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Low Angle Shot

cinematography and editing are visual elements in film that create meaning in the shots/sequences of the film. Ultimately it is these factors that can establish narrative agents and their relations, drive the narrative and place the view in a certain point of view of the narrative. Orson Welle’s 1941 film, Citizen Kane, is considered significant for its technical innovations with its use of deep focus lenses, low angles, high contrast lighting, long takes and dissolves. In my essay I will be analyzing...

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Casino Royale Opening Scene Analysis

scene may be an elongated flashback or a memory. The opening shot fades in too show a low angle shot of a building, that is made too look very big due to the low angle shot. The building looks very modern and pristine therefore the audience assumes someone of a high order must work here. A posh car then drives into the frame, as text tells the audience the setting of the scene in Prague. The shot is a very long lasting static shot which gives the audience time to consume the setting for example...

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Citizen Kane

From the scene depicting Kane’s meeting Jim Gettys, the audience observes that Kane has aborted his youthful ambitions and has become self-absorbed, which leads to his downfall. Welles conveys this to viewers in this scene by mise-en-scene, camera angles, movement, and lighting. From an Interview with Kane’s oldest friend, Jebediah Leland, provides the necessary exposition on Kane’s personal life and becoming a victim to his professional life. It begins with series of dinners Kane has with his wife...

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Cry Freedom

Cry Freedom The opening sequence depicts a South African police raid on an illegal shanti-town. Quick cuts create a sense of chaos, panic and confusion as uniformed police bludgeon Africans who run in fear. Close up shots of a vicious barking police dog are juxtaposed against a terrified baby screaming in order to shock the responder. Other quick cuts reveal policeman raping women and assaulting black Africans who are not resisting. The following scene depicts a young woman listening to...

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Gladiator Movie Essay

to portray Maximus’ message. Camera angles are commonly used to distinguish power in a scene, most of the time by using low-angle or high-angle shot. These types of angels are seen throughout the film. A main part of cinematography is color symbolism seen throughout Gladiator. Another key component of camerawork used by director Ridley Scott are the various types of shots he use. In the text Understanding Movie by author Louis Giannetti defines shots as, “shots are determined on the basis of how...

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Film Analysis of Citizen Kane

very few shots taken where Kane is not present somehow or someway, which really drives home the idea that he is this larger than life figure. He feels that he is unstoppable and very powerful, but the idea that he is in nearly every shot shows us that without having to say it. Another great example is that the film is shot from mostly, a low angle. This is important in the film, especially when it comes to Mr. Kane, because it gives him this larger than life persona. Kane viewed from a low angle...

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Do the Right Thing Analysis

is a very entertaining movie yet it will leave you emotionally connected to the events that took place. It would not have reached its current success if it wasn’t for the unique cinematography. In the coming sections I will be talking about the shots, angles, lighting styles, symbolism and colour. Realism The realism of this movie is pretty clear, where Spike Lee was trying to convey the physical reality of the black people who live in a culturally diverse network. There were several characters in...

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How Does Hitchcock Exceed Audience Expectations in Psycho?

explicit shots. In the shower scene Hitchcock got round the censorship by Marion wearing a skin coloured bikini so it looks like Marion is naked but she actually is not. The film is shown in black and white so they can show blood as it was illegal to show blood in colour, chocolate sauce was used as blood. The sound of the attack on Marion was made by stabbing a watermelon. The camera-angles were clever as not one actually showed the knife stabbing Marion. A director will use lots of shots and quick...

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"Saving Private Ryan" Essay

its time. By using hand held cameras in his battle scenes Spielberg makes the audience feel more involved and lets them see what many men saw. Camera angles are used through out "Saving Private Ryan." In the first scene many different camera angles are used. The film begins with a close up of the American flag and then moves into a low angle shot, slowly moving up to see the face of an elderly Private Ryan. The camera then moves diagonally left to show the thousands of crosses which represent the...

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Citizen Kane

The film Citizen Kane (1941), directed and written by Orson Welles and Herman Mankiewicz, is an American film drama that use various film techniques to illustrate themes, attitudes, and the development of a story. Welles' use of camera angles, lighting, movement, symbolism and expression allow the audience to comprehend and understand the themes such as power and exploitation that are present in this movie along with many other themes that pertain to the life of the main character, Charles Foster...

