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Long Distance Trade In East Africa

history of our world was the East Africa long distance trade .In the middle of the seventeenth century, East Africa had a far more important place in the world than other African countries .So wrote Marsh, Z.A & Kingsnorth G.W in their book ‘An introduction to the History of East Africa ', published by Cambridge university press in 1965 .. They added that "The riches of East Africa were incomparably greater than those of the other African states." According to (Walter, 1966) East African countries were...

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Long Distance Trade in West Africa

African History 18 March 2011 History of Trade Influence in West Africa Trade has played an important role in the history of the West African region. Trade shaped the region in two main ways. Trade worked as a catalyst for the rise of nearly every empire in the region from its’ earliest times to present day. Also, the growth and spread of trade routes brought in an immense amount of culture with it as well. Trade is and has been a reason for organization in all parts of the world from the...

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East Africa

The East African community commonly refers to the three East African states namely Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, within the recent past it has been used to refer to Rwanda and Burundi which are pushing forward to join the block and be it's forth and Fifth member states. Sometimes the term is used to refer to a wider geographical region covering even the wider Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Eritrea. The region (EA) boast of a huge population of around 100 million people currently, like the rest of sub-Saharan...

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CCOT Essay Trade Between Africa And Eurasia From 300 To 1450 CE

Although there were several continuities in trade between Africa and Eurasia from 300 to 1450 CE like the trade routes that were used, what was traded, and who participated in trade, there were several changes. Changes in trade include development of the Indian Ocean trade network around 800 CE, exchange of Islam during Arab invasions in the 8th century, and the creation of new kingdom and empires such as the Mali empire during the 13th century. To begin, trade routes that African and Eurasian societies...

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In a recent study, Nunn (2008) examines the long-term impacts of Africa’s slave trade. He finds that the slave trade, which occurred over a period of more than 400 years, had a significant negative effect on long-term economic development. Although the paper arguably identifies a negative causal relationship between the slave trade and income today, the analysis is unable to pin down the exact causal mechanisms underlying the reduced form relationship documented in the paper. In this paper,...

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 Throughout history different regions have been able to trade with other areas across the continents. Many factors helped facilitate this trade. Among these factors were the laws of supply and demand, the presence of middlemen, and common religions. Under the influence of these factors, silk, jade, dye, horses, and many other goods were traded throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe. Not only did these factors increase trade, but it also helped spread ideas and culture across the world. This cultural...

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Trade Networks Change Over Time Essay

the trade routes of Africa and Eurasia were increasing in complexity, as they became major arteries for the exchange of goods and ideas over long distances. The trade networks of these regions consistently enabled the spread of religious ideas far beyond their original homelands. Networks like the Trans-Saharan, Indian Ocean, and Silk Road systems always brought wealth to foreign products that enabled local producers to specialize in items best suited to their regions. Yet, the risk of long distance...

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Women in Africa and the Middle East

Women In The Middle East And Africa Gender inequality has maintained the suppression of women worldwide and unfortunately has impacted third world countries with the greatest magnitude. Everyday in these countries there are countless occurrences of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse that must be acknowledged as a primary concern for the world to help overcome. It is however important to recognize specific cultural and religious practices of gender hierarchy that are accepted by women...

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Dutch Slave Trade

Dutch Slave Trade During the 17th and 18th centuries, mercantilism was the emerging economic policy through which the slave trade developed in Europe. In the Netherlands many historical events gave rise to a desire for domination of international trade. They were serious tradesman and were heavily involved in the profitable business of slavery. The Dutch, intelligent and self-ruling tradesmen took no time in displaying their dominance over rival countries, Portugal, England and Spain, in...

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scramble of africa

What Caused the Scramble for Africa? Why was Africa so rapidly colonized? By Alistair Boddy-Evans Ads: South African Map West Africa US History Timeline Home History Black History Month Ads Meet Kenyan Singleskenyancupid.comFind Your Dream Kenyan Woman. View Profiles. Join Free Now. Find A Foreign Husbandafrointroductions.com/MarriageChat With Men From USA, Europe & Canada. Browse Profiles & Join Free Referred Academic Journalwww.iiste.orgFast Review, Publishing...

