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The Rise of Teotihuacán

regular grid pattern of streets and buildings. Clearly, much planning and central control were involved in the expansion and ordering of this great metropolis. Moreover, the city had economic and perhaps religious contacts with most parts of Mesoamerica (modern Central America and Mexico). 2 How did this tremendous development take place, and why did it happen in the Teotihuacán Valley? Among the main factors are Teotihuacán’s geographic location on a natural trade route to the south and east...

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Aztec Achievements

Aztecs presided over a vast empire. Ultimately destroyed by the Spanish Conquistadors, the Aztec empire was still at the height of their power and culture when they fell. There are several similarities between this empire and other cultures of Mesoamerica. The Aztecs had a complex culture of their own, of which religion was an important part. The first artifact is a picture of Aztec priests removing a person’s heart in a ritual sacrifice. “In Aztec society ritualistic sacrifices were believed to...

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Mesoamerican Society: Ancient to Post Classical

a weapon called a spear thrower. They train their future warriors at a young age in order to obtain the upmost perfection when the time of battle calls. One of the most important intellectual and technological accomplishments that helped shape Mesoamerica would be the development of chinampas or artificial floating agricultural islands. These were man made islands that connected to the mainland. Like stated earlier, they started to teach the young boys how to farm and cultivate the land, too. This...

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Geography Work Sheet1

WebQuest: Mesoamerican History 60 points The history of Mesoamerica is divided into different periods beginning with the Olmec period. Directions: Follow each of the links below to answer the following questions. Submit your completed WebQuest worksheet to the Webquest: Mesoamerican History assignment link for grading. The following links will take you to information about Mesoamerican culture. You may also use a search engine to locate other links to help you answer the questions. Familiarize yourself...

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Chapter 12 - Peoples and Civilizations of the Americas

Name: John Kindley | Class: GH AP Y (Even) | Date: November 3rd, 2012 | Chapter 12, Peoples and Civilizations of the Americas, 200 - 1500 | Pages 306 - 331 | | Classic-Era Culture and Society in Mesoamerica, 200 - 900: | | * Remarkable civilization created | | * Different language + politics, but unified by material culture, religious beliefs + practices, and social structure | Classic Period | * Classic period (built upon Olmec and other civilizations) | | * Social...

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Ap World History Notes

dissemination of agricultural technology spread by Austronesian seafarers who traded and settled throughout the Pacific • Formed a well-integrated society known as Lapita that stretched from New Guinea to Tonga 1. Early Societies of Mesoamerica A. The Olmecs 1) Migration to Mesoamerica a. Large wave of humans traveled from Siberia to Alaska around 13,000 B.C.E. b. By 9500 B.C.E., humans reached the southernmost part of South America c. As hunting became difficult, agriculture began (7500 B.C.E.) 2) Early...

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The Olmecs

lasts about the same number of days, some writers have suggested that the Olmecs might have associated the calendar with fertility (Fagan 120). Many archaeologists also believe that the Olmecs were the first to use hieroglyphic writing within Mesoamerica. (In hieroglyphic writing, a picture represents a word, syllable, or sound.) Evidence for this includes an Olmec sculpture carved with the figure of a man who seems to be walking. Behind him is a carving of a human foot, which experts believe...

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Spanish Influence On The Aztecs

wondered the methods in history, to wipe out a powerful empire? Hernan Cortes, the Spanish conquistador conquered the Aztec Empire and claimed Mexico for Spain, in the 16th century. The Aztecs were a Nahuatl speaking nation of central Mexico, in MesoAmerica. They were very powerful and wealthy in natural goods, in addition to creating their own weapons and techniques. When Hernan Cortes came to the land of the heart of the Aztecs, he had brought unknown weapons and diseases to the Aztecs, as well as...

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APWH Chapter 6 Study Guide

Chapter 6 Study Guide: Commonalities and Variations: Americas and Africa - Less well-known civilization that thrived are the “Maya” and “Tiwanaku” from Mesoamerica, and “Meroë,” “Axum,” and “Niger River Valley,” from Africa. - This Chapter explores their history “Continental Comparisons” - The 3 supercontinent where the Agricultural Revolution first took place were Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas - 80% of the world population was in Eurasia; 11% was in Africa; 5-7% was in the Americas ...

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world civilizations

forests, came to support human settlement. About 8000 b.c.e., people in some parts of the Americas began raising crops as well as gathering wild produce. Maize became the most important crop, with knowledge about its cultivation spreading from Mesoamerica into North and South America. 2. How did the Aztecs build on the achievements of earlier Mesoamerican cultures, and develop new traditions to create their large empire? The Aztecs, also known as the Mexica, built a unified culture based heavily...

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