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Inception Film Analysis

“doodlebug.” He directed other genuis films such as Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan usually starts his movies by introducing the main character/s with a Close-up shot of their hands. He is known for making use of flashbacks or scenes from the end of the movie as an opening. The movies that he directs are also usually about characters who have psychological disorders or who develop a physical or psychological handicap...

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Analysis of the Movie Out of the Past

finally meets up with him, he tells him that he is wanted by Whit to finish what he started. Without the flashback the film would be very different in the plot line and in the cinematic elements. The lighting is shadowy, even in the day time. The camera angles catch much of the scenery when outside, like when the audience looks out of Whit's house out on the balcony. The flashback is shown to be the most important asset of the film for many reasons. The flashback sequence introduces the audience to Kathie...

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Handout questions

peaceful and relaxed setting. It is unusual for a crime scene due to the location is vast in the country side and the Amish people normal restrict themselves from society. b) Notice how the low camera angles create unexpected shots, such as seeing the Amish rising out of the wheat fields , or entering the shot from the right side. Why do you think Weir has depicted them in this way? Weir has depicted them this way because as it establishes the characters of the Amish as it conveys themes of simplicity...

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citizen kane

attempting to trespass into Kane's life. In fact, the mansion can be seen as a metaphor for Kane, while the fence is the demeanor he puts up to block others from his true thoughts. The importance of this idea is reiterated in the final scene; our last shot is of the sign and a view from outside Kane's manor. The story has come full circle. The movie provides the viewer with a series of flashbacks and flashforwards that, as a result, contributes to the story's non-linearity. Compounding the difficulty...

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Citizen Cane Questionaire

8. Composition (vertical lines, ceiling framing) A.) There is a ceiling frame scene, where Kane and his friend come across the reporter that had fallen asleep; on the review of wife’s performance. The camera focused on his friend using a low angle showing the corner of the ceiling his head. B.) In the theatre, during one of the performances the camera scrolls up looking at nothing but the structure of the building. As the camera, scrolls up there were walkways or railing that went across...

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Scene Analysis - Jesse James

within the scene. Jesse James’s stature is uplifted when the camera zooms up on his face as well as when there is a low angle shot of his silhouette in the train’s light. The rest of the gang members are shot at eye level, which reveals that they are of less importance, except for Frank James shot from a low angle, who is also an authoritative character in the film. The low shot angle of the train stresses its force and power. The train’s power is also resembled when the camera moves with it facing...

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rabbit proof fence (letter)

explore the concept of belonging through the way it was filmed. In the beginning of the scene, you used a full shot to show the viewers that the girls have arrived in a new, unfamiliar place. When I saw Molly’s point of view point of view shot of a nun approaching them I could sense their vulnerability, confusion and discomfort. The eerie, ghostly music in the background along with the low key light also supports the concept of the lack of Belonging the girls were feeling at that time. As the girls...

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Essay on Jaws

many of which are considered modern classics. His use of mise en shots, editing techniques sound and his use of a restricted narrative is at most interest in the two specific clips I will analyse. 'The full notation of a completed shot includes its duration, a record of the action, the distance from the camera to the subject and the angle from which the camera views the subject' (Kawin 1992, p.202) . In the first clip a long shot is used in the first scene when Chief Brody is standing up speaking...

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Up in the Air

impression that Bingham has a systematic approach to getting ready to leave that he has practice enough times to become very efficient with. The quick cuts also naturally compartmentalize his actions. How? Does each movement have its own shot? Explain. With each shot being a single focus or image, the audience naturally feels a segmenting of sorts instead of a fluid seamless scene that allows for natural processing. The elements are offered precisely to the audience: see this, focus on this, now this...

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Media Coursework- Hovis Advert Analysis

Throughout this advert, a range of different camera angles are used/ At the beginning, in the course of the ‘Woman’s Rights’ parade, there is a point-of-view camera shot to give a first person opinion of the scene. This makes us feel like we are there in the scene because the camera looks towards the crowd and it makes us feel like we are looking at them as well. The angle of this shot is low and the distance is a long shot. The low angle shot in this scene makes the crowd around the young boy seem...

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Allan so

‘Mankind Is No Island’ (2008) explores distinct visuals of hope, survival, injustice and friendship. Our perception of these issues is shaped by distinctively visual techniques such as visual and aural imagery, stage directions, parodied humour, camera angles and lighting. Misto provides distinct visuals of the acts of injustice committed against vulnerable groups as a constant reminder to the audience of their inflicted pain and suffering. The projected image of Australian and British female prisoners...