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Slave Trade Depopulation of Africa

The African slave trade, more specifically the Trans Atlantic slave trade as opposed to the East Indian, (although both served western ideals) robbed the continent of its most natural, essential and irreplaceable asset: its human resources. Those who were captured, shipped, and sold in the Americas were raped of their family, their language, their history, their culture, their ethnicity, the very names they carried and their pride for their homeland. Families were separated before even leaving...

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Changes & Continuities in Sub Saharan Africa

structures of Sub-Saharan Africa developed during the years 400 - 1450 C.E., hierarchy structures based on kinship were maintained, however self-contained city-states grew into large empires. BEGINNING TIME PERIOD INTERIM TIME PERIOD END TIME PERIOD GLOBAL CONTEXT 1st THEME’S TOPIC SENTENCE Politics During much of the post-classical period, political structures evolved and diversified throughout sub saharan Africa. Describe the...

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History East &South Africa

The Effects of Long Distance Trade in East Africa. By Deborah of Uganda 7th May 2008 Long Distance Trade was the trade between the East African coast and other interior states of Africa in the early 19th Century. In involved movement over long distances, the major participants were the Swahili speaking peoples of East Africa and the Arabs. The interior people included the Nyamwezi, the Kamba, the Yao tribes. They moved in caravans of 100 to 1,000 people. Capital was provided by the Indian...

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The Main Frameworks of the Diplomacy of Integration and Its Status in East Africa.

THE MAIN FRAMEWORKS OF THE DIPLOMACY OF INTEGRATION AND ITS STATUS IN EAST AFRICA.   INTRODUCTION Diplomacy is the art of conducting relationships for gain without conflict. It is the chief instrument of foreign policy. Its methods include secret negotiation by accredited envoys (though political leaders also negotiate) and international agreements and laws. Its use predates recorded history. The goal of diplomacy is to further the state's interests as dictated by geography, history, and economics...

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European Trade Routes 1100-1500

countries, kingdoms, and dynasties established trade routes. This is the period where countries were made and countries were destroyed because of the importance of trade and the importance of building a fundamental, religious, and economical way of life. This paper will discuss the goals and functions of trades, and traders, and a historical analysis of world trade. This paper will also get into world trade patterns, of The Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, The Indian Ocean, The Silk routes, China and...

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Cattle people in East Africa

Cattle people in East Africa Introduction Tribal societies can generally be called equalitarian societies. The main goal of tribal societies is humanization; ‘the production and maintenance of human beings and human societies and cultures’ (Bodley 2005:19). Social power within these tribal societies is based on a domestic level, which results in less centralized power. When specifically examining the tribal herders in East Africa, it can be said that they were able to create cultures that maximize...

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Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationships: How Does Media Communication Impact on Relational Maintenance? A long distance relationship is very challenging for college students to maintain without face to face interactions. The influences that media usage has on maintaining long distance relationships is a big part of communication. This research is going to examine the types of communication methods between long distance couples and then to determine which type is most suitable for a healthy and stable relationship...

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European Domination of the Indian Ocean Trade

no single power had attempted to monopolize the sea lanes that connected the ports of the Indian sub-continent with the Middle East and East Africa on the West, and the ports of South East Asia and China to the East. Unlike in the Mediterranean where during Roman (and earlier) times, rival powers attempted to control the oceanic trade through military means, peaceful trade had remained the norm in the Indian Ocean. Although there were periods when coastal rulers of the Malabar coast and Southern India...

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Long distance relationships

Long Distance Relationships Purpose: To inform the audience about how to maintain a long distance relationship Central Idea: Longdistance relationships are more successful if the participants are willing to communicate often, trust each other, be committed to each other and be in love. (Communication, trust, commitment and love) are needed in a long distance relationship in order to be successful. Introduction: A. How many people in this class are/were in a long distance relationship? ...

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Historical Trade

during a time where trade was at some points, booming between civilizations, a system of exchanging information was vital to successful trade, on small scales like people within the same area, and on larger scales, like communities in different regions. Successful trade transactions relied on many things in a time where rule and order was restricted to a geographical location. Thus, the exchange of information pertaining to potential trade deals was just as vital as the trade itself. Without that...

