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Dixon Case Study

exports of pencils, and the lowering of duties that where imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Also, the Chinese continued to find ways of lowering cost, increasing technology, and their know-how in making pencils. 2. Do you think that lobbying the U.S. Government to impose antidumping duties on imports of pencils from China is a good way to protect American jobs? a. Yes and No, U.S. Jobs would be protected in the short run. With the fact that duties where imposed, The Chinese market share...

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Interest Groups

have priority. Through interacting with congress, interest groups motivate the House and Senate to concentrate on their issue. The relationship between congress and interest groups is one where both benefit. Groups interact with congress with lobbying, electioneering and litigation. Groups help congress by giving them information, doing research, providing money, helping with political strategy, helping with campaign strategy, or other chores that congressmen do not have time for. Congress,...

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State Versus Federal Power to Regulate Immigration

overwhelming presence of new lifestyles, cultures and ethnicity groups throughout America. The large number of new immigrants to this country creates a lifestyle that does not fit well with the once dominant group. In many cases, residents seem to be lobbying for stricter laws and enforcement. Alabama and Arizona’s immigration laws provide the framework for examining state power. With the Supreme Court ruling for over a century that federal government has the ultimate power of ruling immigration, they...

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Founding of Tata Steel (Tisco)

state government proposed a law to end the Tatas' administration of Jamshedpur and bring the city under a municipality, the local populace rose in protest and defeated the government's proposal. In 2005, a similar proposal was once again put up by lobbying politicians. The target audience was the working class. A large majority sided with the government and set up protest meetings outside the East-Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner's office. However, the objective was never achieved and Jamshedpur remains...

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Controversy: The Environmental and Political Effects of Fracking

production from underground shale gas fields. These companies stand to lose money if government restrictions impose on their drilling efforts; therefore, efforts by these companies to silence opposition to drilling are perpetuated through extensive lobbying activities. The Scientific Research Community: A number of organizations, such as the Center for Biological Diversity, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Pacific Institute, seek to educate and inform regarding the science involved in the...

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Mba - Wat

Finding quick socio-political and religious solutions to nip in the bud this menace must become the priority of all concerned, if the society is supposed to be saved from this disease. Lobbying should be made legal The topic – It is always better to have clarity on the topic as it allows a clear flow of ideas. Lobbying, in fact, are the attempts made by certain corporate groups to influence the direction of legislative policy of a country/state in such a manner so as to bring benefits to them and safeguard...

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Public Relations Essay

is to create public identity or an image for public figures like political parties, models and film stars. It include advising them on every aspect of personality, including dress code, behavior, statement given in press, public appearances etc. Lobbying, a new field in this career, involves bringing about the passage of laws favorable to the special interest group they represent like a company, industries, government etc. It is a strategy used to raise public consciousness and influence policy makers...

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Eve Teasing

rise in reports of bride burning. The increase in violent incidents towards women meant previously lackadaisical attitudes towards women's rights had to be revised and supported by law. In the coming years, such organizations played a key role in lobbying for the passing of legislation designed to protect women from aggressive behaviour from strangers, including 'The Delhi Prohibition of Eve-teasing Bill 1984'. The death of a female student, Sarika Shah, in Chennai in 1998, brought some tough laws...

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The Differences Between Sierra Leone and China on Business Culture:

their country. China opening their doors to attracts foreign direct investment in the early 1978 as stated in the article of Ghauri and Fang (1999). Thirdly, is to identify the specific government authorities that have the final approval rights and lobbying them to agree to negotiate in dealing with you. Hence, there is need to prove to them that you have the required technology and financial strength to do business with them as the Chinese like mountain business (huge business) in order to develop...

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Labor Unions

and children who worked, generally received lower pay than men did, but even the men weren’t receiving enough for the amount of time they worked. The government did little to limit and resolve these injustices so therefore, labor movements raised; lobbying for better rights and working conditions; collective bargaining. This gave the workers power to demand for things which they felt they needed, but as time progresses, this power is abused in the sense that workers leave their jobs undone and seek...

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