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Little Miss Sunshine

as the Hover family is one of the most endearing in recent film history. The film has a fabulous beginning in which you meet each Hoover individually, pointing out their great differences, during their personal moments through a series of montage shots. The daughter Olive inches away from the television screen intently reviewing pervious Miss America winners, the drug-addicted grandfather in the bathroom snorting heroine, the father out pitching a sub-par motivational speech about winning because...

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Appropriations Essay- Robinson Crusoe and Cast Away

shipwrecked before escaping back to civilisation. In contrast to Crusoe’s faith in a Christian God, Chuck’s optimism is grounded in human relationships. In the establishing Shot, Zemeckis makes effective use of a framing device and symbolism to represent a major catalyst in Chuck’s life. Through the use of a panning, wide angle, long shot, the protagonist is portrayed as a ‘crossroads’ physically and emotionally. Chuck’s island journey will force him to reassess his initial materialist values in order to...

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Avengers Assemble (Loki and Black Widdow

Spaceship in modern day time. The camera is on a panning shot on Loki’s face, the lighting on his face is shadowed to show the mystery and uncertainty of his character. He senses that black widow is behind him and his facial expression shows happiness in the fact that he wanted her to be there. When black widow is shown on screen, the shot used is a long shot, this suggests that she is exposed to Loki and there is no where for her to hide. However, low key lighting is used on her, which means there could...

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Analysis of Scenes of Atonement Film

The scene starts with a long shot of the three characters walking on a path in the reeds towards the camera. The reason a long shot is used is to establish the setting of the characters. It cuts in to a close up of Robbie to show his emotion as he realises they have made it to the sea. It cuts to an medium high angle aerial long shot as the characters are running through the reeds to show the true desperation of the men. While they are running the music playing is low like being played on an organ...

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Silver Linings Playbook Essay

sorry.” The repetition represents his self-frustration, and is emphasized through the close up shot that displays his anger and disappointment in himself through facial expression. In a subsequent and contrasting scene, Pat is comforted by Tiffany when he imagines hearing the same song. This scene represents his found trust in her, and through this, a social change is displayed. In this scene, a close-up shot of Pat’s facial expression is displayed again as we see it begin to relax at Tiffany’s presence...

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Citizen Kane vs. the Bicycle Thief

use of camera angles, specific shots, and lighting in Citizen Kane, help support the idea of supremacy. In the political campaign scene, there is a long shot establishing Kane’s surroundings, which is overpowered by a monstrous poster of his face. This settles an undivided attention towards Kane. Also the use of high contrast and spot lights on the poster, help set the center of attention. While Kane is on the podium giving his political speech, Orson Welles uses a low angle shot to make him (Kane)...

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Citizen Kane - Textual Analysis of the 'Picnic Scene'

display this narrative through imaginative and powerful cinematography, setting, sound, lighting, editing, music and performance. The focus of this essay is the picnic sequence that appears late in Susan Alexander's recount to Thompson. Consisting of 23 shots and lasting for 2 minutes and 10 seconds, this scene signposts the end of the relationship between Susan and Kane. <br> <br>In the previous scene, beside the enormous Xanadu fireplace, Susan is reduced to completing scores of jigsaw puzzles, depicting...

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Citizen Kane

Charlie Kane, whose performance made you both love him and hate him at the same time. The actor director Orson Welles crafted this piece of history by using a lot of techniques that we still see in films today. His heavy reliant on shadows and camera angles was how he gave such a great character and identity to every scene, all of these things came together so perfectly and it is what makes this classic so special. I was in awe after seeing Citizen Kane. It was the most original film I had ever seen...

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Comparative Study of Frankenstein and Blade Runner

intercut with close up shots of an eye, symbolically representing fire as having the potential to both nurture and destroy life. The ignorance and metaphorical blindness of man, is highlighted through the self-imposed destruction of humanity, as nature is obliterated in favour of ‘commerce (being our) goal”, symbolically representing the destruction of our natural and untainted spiritual selves. A sense of paranoia and foreshadowing is further connoted through the close up shots of the eye, as Ridley...

