use a metaphor. Many different metaphors can be used to explain an individual's world. Anything can be used as a comparison, from trees to furniture. My life would best be described as an everyday piece of furniture. This piece is unlike any other piece because of the things hidden inside. There are little cubby holes where objects of importance can be shoved away and hidden...

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About His Person by Simon Armitage: Poem Analysis

to make their own judgements on the man described and what has happened to him, to a certain extent. ‘About his person' is the phrase police use when they go through the items found on a dead body. Armitage uses puns which can also be used as metaphors for the man’s life. IMPORTANT LINES AND SUGGESTED EXPLANTIONS: About his person What we can tell about him as a character What we can tell about his life What he's got on his body A final demand Could be from a company. This might...

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Loch Ard Gorge and Summer Rain

poems ‘Loch Ard Gorge’ and ‘Summer Rain’ he focuses on the different elements of nature that people have to live with. This is portrayed by using a range of poetic techniques such as, symbolic imagery, connotative language, adjectives, contrast and metaphors. In ‘Loch Ard Gorge’ Foulcher uses Symbolic imagery and sexual connotations in his first stanza to bring forth the violence in nature as well as men. The poet uses the words ‘tide thrust’. These words can give the idea of a man’s assault on a woman...

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"Rising Five" by Norman Nicholson.

the use of metaphors, presenting imageries and symbols, using alliteration and emphasize for certain ideas and through the comparison of man and nature. The first stanza of the poem presents a conversation between the narrator and a young boy who is about to turn five years old. The child is desperate to sound older, "I'm rising five," "Not four," he said. The poet in this case presents a tensional on the negative part, "Not four," to reinforce the idea, the poet presents a metaphor, 'brimful of...

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Figurative Language In Vonnegut, And The Gift Of The Magi

and death.” This is an example of a metaphor, which is defined as a comparison without using words such as like or as. The comparison used in the example, helps the reader to understand how Doodle’s brother, the narrator, ticks. The trait that is shown through this quote, is his strong sense of pride, and his later discovery that pride can go either way. It could end positively or negatively. This reveals a lot about the narrator, all through this simple metaphor, which adds a lot to the story. A second...

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The Infinite Sea Title Analysis

differing metaphors profusely throughout the story. Rick Yancey obviously chose to title his book after these abundant metaphors because they were important to the story. The title is a superb reflection of the book and relates to the characters, the audacity that the survivors have and what the world had become since the aliens’ invasion of Earth. Firstly, the use of ‘the infinite sea’ relates to many of the characters, but it relates one character in particular. Evan Walker thinks of a metaphor every...

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Langston Hugh's "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

because of its great variety of metaphors and similes, his vast allusions and creative personification, and brilliant use of symbolic meaning. Langston Hughes shows a great variety of metaphors and similes in his poem, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”. One example would be in lines one and two of the poem where it says, “ I’ve known rivers/ I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood /in human veins” (1-2). This is an extended metaphor and when interpreting these two...

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Robert Frost’s, “the Road Not Taken”: a Metaphor for Life, Now and Then

Often in poems, we are confronted with metaphors. Simply, a figure of speech where one thing is described in terms of another (Jacobs, 30). Butt there are also times where the whole poem is a metaphor, when a large metaphor functions as the controlling image of a piece of work. Such is the case in Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken. The expressed content of the poem is simply that of the speaker, Frost himself, out on a walk one day in a wooded area. As he is out walking, he arrives at...

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

Development of a Character with the Use of Figurative Language Throughout the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, author Zora Neale Hurston is able to go into great detail using various forms of figurative language. With the use of assorted metaphors and symbols, she is able to express the feelings and emotions of Janie, the main character. Zora Neale Hurston uses figurative language in Their Eyes Were Watching God to develop Janie’s character and love life over time. Janie’s hair is used as...

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Consumerism by Catherine Deveny- an Analysis

although this behaviour may help the economy, it is detrimental to our spiritual economy. She encourages the audience to support her view through the use of extended metaphors, language devices and appeal to commonly held values. Extended metaphors are used to draw parallels between two things. In the text, an extended metaphor of disease is used as a parallel to our materialism. Words such as Veruca Salt syndrome, affluenza, luxury fever and conspicuous consumption all draw parallels between...

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