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Marie Winn

Summary of “Television: The Plug-In Drug” by Marie Winn The family time that experts once believed the television would facilitate has backfired. It has been replaced with an everyday military regiment. Wake up, go to school, watch television, and go to bed. Parents have allowed the television to become the primary source for their children’s home life experience. Although this medium allows for peace within the home, the family dynamic suffers. Winn references the conflicts that family’s had to...

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Television: The Plug-In Drug By Marie Winn

previous seasons to see what had been missed. Let’s sit down and watch a few episodes, but after the first, you had already become addicted. Compulsively watching the next, and the next, and the next just to wonder what happened to your entire Saturday. Marie Winn’s article titled Television: The Plug-in Drug, has depicted the change in family dynamics when it comes to television being a literal cornerstone in the family household, and how relationships have metamorphosized from unity to singularity. I...

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marie winn

and media critic Marie Winn implies that “television addiction” can be a serious addiction and just as destructive and addicting as drugs and alcohol. The author explains how the word “addiction” is sometimes used in too often to or in a joking manner to describe hobbies such as gardening, reading books and eating too many cookies. Mary uses this quote “We are hooked and making an attempt to break the habit” by E.B about his gardening interest to support her argument (181). Marie argues that watching...

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Is T.V. Really The Enemy?

English 2030 11 April 2012 Is T.V. Really the Enemy? Is T.V. the root of all our family problems? In Television: The Plug-In Drug, the author Marie Winn believes just that. She argues that television was beneficial in bringing the family together back when it first came out, but now that every family has an average of two television sets, everyone watches it in a separate room, not connecting with their kin during pivotal moments like dinner or holidays. Instead of laughing, singing, and eating...

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Is Television a Harmful of Helpful Technology?

lot in the recent years, and the critics have been making comments about those negative influences. Excluding the negative influences we can be seen on the TV, television is generally a helpful technology in delivering modern information. From Marie Winn's essay—"Television: The Plug-In Drug" has stated, "Yet parents have accepted a television-dominated family life so completely that they cannot see how the medium is involved in whatever problems they might be having." (467). This is just possibly...

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Cell Phone: a Cordless Addiction

Thoreson English 101 18 February 2012 Cell Phone: A Cordless Addiction Marie Winn wrote an amazing article “Television: The Plug-in Drug” in which she introduces the argument about television and its overwhelming affects on families. She opens the minds of readers with explaining that the casual entertainment television was intended for has now become a troublesome problem within families. Winn proposes that the problem lies within the seductive act of TV watching itself. That extensive...

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Why Television Is a Drug

Black, Zaqueri Emily Skaftun English 101 06 April, 2011 Analysis of Marie Winn's, "Televison: The Plug-In Drug" In the current world, many families have more than one television. It has become a necessity as food, clothing and shelter. In Marie Winn's essay, she describes the effects of television on young children and the family environments at home. Television is one of the most dominating factors that diverts from family time and family relationships. It also has a strong impact...

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Formal Writing Assignment

fun? Throughout my life, I have been misused the privilege to having technology. In the informative short essay, “Television: The Plug-In Drug” by Marie Winn, the author explained about how experts felt the television was meant to be facilitated and also how parents allowed the television to be the primary source of a child’s basic home experience. Winn In my home, while at an adolescent age, weekends were basically full blown days wasted on technology overused/misused. Since the trend of cellular...

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Television: The Plug-In Drug

gets home until the time he goes to bed. Is it possible that we as humans can become so addicted to television and other electronics that we would let them become one of the most important aspects of our lives? After reading the essay written by Marie Winn titled “The Plug-In Drug”, I believe that it might be true for a large majority of us. In this day and age, people become so addicted to their television, computer, or their video games that they neglect their other responsibilities or tend to forget...

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Family: Television and Shooting Dad

effect in both different and similar ways. TV: The Plug-In Drug, by Marie Winn, is about televisions “taking over” quality family time. Winn uses pathos by talking to different types of people who come from different types of families; this way you get to hear from other people how the television is taking away from precious memory making. Trying to touch each of our emotional sides, although you might not start crying, Winn is able to talk to people and get information about families and the time...

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