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  • Prayer

    don’t pray in secret he won’t answer your prayers. This is wrong because in Deuteronomy 4:7 the bible says “The Lord our God comes near when we pray to him.” If God is always listening to us when we pray then it doesn’t matter whether the people praying are in secret or in public‚ he is always listening. Sometimes God doesn’t answer people’s prayers‚ but it’s not because that person played in public or not for God to give the effort to answer your prayers you have to go through the effort yourself

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  • Prayer

    Prayer in public schools has always been a “hot” and controversial topic. It is very emotional‚ and that makes people passionate about this subject. Prayer should never be included in public schools; prayer in the classroom deviates from the Founding Father’s vision‚ excludes other religious activities/rituals and ostracizes individuals who do not participate in prayer in the classroom. For generations‚ children have said the Pledge of Allegiance in school‚ but many people might not know that the

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  • What Is a Prayer

    What is prayer? Can God really hear me? Are my prayers being answered? Does prayer have power? Can prayer change my life and others? All of these are questions that Christians have daily that they are sometimes unsure of. These are questions from others whom are not believers in God at all. Is there proof that prayer really works? There has been a scientific study that prayer really works. Although they do not correlate that the fact of prayer is not necessary related to any religion it works. There

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  • The Importance of Prayer

    How important is prayer in today’s society? Introduction Prayer means different things to people in different religions all around the world. Some people may not identify as religious but still practice a form of prayer. This could be in the form of reflection or meditation. Some people pray many times a day‚ others just in times of need. This essay will predominantly focus on Catholicism and along with the results from research and surveys will seek to discover how important prayer in today’s society

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  • School Prayer

    School Prayer Annie Laurie Gaylor argues against school prayer in her article “The Case against School Prayer” (Elements of Arguments‚ 679). When religion is included in daily school routines‚ it divides students into different beliefs. Public schools are meant to be open for all people to get an education‚ but not to influence them into a new religion. Requiring students to practice prayer in public schools is a violation of Freedom of Religion. Public schools should not practice prayer because

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  • Prayers in Schools

    April 8‚ 2013 PERSUASIVE ESSAY PRAYER IN THE SCHOOL I am for prayer in the schools‚ because majority of our young people are not learning how to pray. Yes. We need to go back to the old landmark‚ and pick up what our forefathers taught us‚ the ways of prayer. prayers are essential for all of our students‚ regardless of what religion they are affiliated with. Prayers are necessary for every child and it should be allowed in schools to offer prayers because there is not harm in it

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  • Prayer in School

    Prayer in School Anyone who wishes to have prayer in their lives as well as in school should be able too. Prayer in school has been a controversial issue for many years. There are people that think teachers as well as students should be able to pray as they wish without getting into trouble or any other sort of consequences. As you may know this however‚ is not always the case. School prayer would result in many societal benefits. The public school system is tragically disintegrating as evidenced

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  • Prayer in Schools

    Prayer in schools; for a very long time‚ prayer in schools has been a very controversial issue. Prayer is known as a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship‚ as in supplication‚ thanksgiving‚ adoration‚ or confession. This issue was actually first brought up in 1962 when a young girl was forced to participate in prayers at school. Since then‚ her case‚ with the help of American Atheists Organization‚ prayer has been banned from schools to the point where it could not be led my any member

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  • Prayer in Counseling

    Prayer in Counseling Prayer is communicating‚ worshiping‚ and sincerely seeking God ’s face‚ knowing that He hears us‚ loves us and will always respond. Prayer is a big part of many of people’s lives these days. People use prayers everywhere and everything they do so using prayer in counseling is only natural. The counseling field cannot get away from praying in their sessions. But counselors have to be careful how they use prayer in treatment because they need to not instill their own viewpoints

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  • The Power of Prayer

    The Power of Prayer On the afternoon of June 5th (2011)‚ I was hurrying toward central London in a cold rain. Soon‚ more and more of the people I passed were Japanese people in formal dress‚ a somewhat unusual thing to see in a foreign city. The line of Japanese people crossed the busy road and entered the famous Westminster Abbey. We had come to join in the Great East Japan Earthquake Memorial Service being held in the abbey. When I mention Westminster Abbey‚ the first thing that probably

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