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Enders Game

daily at battle school. Ender in particular, throughout the entirety of the film is in constant state of fear and often faced with having to make decisions about the most excruciating of circumstances. In the second scene in Enders game we see a low angle shot of his face before his monitor is removed in conjunction with strong facial expressions of fear and anguish. His emotion are used by the producers to foreshadow what comes next, we hear screams and he is clearly in agonizing pain, raising the...

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Rabbit Proof Fence Essay Ncea Level 1

Generation was later abolished in 1969 and people all over the world were shocked the way these Aboriginal people were treated. In the Abduction scene of Molly, Noyce creates a sense of tension by using cross cutting, fast paced music and reaction shots. Noyce does this to create emotions such as anger against the authorities, and to show how poorly these Aboriginal people were treated during the Stolen Generation period. A perfect example of in this scene is when Noyce uses a hand held camera as...

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Australian visions

another type of dancing and culture that exists on the land of Australia. This concept is again strengthened at the last scene of the movie when all the audiences joined with Scott’s parents and danced together. The long shot that presents the unified crowd combines with mid shots that focus on specific people like Fran’s father who has different background reinforce the positive connotation of multiculturalism. This also presents Strictly Ballroom as a movie that mirrored the value of contemporary...

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Bend it like Beckham

audience to stand up for themselves and be who they want, not what people expect them to be. The director uses cinematography - a low angle shot on Jess near the end of the film, where she is informing her parents about her opportunity to fly over to America for university. This angle makes Jess seem superior and mightier than her relatives, who have a high angle shot on them, resulting in them looking vulnerable. This technique helps the audience understand that Jess is speaking out for herself...

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representation of family is depicted in the episode through the use of the family home and the mother daughter having breakfast together and talking then the of close ups also shows us just how they feel about their heated discussion and the use of the shots that makes Miranda look taller than Laura also shows us who has power in that situation. Connections felt between two people can result in relationships developing which can either be positive or negative depending upon the circumstances The connection...

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Discovering Life in Marc Forster's Stranger Than Fiction

with a medium shot of Ms. Pascal locking up her bake shop for the night. The camera is housed inside the bake shop with the the viewer looking out of the windows while the camera tracks right following Ms. Pascal. This shot helps to reveal the bright colors of her shop, which comes in to play later on. The next series of shots consist of a medium long shot of Harold jogging over to approach Ms. Pascal, a quick cut back to a medium close up of Ms. Pascal, and then back to a medium shot of Harold stopping...

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Fight Club Movie Analysis

pretend to be someone he isn’t. Tracking was used in many scenes to follow Jack and Tyler while they were fighting. A low angle camera was used during the fight scene to increase the power, size and status of the characters fighting. The film techniques made the fighting and action scenes seem more real and intense. The low camera angle shot up at a subject and got a closer angle. The sound and dialogue in the movie was loud and revealed when important parts of the movie were happening. The...

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Movie Analyze

us a story of an 8 year old Indian boy named Ishaan who always gets in trouble at school for being disobedient and out of focus from his lessons in class. Sometimes he may be caught by the teachers for daydreaming and as a result, he’s getting very low grade. For that reason, his father sent him to a boarding school all alone and homesick with a hope of disciplining him, but Ishaan’s academics status did not improve. He become lonely and withdraws far from the Ishaan who was an active and fun loving...

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Witness Analysis

other hand, the Amish are portrayed as tight-knit, morally upright community; we see this through the symbolic nature of the bell, which can unite the whole community. Weir utilises the power of lens, especially in close-ups, point of view shots and framing shots of key events, using doors and windows to direct visual attention. Lighting is a crucial element in the establishment of atmosphere, mood and shape anticipation. Jarre’s soundtrack uses a recurring anthem motif at key scenes in the narrative...

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Close analysis of the film "Witness" by Peter Wier

attitudes and violence; the opposing attitudes of the ideals of individualism and community spirit; and of innocence versus corruption. The Amish world is introduced at the very start of the film where the opening visual fades in to reveal a long shot showing the landscape. There is no use of artificial lighting but merely the natural sunlight of an early morning. This suggests the plain, simplistic traditions of the Amish community. The mystical music complements the scene and the words "Pennsylvania...

