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Essay: Aztec and Inca Civilizations

(“Hummingbird wizard” the native and) the (chief god of the tenochca, Huitzilopochtli was the war and sun god), Tezcatlipoca (“smoking mirror” chief god of the Aztecs in general) and Quetzalcoatl (“sovereign plumed serpent” widely worshipped throughout Mesoamerica and the god of civilization, priesthood and learning). Below these three gods were four creating gods who kept themselves from the human world. Under these were a large number of other gods, the most important) was (tlaloc, the rain god); chalihuitlicue...

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Mayan Religion

an important part of the Mesoamerican culture and were in fact from Mesoamerican territory. “The Maya civilization was one of the most dominant indigenous societies of Mesoamerica (a term used to describe Mexico and Central America before the 16th century Spanish conquest). Unlike other scattered indigenous populations of Mesoamerica, the Maya were centered in one geographical block covering all of the Yucatan Peninsula and modern-day Guatemala; Belize and parts of the Mexican states of Tabasco and...

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The Ancient Maya

The Maya of Mesoamerica, along with the Aztecs of Mexico and the Incas of Peru, made up the high civilizations of the American Indians at the time of the Spanish conquest. Both the Aztecs and the Incas were late civilizations, between 1300-1533 AD, but the Maya of the Yucatan and Guatemala exhibited a cultural continuity spanning more than 2,000 years, 1000 BC-AD 1542. Many aspects of this culture continue yet today. The Ancient Maya in their time had actually refined writing...

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Catholic Church Doc

didn’t. True Both European and Mughal rulers in the sixteenth century demonstrated a high degree of religious tolerance. False Which areas of the Americas produced the bulk of the silver that fueled global commerce in the sixteenth century? Mesoamerica and the Andes Why was China’s demand for silver so high during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries? Silver was used as money. Predestination was the idea that each person’s ultimate salvation or damnation was determined by God before...

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The First Civilizations of North America/Old Worlds, New Worlds

animals like the Mammoths and mastodons, because food was abundant the population spread throughout quickly. When the ice Age came to an end, they began to adapt to the change in their environment. The biggest change was for the native people in Mesoamerica, because they began to farm the land and settle in one place in the region. The Olmecs were the first group to build cities, but the Mayans and the Aztecs develop complex societies, that included architecture, government, trade and religious worshiping...

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Mesoamerican Civilizations

There were many various civilizations in Mesoamerica approximately 3000 to 500 years ago. Though they were different civilizations, they had some similarities. One may think that ancient civilizations could not have been as advanced as we are today. Yet, who knows? They might have even been more advanced than we are in modern times in many various fields such as Inventing, Astronomy, Mathematics, Technology, Art, and maybe even more. Religion portrayed an important role in early Mesoamerican civilizations...

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 WebQuest: Mesoamerican History 60 points The history of Mesoamerica is divided into different periods beginning with the Olmec period. Directions: Follow each of the links below to answer the following questions. Submit your completed WebQuest worksheet to the Webquest: Mesoamerican History assignment link for grading. The following links will take you to information about Mesoamerican culture. You may also use a search engine to locate other links to help you answer the questions. Familiarize...

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What Happened to the Mayan Civilization

What Happened to the Mayan Civilization? The Mayan civilization was a thriving culture that occupied a large portion of Mesoamerica and suddenly disappeared around 900 AD. (Sayre, 2011, p. 391) Although researchers cannot find a definite answer explaining what happened to the Mayans, they have theories. One theory suggests mass exodus of the population due to draught, and another focuses on aliens. (Maya Culture Collapse: Current Theory, 2012; Ancient Aliens, The Mayan Conspiracy S04E01, 2012) ...

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Regional Metropolis: Constantinople and Tenochtitlan

what cities were like between 1160-1520. Any two cities could have been chosen to show what it was like back then. These two show the global nature of this occurrence by contrasting the two. One is located in the Mediterranean and the other is in Mesoamerica so they are basically worlds apart. They also experience two different kinds of life. These two were also chosen to be compared because many of the Europeans went to these places and made their own accountable comparisons on what they had thought...

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Inca And Aztec Similarities

Back a few thousands of years ago, there were 3 well known groups that settled down in Mesoamerica and Central America called the Inca, Maya, and Aztec. All three groups had their own rules and ways of living that were priorities for most that lived in the cities. Although some traits about the three groups are similar, there are also some differences too. Starting with the Maya, they settled in Mesoamerica in 2000 B.C when they were still in the preclassic time period. The capital of the Mayan civilization...

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