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Barilla Spa Case Report

the Upper Level Management: if they are convinced of its feasibility, they will offer full support in trying to convince the Sales department. It will make a lot of difference if the Upper management talks to the Sales people than if just their Logistics department talks to them. * Involve the Sales Department in all stages: To make the Sales people feel important and wanted, Barilla should involve them in all stages of the JITD proposal. They should be made to feel that they would have lots to do...

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Holt Renfrew

store on Bloor Street, Torontog.   1000 suppliers approximately used in a year out of a total of 3000h.   500,000 SKUs out of which 50% were active at any given timei.   New introductions accounted for 40 to 50% of SKUs ordered 2)   The Logistics Function at Holt Renfrew: a.   Primary Distribution Center (DC)i.   A primary 80,000 square-foot Distribution Center (DC) in Mississauga,Ontario where all merchandise ordered by Holt Renfrew ’ s buyers wasshipped.ii.   The DC was designed...

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Supply Chain Management and Walmart

Rehan Karowaliya 26 Feb,2013 Walmart 1. Walmart has a brilliant Distribution System and Logistics Management that helps in maintaining the company’s performance in many ways. The Distribution System procures goods directly from the manufacture, eliminating the intermediaries. They negotiate with manufacturers and make sure that they are purchasing each and every product from them with lowest cost running in the market. This in turn creates long term relationship with vendors. Another efficient...

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stainless steel strip. Otto Bock, (Germany) polyurethane systems Bader (Thailand) Leather trimmed steering wheels Crompton (U.S.A.) E.P.D.M. Synthetic rubber B.H.P. N.Z. Strip steel. Lead times range from 3 to 6+ months. 15/07/2004 Supply Chain 3 Logistics Generally only F.C.L. shipments Handled by freight forwarders Schencker Kintetsu Halford Youngs Stock levels of overseas material are generally maintained with a float of two weeks minimum and four weeks maximum. 15/07/2004 Supply Chain ...

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Barilla Case Study: Operational Ineffeciencies

Demand Fluctuations Variability in Demand • Methods employed to counter variability – Holding buffer FGs to meet Distributor requirements – Asking Distributors/Retailers to carry additional inventory • Impact – Strained Manufacturing and Logistics operations* – Poor Product delivery management – Thinning retailer/distributor margins – Increased Inventory Holding costs – Impossible to anticipate Demand swings – Changing customers due to lack of storage space Bullwhip effect • Amplified...

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Project Procurement

globalization, competition and complexity in global supply chains, more companies have realized that supply chain management is critical to the optimal organizations overall operation. It is not longer just the responsibility of the warehouse manager and logistics director. In the past, many organizations didn’t manage their supply chains they left that up to the suppliers. Usually the supply chain planning, marketing, production and inventory management in most organizations operated as separate departments...

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Procurement: Purchasing Management Association

anization makes monitoring MRO  inventory relatively simple.  True   False  13.  Purchasing personnel are no longer involved with transportation buying and the management of  inbound and outbound material flows as this is now considered to be a logistics management  function.  True   False  The routine ordering and follow‐up of basic operational supplies is a strategic responsibility.  © Purchasing Management Association of Canada   Introduction to Procurement 14.  Some purchasing depar...

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My Career Journey

the one year experience of doing managerial accounting, I did countless financial analysis regarding all areas of the plant operating, from production overhead analysis to unit cost by SKU analysis, value-chain computing for new brand beverage, logistics cost analysis, rolling forcast etc, doing those various financial analysis let me know the cola-cola business quickly and completely, equipped me with a solid basis for further development in coca-cola. One year later since I joined Coca-Cola...

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The Global Trend in Logistics

incentives, foreign trade regulations, environmental and labor law, trade embargo, tariffs, political stability, industrial relations and others. In the context of logistics M&A, these will be important especially for firms that are operating in China, India, Vietnam. Using India as example, apart from the non-uniform tax structure, logistic companies in India have to pay numerous other taxes, octrois, and face multiple check posts and police harassment. High costs of operation and delays involving compliance...

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http://blog.8thandwalton.com/2014/05/are-you-inforem-or-grs/ Chan, Chi Kin, and Lee, H.W.J. Successful Strategies in Supply Chain Management. Pennsylvania: Hershey, 2005.  Haniefuddin, S.K., Shamshudden, S., & Khadar Baba, S. (2013). Essentials of Logistics and Supply Chain Management . Lulu Publishing. Jacobs, F. R. & Chase, R. (2011). Operations and Supply Chain Management (13th ed.) Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Irwin Keeffe, T. (2015). Principles of Replenishment. Retrieved from https://www.huyett.co...

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