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bar management

called xocoatl, often seasoned with vanilla, chili pepper, and pimento. Xocoatl was believed to fight fatigue, a belief that is probably attributable to the theobromine content. Chocolate was an important luxury good throughout Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, and cacao beans were often used as currency. Other chocolate drinks combined it with such edibles as maize gruel and honey. Christopher Columbus brought some cocoa beans to show Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, but it remained for Hernando De...

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toefl tpo

pottery from Teotihuacán have been discovered in sites as far away as the Mayan lowlands, the Guatemalan highlands, northern Mexico, and the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Where would the sentence best fit? 14. Teotihuacán was a highly developed city in Mesoamerica that reached its peak between about A.D. 150 and 700. ○ ○ ○ Answer choices 1. The number and sophistication of the architectural, administrative, commercial, and religious features of Teotihuacan indicate the existence of centralized planning...

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admirable character of the universe was called Cosmos. But why Ionia, why in these unassuming and pastoral landscapes, these remote islands and inlets of the Eastern Mediterranean? Why not in the great cities of India or Egypt, Babylonia, China or Mesoamerica? China had an astronomical tradition millennia old; it invented paper and printing, rockets, clocks, silk, porcelain, and ocean-going navies. Some historians argue it was nevertheless too traditionalist a society, too unwilling to adopt innovations...

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Kangxi and Louis Xiv

ended. B) political unity resulted. C) the population decreased. D) Tollan became an urban complex. E) trade ended. Answer: D Page Ref: 348 19) Quetzalcoatl, the Teotihuacan god, A) was the god of a war cult. B) became the dominant god of Mesoamerica. C) was rejected by the king of the Toltecs. D) opposed human sacrifice. E) demanded human sacrifice. Answer: D Page Ref: 348 20) The ________ rose to dominate central Mexico during the postclassical era. A) Hopewell B) Aztecs C) Mayans D) Incas ...

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History of West Africa

resources. In this sense, with the exception of the conquest scenario, all of the models have elements that correspond to the integrative school of thought on state origins. The first states to have arisen in Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, India, Mesoamerica, and the Andes were all quite unique and developed along historically distinct route. None of the various theories that have been offered to explain the “origins of the state” can effectively encompass/cover the individual characteristics of...

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Teaching the American People: Creating a Nation and Society

Between 1492 and 1504 we see people like Estevan and Alvar Cabeza de Vaca brought together from three previously unconnected continents. This chapter examines the Columbian voyages, the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and their conquest of Mesoamerica and the southern regions of North America. A central theme is the extensive commerce and cultural exchange throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas that act as catalysts for the creation of the modern world. Breaching the Atlantic The Columbian...

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american colony

wood and grain. Lacking horses and oxen, native North Americans knew the wheel only in Mesoamerica as a toy. For maritime navigation, the natives possessed only large canoes and rafts incapable of crossing an open ocean in safety. Their lone domesticated mammal was the dog, which provided far less protein and less motive power than the cattle and horses of the Europeans. Only the elites in parts of Mesoamerica possessed the systems of writing that facilitated long-distance communication and record-keeping...

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content. This is almost one half of the entire global production of vanilla beans, indicating the great potential for vanilla development in India (http://www.hinduonnet. com/businessline/2003/03/03/). Vanilla was highly regarded in preColumbian Mesoamerica and was brought back to Europe, and from there to the rest of the world, by the Spanish Conquistadors. In ancient Mexico, the Totonac people (present state of Veracruz (Papantla), Mexico) were regarded as the producers of the best vanilla. 287 ...

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Past Test

physically sciences. A B C D 21.Each of functions of the body, even thinking, requires the expenditure of energy. A B C D 22.Gourds were introduced to what is now the southwestern United States by earliest peoples who A B C migrated north from Mesoamerica about 7000 years ago. D 23. The economic heart of Canada, Ontario accounts for more than 40 percentage of the nation’s A B C productive capacity. D 24. Virtually all parts moving of an automobile need to be lubricated because, without lubrication...

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Ap Euro

economic dependence, and hierarchical social structure that has endured to the present day D. A Conquered World 1. Native American civilization • Native Americans had established civilizations dating back to 12000 BC: Olmec, Aztec-dominated Mesoamerica at time of Spanish explorers, Incan-dominated Andean South America, and Mayan Empires2. Aztecs in Mexico • Capitol-Tenochtitlan (modern-day Mexico City) located on island in center of Lake • At time of Spanish explorers-Aztec realm ecompassed...

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