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Long Distance Learning

Distance education allows you to study at home or in your office, according to your own schedule, there are no classes to attend. Generally, each course comes with a manual that may be accompanied by videotapes, audiotapes, audio CDs, computer diskettes, CD-ROMs, etc., depending on the nature of the course. As well, many courses incorporate computer conferencing, e-mail, listservs, computer-based quizzes, and the Internet. Some courses are entirely on-line, using the World Wide Web as an innovative...

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Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships – Modern Media LuvDaSun Res/110 August 18, 2010 Christopher Benedetti Abstract Long distance relationships are no longer a thing of the past. Modern technology has made it viable for partners to stay constantly in touch during a 24-hour period. A review of five peer-reviewed journals provides a variety of perspectives of long distance relationships. The articles focus on the positive and negative aspects of Long Distance Relationships. Weaknesses, strengths...

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long distance migrations

of 1700 to 1900, there were many changes in long distance migration. Near the end of this period the slave trade across the atlantic was outlawed, so indentured servants from east and south asia began migrating to the U.S. There was activity throughout America and Ireland, while some changes in long distance migration from that time period occurred as European, African, and Chinese laborers were sent to the Americas. There was continuity in long distance migrations during this time in that, there...

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Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships: Can They Work? Two clichés: Absence makes the heart grow fonder and Out of sight, out of mind. Which one of these two conflicting views is closer to the reality? As it turns out, it does not really matter that much since long distance relationships (LDR) suffer from exactly the same strengths and weaknesses as proximal relationships. Whether two people are going to have fulfilling relationship does not only depend on their geographical closeness. What matters is...

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Long Distance Relationships

Does Long-Distance Relationship ever Works? A relationship is said to be a connection, as in thought, concerning or regarding something or someone. Therefore a long-distance relationship (LDR) is similar to a normal relationship but differs in terms of geographic location of the couple; such location can range from 100-1000 miles, 100-3000 mile apart etc. Any dating or intimate relationship with so much distance between both parties is no doubt challenging, but that one of the things that comes...

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Why Has East Asia Grown Much Faster Than Africa?

Essay on WHY HAS EAST ASIA GROWN MUCH FASTER THAN AFRICA? INTRODUCTION Many nations in Africa observed an impressive growth rate in the early 1990. These were relatively greater than those obtained in the Asian Countries. However, between the 1960s and 1990s, Africa has witnessed a continuous decline in growth and this has raised concerns about what Africa could learn from the miracle of the East-Asian countries. This decline is general for most if not all African countries but emphasis...

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New Challenges for Africa and the Islamic World

Ch 16: New Challenges for Africa and the Islamic World (1450-1750) AFRICA I. SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN SOCIETIES A. Early Modern West African States * Songhai flourished during the 1400s and 1500s, with an empire stretching 1500 miles east to west. (from Gao to the Niger River) a. Timbuktu * Timbuktu became a major center for trans-Saharan trade. Large supplies of gold, ivory, and slaves were sent abroad. * Timbuktu was a major center of Islamic...

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Big Picture Africa

Central, East and South Africa (50 points total) 1. Trade and Migration Trade connects people across great distances and leads not only to _economic____________ exchange but also to __cultural___________ exchange. Language, religion, scientific ideas, technological innovations, and political theories travel along the same routes as ___Trade___________. 2. Northern and Eastern Migrations Around 2000 BCE, people of the upper Nile area and Southwest Asia migrated along the coast of the Red...

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Revenue and Philippine Long Distance

  | COMPANY PROFILEFounded on November 28, 1928, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. Through its three principal business groups - fixed line, wireless, and information and communication technology - PLDT offers the largest and most diversified range of telecommunications services across the Philippines’ most extensive fiber optic backbone and fixed line, cellular and satellite networks.PLDT is listed on the Philippine Stock...

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Trade in Ancient Africa

Empire in 476 AD and the subsequent loss of the Meroe and Aksum as commercial entrepots, a void fell over trade in the Indian Ocean that would persist until 750 AD, which signaled the beginning of Muslim dominance in the area. Initially confined to the Persian Gulf, Muslims began to expand their circle of influence to the eastern coast of Africa. Like Meroe and Aksum, the eastern coast of Africa provided a pipeline to the interior luxuries of the continent, as well as to those of the Indian Ocean....

