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Low Angle Shot

panning shot of the countryside, depicting Amish farmhouses and barns, coupled with the free flowing soundtrack, depicts a peaceful agrarian community. This contrasts with the busy American city, with shops, modern style buildings and cars suggesting a highly industrialised society. Cultural clash is again achieved by comparing the community in the Amish world with the individualism in the modern world. This is shown through camera techniques and costumes. In the opening scene, a long shot depicts...

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Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques

Robbie Schwartz 3/12/13 English 1H Tim Burton uses many cinematic techniques in his movies such as lighting and camera angles throughout his movies in order to create effects and moods. Cinematic techniques He uses both lighting and camera angles in Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory numerous times. He uses them very effectively to portray different ideas such as showing strengths, weaknesses, or size in a character or setting, or revealing a depressing or cheerful surrounding...

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Film Analysis of Citizen Kane

very few shots taken where Kane is not present somehow or someway, which really drives home the idea that he is this larger than life figure. He feels that he is unstoppable and very powerful, but the idea that he is in nearly every shot shows us that without having to say it. Another great example is that the film is shot from mostly, a low angle. This is important in the film, especially when it comes to Mr. Kane, because it gives him this larger than life persona. Kane viewed from a low angle...

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How Does Hitchcock Exceed Audience Expectations in Psycho?

explicit shots. In the shower scene Hitchcock got round the censorship by Marion wearing a skin coloured bikini so it looks like Marion is naked but she actually is not. The film is shown in black and white so they can show blood as it was illegal to show blood in colour, chocolate sauce was used as blood. The sound of the attack on Marion was made by stabbing a watermelon. The camera-angles were clever as not one actually showed the knife stabbing Marion. A director will use lots of shots and quick...

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citizen kane sequence analysis

cinematography and editing are visual elements in film that create meaning in the shots/sequences of the film. Ultimately it is these factors that can establish narrative agents and their relations, drive the narrative and place the view in a certain point of view of the narrative. Orson Welle’s 1941 film, Citizen Kane, is considered significant for its technical innovations with its use of deep focus lenses, low angles, high contrast lighting, long takes and dissolves. In my essay I will be analyzing...

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"The Village" Essay

scheme to generate fear is put in place. Behind this pernicious act, is an innocent intention. These two ideas, of evil and innocence, can be depicted from the opening credits. The director, M. Night Shyamalan cleverly intertwines intriguing camera angles, chilling images, and eerie, yet pure music to convey these themes. Composers often convey emotion through their music in the form of different instruments. Particular instruments are more suited to portraying certain emotions, and audiences can...

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Handout questions

peaceful and relaxed setting. It is unusual for a crime scene due to the location is vast in the country side and the Amish people normal restrict themselves from society. b) Notice how the low camera angles create unexpected shots, such as seeing the Amish rising out of the wheat fields , or entering the shot from the right side. Why do you think Weir has depicted them in this way? Weir has depicted them this way because as it establishes the characters of the Amish as it conveys themes of simplicity...

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Witness: Thinking of Our World in New Ways

John has broken those rules, as you are breaking them now”. Schaeffer manipulates the truth to make Schaeffer seem like he is good and Book is evil. The use of a low angle on Schaeffer significantly shows his dominance and superiority to Carter and the audience and adds more fear. In contrast To this Carter is shown at a low angle shown through Shaeffer’s point of view. The use of Carter sitting down and Schaeffer slowly walking around him creates strikes fear into both the audience and Carter...

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Do the Right Thing Analysis

is a very entertaining movie yet it will leave you emotionally connected to the events that took place. It would not have reached its current success if it wasn’t for the unique cinematography. In the coming sections I will be talking about the shots, angles, lighting styles, symbolism and colour. Realism The realism of this movie is pretty clear, where Spike Lee was trying to convey the physical reality of the black people who live in a culturally diverse network. There were several characters in...

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The Other Boleyn Girl- Camera

galloping on horses uphill on their way to the Boleyn family, the lighting within this sequence is natural lighting, this creates a more realistic atmosphere which adds emphasis to the fact the film is based upon a true stpry. The lighting is more so low key than it is high key within this part of the sequence due to the shadows which are cast above and below the king and his men, the shadows frame the King and his men with a streak of light, this adds emphasis on how many men work for the King due...

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