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Citizen Kane Sets and editing analyst

looks just like a room in a dollhouse. There is a shot when Kane comes closer and starts talking to her. A partially off-screen doll on the lower left shows the similarities between them, beautiful and naive. Orson Welles also uses deep focus and low angle shot in this setting to show how old age and weakness make it's difficult for Kane to move around the mess as he destroying Susan's room. D. EDITING: 2. Citizen Kane: from the opening shot to "News on the March" Citizen Kane begins...

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Discuss the Symbolism and Motifs in the ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’. What Do They Represent and How Do They Contribute to the Story?

collapse, Noyce uses an extreme close up shot of Molly’s eyes as she hears the sound of the eagle, her eyes slowly open and then the film uses a low angle shot of the eagle flying above the girls in the sky. The audience senses their vulnerability and the challenge that lies ahead. This is followed by a high angle shot of Molly standing and looking at the eagle providing her with the inner strength to continue the journey home. As they continue, there is an aerial shot of trees, the sound of an eagle, an...

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Essay- War of the Worlds

realized and his love his emphasized, further developing this theme. ‘Eve of the War’ is one of the first scenes in the film where various camera angles and dialogue are used to establish relationships within the family. The relationship between of Mary-Anne (Miranda Otto) and Ray Ferrier in ‘Eve of the War’ is cleverly shown by using a low angle shot to look up at Mary-Anne while she talks down at Ray imparting that she is the superior in their relationship and also more competent. However the key...

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Film Analysis of Gallipoli

black) look over at Archy (in white) to check on the competition. From a subjective camera angle viewers then see Frank from Archy's point of view and know that this is to show the determination to beat his opponent. The other use of camera techniques that demonstrate the relationship between the central characters is the move from a long shot of Frank and Archy at opposite ends of the screen to the final shot of the race in which the characters are together in the centre of the screen - this mise...

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Into the World

techniques to incorporate the theme within the text. In the movie, when Billy is walking with Debbie, the composer has used a medium shot to convey the notion of moving into the world. One of the quotes used in this scene is when Billy says “ballet is for poofs”, clearly stereotyping the whole idea of ballet being for girls only. The composer has used a medium shot in this scene to portray that the conversation between the two people is an important point of the movie where Billy starts to realise...

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How does Kazan create tension and suspense in On the Waterfront?

trapped and in danger. Kayo Dugan’s murder uses a variety of techniques to develop the suspense and tension. The majority of the scene is shot in the hold using a low angle shot looking up towards the mobsters on the deck. This highlights the differences in power, showing that the longshoremen are vulnerable and weak in comparison to the mob. The camera moves to an angle directly below the crate of whisky that had been previously pulled up. Kayo is standing directly below. Shadows surround him with a contrasting...

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Music Video Analysis

her love interest skate together in the ice rink while the cleaner watches on. This image is a medium close up shot, which is usually used to convey emotion and identify with characters. The subject’s eyes are closed and her and her love’s hands are entwined, indicating that they don’t want to let go of each other. Using the rule of thirds, it can be determined that the focus of this shot is the subject’s shoulder, in which soapy, bubbly water is spilling out. This is a contrast to earlier, when dirty...

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Film assignment Meshes of the Afternoon

the window, causing confusion for the viewer. The camera is out of focus for a moment and is used at a Dutch Angle or Dutch Tilt Shot, giving the impression that the world in frame is out of balance, which is the explicit meaning. This gives credence to the fact that the woman’s state of mind is also “off balance” which is the implicit meaning of the scene. By using the Dutch Camera Angle this causes confusion for the viewer, helping us to relate to the implicit meaning of the scene. The next...

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Belonging Essay

to the poem, Molly and her sisters, in RPF resist fitting into the white society. The eerie music building in intensity as the girls huddle together when they first arrive the settlement, illustrating the girl’s fear of the new environment. A low angle shot of an Aboriginal worker using an imperative tone in, “ We’ll have no Wangka here you talk English!” reveals that the girls are disconnected to the place as they could not speak their own language. In this case, time strengthens their connection...

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learned in this course. If the sequence opens with a “master” or “establishing” shot, use that terminology instead of just saying, “The first shot is of . . . .” If there is considerable use of a moving camera, use such terms as “tracking” or “dolly” or “pan” to describe that movement. 1. Watch the sequence near the beginning of Casablanca from when we first see the “Rick’s Café Americáin sign. (This is a night-time shot and does not have an airplane in it.) The sequence begins with the sign above...