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Middle East Unrest and Its Impact on World Trade

Middle East Unrest and Its Impact on World Trade Middle East Unrest: Middle East unrest or The Arab Spring is basically a term given to The Arab Revolution. It is a revolutionary wave of demonstration, protests and wars taking place in the Arab world that began in the late 2010. To date, rulers have been dethroned from power Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Civil uprisings have manifested in Bahrain and Syria, major protests have taken place in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan...

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Computer and Long Distance Education

quickly through computer. We are using it in education sector, medical sector, research and experimental job, designing, architectural designing, planning, public administration and etc. Computer changed our education system. We can learn through long distance education system. Now we do not need to go far from home to learn something. We can save our time and money by this. Without that we are able to get every service at home. Computer is also able to provide us another service. Now doctor can do...

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South Africa Research

Project English II H Gibson P-B * The Dutch Calvinists settled in South Africa in the 1652 in the Table Bay, which is now Cape Town. The French Huguenots arrived in 1688, in the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The Dutch East India Trading Company encouraged these groups to immigrate to South Africa because they needed a more reliable way of trading, then the present people there. They also settled in South Africa because they feared they were loosing their culture values in the places they...

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The Importance of Trade in the Ancient World

The importance of trade in the Ancient World In 1998 the Italian State Railway began the construction of a new regional headquarters near the city of Pisa when a forgotten treasure from the past was revealed from the depths of the Adriatic Sea. Rather than comprising golden coins and silver ornaments, this “treasure” is simply remains from shipwrecks. However, it represent one of the finest pieces of evidence for the trade in the ancient world with over 16 vessels ranging in date from the third...

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Zebras in Africa

Zebras, horses and wild asses are all equids, long-lived animals that move quickly for their large size and have teeth built for grinding and cropping grass. Zebras have horselike bodies, but their manes are made of short, erect hair, their tails are tufted at the tip and their coats are striped. Three species of zebra still occur in Africa, two of which are found in East Africa. The most numerous and widespread species in the east is Burchell's, also known as the common or plains zebra. The other...

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Tram and Long Distance Traveling

school or work by bike; others prefer cycling as a sport and hobby. In recent yeas many young people go for holiday trips by bike, which is very exciting. Many people consider car the best mean of traveling. It is fast enough for short and middle distances, it has a quite large space for luggage in the trunk and is highly comfortable. But a car is expensive to purchase and in addition one also has to pay for petrol. Cars are not very safe and contribute much to air pollution. In spite of that, the...

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Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

prosperous before the coming of the Europeans. Since the time of the slave trade many theories point out that Africa is the cradle of civilization, it is the birth place of the human race. We should never believe the Eurocentric view that Africa was a dark continent inhabited by uncivilized savages pretending to be humans. False and negative views of Africa and Africans were used to justify the Transatlantic Slave Trade and colonization. However, in reality, the Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Ghana...

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Africa: The Cradle of Human Civilization

Aaron Monroe Chike Nwadiogbu World Civilization 1 ( History 101 ) 12/8/12 Africa, The Cradle of Human Civilization The Big Bang Theory is a strong scientific effort to explain how our universe began. Even in our generation, people are still asking that number one question “Where did it all begin and how was the universe created?" According to the Big Bang Theory, around 15 billion years ago a gigantic explosion occurred and this expanded our universe. The energy of space and all...

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Western Union Seeks East and Central African Market

‘WESTERN UNION SHIFTING FOCUS TO TRANSACTIONS WITHIN AFRICA.’ INTRODUCTION This article under review is taken from the outlook section of The EastAfrican newspaper as for the dates between 19th to the 25th September 2011. It is a Q&A article with Western union’s present regional director southern and East Africa, Karen Jordaan. It was chosen in line with other online articles published two weeks prior that informed of the change in strategy being adopted by the global money transfer company...

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Travelling: Travel and Long Distance Train

|booking-office | | |to change trains | |to buy a ticket | | |long distance train | |to book a ticket | | |express | |dining-car | ...

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Background to Unilever East Africa

It was registered in 1949 as East African Industries Limited and changed its name to Unilever Kenya Limited in the year 2000.Unilever Kenya Limited operates as a subsidiary of the Unilever Group and is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=5644912 (Accessed on 8 September 2010) Customer Base: Unilever’s customer base is divided into two: General trade and the Key accounts. General trade is made up of 42 distributors...

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Change and Continuity in Long Distance Trade

Changes and Continuities in Long-Distance Migration Through-out the period of 1700 to 1900, the Industrial Revolution created changes and kept continuities within long-distance migration. Continuities such as trade overseas still occurred overseas, which also continued the spread of diseases, religions, ideas, and cultures. Also the demand of food and material wealth is a requirement to the increasing population, which also continued. The Industrial Revolution created changes in the world. New...

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Imperialism & Colonialism in Africa

Imperialism and Colonialism in Africa or South/Southeast Asia in the Modern Era Kenya is now an independent country, which has been independent since 1963. Kenya is located in eastern Africa and it’ a very unique country because it lies on the equator. Kenya was one of the last of Great Britain’s dependencies in British East Africa. Kenya was also a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The country of Kenya developed from the European urge they had for Africa, which had them motivated for...

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Lufthansa Planning Lcc in Africa

By: Bassam Tariq L ufthansa planning for investing into a Low Cost Carrier: “Budget Airline much needed for Africa”: By setting a Low cost carrier in Africa, this would enable Lufthansa to cut on free services provided to passengers and increase revenue by adding passenger load factor. Innovativeness and punctuality have boosted sales for South African LCCs like Mango and Jet4you respectively. People want two things from an airline, firstly they require punctuality and secondly they want a good...

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The Effect of the Slave Trade on West Africa

The Effect of the Slave Trade on West Africa NAME: CHRISTAL BENJAMIN QUESTION: WHAT WERE THE SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL EFFECTS OF THE SLAVE TRADE ON WEST AFRICA The Social, Economic and Political Effects of the Slave Trade On West Africa The trade of West African slaves for European commodities began in the fifteenth century. From its inception up to the late seventeenth century, the scale of the slave trade could be considered quite small when compared to the...

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The Silk Road and Sea Trade: the Two Drivers to a Worldwide Expansion of Cross-Cultural Connections

The Silk Road and Sea Trade: The Two Drivers to a Worldwide Expansion of Cross-Cultural Connections Before there were trains, planes, or automobiles, people had much more elementary ways of traveling long distances to interact with other cultures. There were no paved highways and signs showing where to turn to get to Mecca. Nope, the Mongols had to travel across the terrain that lay ahead of them, as difficult as it might have been, to conquer the Middle East. Also, they had the form of horses...

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Effects of Slave Trade

What effects did the slave trade have on African society? The trans-Atlantic slave trade was the largest long-distance coerced movement of people in history. It developed after Europeans began exploring and establishing trading posts on the Atlantic (west) coast of Africa in the mid-15th century. The first major group of European traders in West Africa was the Portuguese, followed by the British and the French. In the 16th and 17th centuries, these European colonial powers began to pursue plantation...

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The Growing Spice Trade

The Growing Spice Trade According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary (trade, 2009), the word “trade” means a person engaged in an occupation, business, or industry dealings between persons or groups and the business of buying and selling or bartering commodities. Many factors played key roles in the economic development of a region using trade as a major contribution of growing power. There were many commodities that were traded; silk, fruits and vegetables, cotton, and precious stones, to name...

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Feminism In Middle East And North Africa

 Feminism in Middle East and North Africa Name Institution Date Feminism in Middle East and North Africa Gender statistics in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region indicates that women are more socially, politically and economically disadvantaged than women from other regions. Islamic feminism is a reform movement that challenges the patriarchal interpretation of the theological knowledge of the Koran. Women’s wellbeing as well as increased agency are some of the significant...

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West Africa Vs. Swahili City States

Difference _____ = Historical Fact West Africa vs. Swahili City States From the 1st Century to the 15th Century, two specific African civilizations were rising up; these two civilizations consisted of West Africa consisting of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai and of the Swahili city states. When looking back at history, we can infer that West Africa and the Swahili city states contained many key events in history that set forward to make what we know present Africa to be today. Unlike its neighbors, these...