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Citizen Kane Film Techniques

upon him leaving to another room to make a call the lighting and camera angle does an excellent job in making it look like Mr. Thompson is out of earshot of Susan Alexander as he makes a call in a booth reporting his dismal luck of getting anything out of Susan and his plans to track sources elsewhere where lighting also played a key effect in setting the scene for time passing along with camera usage such as the high angle shot of Susan used in the club to show the dismal drunken mood of Susan. Lighting...

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Tim Burton Comparitive

‘perfect’ or ‘idealistic’ society. Tim Burton crafts the use of camera shots and techniques throughout Edward Scissorhands to further emphasise Ed’s inability to properly conform to and fit in with the society of the town living below his castle. The first camera shot that Burton shows the viewer is of Edward’s dark home on the mountain, setting up the horror of the film. The scene is zoomed out from there and we see the same shot through the window of a young girl’s warm and comfortable home. This...

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Run Lola Run Essay

distinctively visual is shown throughout these texts is through the use of motifs, different angle shots, colours, lighting and reading paths. These techniques aim to show the important themes in both texts such as time, hope and love. In ‘Run Lola Run’ time is shown to be an important theme right from the beginning. We can see this in the first few seconds of the film when there is a low angle shot looking up at a pendulum swinging then the camera pans up to show us a gargoyles head for a clock...

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Belonging Relate Text

high angle shot to show the people are buying and selling in the street while the creature is trying to steal food from the shop. This shows the creature wanted to belong to the human society and desired the human’s acceptance. However his hideous appearance was revealed when he got caught stealing, and rejected him and chased him away. The director used low angle shot when the people gather around the creature, which shows the creature was way more powerful physically than humans. Medium shot was...

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Essay on the Film, "Shine"... How Film Codes Shape Audience Response in the Exposition.

these seeds. Some of the seeds that Hicks sows comes in the form of the tracking shot, from David's perspective, as he moves forward to take the stage in the competition. We get a sense of how small he is and how overpowering it is to look into the critical and unsympathetic stares of an audience. Later, at home, we see the intimacy between David and his father in the scenes at the piano. Through a low angle shot, Hicks instils formality (like a posed studio portrait) giving a strong sense of the...

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Analysis of the film Jaws

leaving a sense of mystery. The camera shot changes from being at eye level with the girl to the point of view of the shark. Being at eye level with the girl makes the person watching feel as if they are in the film itself, and can make the person feel more fear as they also know that there is something fast approaching because the shot keeps changing to the point of view of the shark, looking up at the girl swimming. When the shark attacks the girl it keeps the shot at eye level with the girl making...

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Strictly Ballroom

characters established in the context of the group (‘southern XX ballroom championships’) Opening scenes establish insular sense of belonging- silhouettes of characters giving high fives and hugs. President established as powerful in the group- low angle shot, announcer introducing, video of dancing. Ironic- it looks daggy, he looks ridiculous, but powerful in this setting. Scott’s samba is presented in an over dramatised manner to emphasise how he has challenged a very strictly established and...

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Essay : Witness (film by Peter Weir)

around them. Discuss the methods Weir uses to convey this idea of conflict. In Peter Weir's film, Witness, several characters come into conflict with their environment. This is evident through the use of various techniques such as symbol, camera angle, and imagery. Samuel's protective life as a child in the Amish community is corrupted when he comes into contact with crime and the city and experiences a loss of innocence. By contrast, John Book faces many obstacles when he leaves his life in the...

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Slumdog Millionaire Fate Essay

as they are all made for her. Salim decides that Latika is now his, not Jamals. “I’m number one now”. He emphasizes this through the closing of the hotel room door, which is seen in a close up shot from Jamals perspective. Salim again takes control of Latika in scene 24 which is seen through the wide shot of Salim giving Latika his car keys. This scene highlights Salims control over Latika yet again, however it also displays that Latika is finally making decisions for herself, to go after Jamal,...

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Belonging essay

illustrate Fran and Scott being alone together are shown naturalistically which juxtaposed to other scenes in the ballroom world which are all unrealistic this portrays that their relationship are of true identity and not altered truth. A close up shot of Scott telling Fran ‘You’re ready… I want you and me to try out for Les tomorrow night’ emphasises their joyful expression and illustrate that they are starting to feel compassionate towards each other. The relationship between Scott and Fran demonstrate...

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