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British East India Company and Its International Trades

British East India Company and Its International Trades British East India Company played a non-ignorable role in history and economic field. From 1600 when it was established by a group of British entrepreneurs to 1874, in which it was dissolved eventually, the company not only monopolized various international trades, but also acted significant military power by the support of British government. Its aim is plundering other countries’ resources and make their own country wealthy. But its failure...

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Compare and Contrast of the Influence the Age of Exploration Had on the New World and Africa

and the much closer continent of Africa. In both Africa and the New World, Europeans had similar influences in that they negatively affected the natives in their search for riches such as spices and precious metals, and wherever they traveled they would spread Christianity to the natives. One example of this is when Cortes arrived in the Aztec empire he demanded they convert to Christianity, and when the Portuguese began colonizing east Africa it didn't take long for the Jesuits to come. However...

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Effects of the Slave Trade on West Africa

and political effects of the slave trade on West Africa The trans- Atlantic slave trade was a system developed in the late 15th century which exploited and brought the African people into enslavement by transporting them to the colonies of the new world where they served their purpose as a ‘’cheap’’ labour force . As a result of this, the slave trade brought about many social, economic and political effects on West Africa. Firstly, the population in West Africa decreased significantly in order...

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Slave Trade

were slaves who were purchased through the international slave trade. White colonists viewed Africans as uncivilized and ‘turned to the international slave trade to fill their labor needs.’ The white English settlers knew nothing of any other culture; people were thought to be white or Christian, anything else was ‘uncivilized’. Slavery served for two purposes; a labor system and racial control in a white country. The slave trade was important in building the colonial empires of European nations...

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west africa and swahili city states cc essay

West Africa Kingdoms and the Swahili city states The kingdoms of west Africa and the Swahili city states were both built off the main structural ideas, but developed differently into their own way of life. The kingdoms of west Africa traded through camels in the Sahara Desert, while the Swahili city states traded by ship on the Indian Ocean. Both the west African Kingdoms and the Swahili city states each shared religious, political, and economical aspects. The kingdoms of west Africa and the...

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Discuss the Effect of Islam upon West Africa

ability to travel long distances without water and carry heavy loads, facilitated trans-Saharan communication. During the seventh and eighth centuries CE, Islamic conquerors had added North Africa to the dar al-Islam. By the end of the eighth century CE, Muslim merchants had crossed the Sahara and initiated commercial relations with Sub-Saharan West Africa and by the beginning of the second millennium, Islam had become entrenched in West African life. Islam dramatically changed West Africa culturally,...

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Role of Trade Unions in South Africa

The essence of the discussion is to outline the role of trade unions from its traditional role as compared to its role now in contemporary times most notably in post-Apartheid South Africa. One aims to look at how trade unions have coped with the changing nature of work as the traditional role of the worker has evolved over time, as there is an influx of more casualized labour. The impact of globalization on trade unions also has to be examined and how it has affected their traditional role .The...

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South Africa

National Flag of South Africa Country: South Africa Proportions: 2:3 South African Flag Description: The flag of South Africa consists of two horizontal stripes of equal width - red on the top and blue on the bottom. The red and blue stripes are separated by a green middle stripe which is bordered in white and splits into a horizontal Y. On the left side of the flag there is a black isosceles triangle which is outlined in yellow. South African Flag Meaning: Although the colors have no official...

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Geopolitical issues in middle east

Page Geopolitical problems in Middle East and Northern Africa 3 Unresolved Euro Debt Crisis 6 Unknown Impact of the Japan’s Tsunami and Earthquake 8 Reference 10 Geopolitical problems in Middle East and Northern Africa There are many ways in which geopolitical problems the Middle East and Northern Africa would affect Malaysia. An example of a geopolitical problem in the Middle East would be the 2003 Iraq Crisis. This crisis occurred...

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Significant Changes and Continuities in East Africa Between 600 and 1450

Significant changes occurred in East Africa between 600 and 1450. Specifically, the increase of slave trade and better, more useful technologies through the Indian Ocean Trade Network. These changes are important because the growth of city-states occurred due to this network. During this period, the overall trade of the region remained relatively constant. This continuity was important because it allowed for economic and technological development to flourish in the region. Safer travel, pacified...

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