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The Iron Triangle

Congress in return for supporting their programs. Next you need the Congress that operates and then providing oversight of them. The last part to make the Triangle work is the Bureaucracy and they are responsible for the trade associations and lobbying groups. They benefit from the operations and programs. There are many positives that can come out of the system of exporting with Cuba. The rice farmers really made good money when they were able to export rice to Cuba. Cuba gets their rice from...

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Japan's Nuclear Power Crisis

demand," said Paul Scalise, a fellow at the University of Tokyo who specializes in Japan's energy sector.” Real change has been slow. Giant solar arrays and wind farms can't be built overnight and powerful utilities that spent billions on nuclear are lobbying to protect their interests. Oil, coal and gas now generate about nearly 90% of Japan's electricity and hydropower is about 8%. The International Energy Agency estimates shutting all nuclear plants increases oil demand by 465,000 barrels a day to...

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Mintzberg Laws

must be stored and maintained. * Disseminator: Highlights factual or value based external views into the organization and to employees. This requires both filtering and delegation skills. * Spokesman: Serves in a PR capacity by informing and lobbying others to keep key stakeholders updated about the operations of the organization. Example: Handling incoming correspondence, periodical surveys, attending seminars and exhibitions, research tours. Dissemination of information letters and digests...

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same sex marriage essay

when talking about gay marriage, seeing as it is the main stride that gay rights supporters need to overcome to achieve what they desire. a. Rights a.i. Tax Exemptions (source: Koseff, 2013) a.ii. Healthcare, hospitalization a.iii. Others b. Lobbying for and against, sides b.i. Democratic b.ii. Republican b.iii. Exceptions III. Third main point: Access to gay marriage licenses, how to obtain, where a. Locations (source: Semuels, 2013) b. How does one obtain Conclusion IV. Signpost: Tying...

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Critical reading

poisoning due to pregaming. This article also talks about how and when alcohol became so popular amongst college students. I the 60’s the legal age for purchasing alcohol was 18. In 1984 the congress hiked the legal age back up to 21 due to the intense lobbying by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The author also feels that changing the legal age to 21 does not help the efforts to curb the abuse of alcohol on the campuses. Overall, he feels like if the lawmakers want to reduce drunk driving they should throw...

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Hrm-595-62172 Negotiation Skills

game, or can affect our game in positive or negative ways (E): — Depending upon how a Sheriff is appointed, an election can +/- affect the rules in our negotiation; — Change in climate can come from community support and national association lobbying — Concession from the mayor and municipality — The police department can be a competitor 8. What elements outside the stadium have an interest in the game, or can affect their game in positive or negative ways (E): — Depending...

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Compulsory Voting in Germany

compulsory voting compels political parties to spend less time mobilizing voters and more time refining their campaign messages and goals. At the same time, the need for large campaign funds is reduced, decreasing the role of money and the power of lobbying groups in politics. Despite the many benefits cited in support of compulsory voting, there is also opposition. According to Article 38, §1 of the German constitution, “Members of the German Bundestag shall be elected in a general, direct, free,...

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Hippie Movement and Communication

many ways. I. What is the Hippie Movement? a. What is a hippie? i. “Hippie” comes from the word hipster: Someone who rejects established culture and promotes liberalism in politics and lifestyle ii. Young, predominantly white, intellectuals lobbying for change b. Events leading up to the revolution i. Cold war looming, weapons of mass destruction always a threat- leads to radicalization of political culture. Separation between political left and right. ii. Black oppression opposition begins...

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Dixon Case Study

exports of pencils, and the lowering of duties that where imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Also, the Chinese continued to find ways of lowering cost, increasing technology, and their know-how in making pencils. 2. Do you think that lobbying the U.S. Government to impose antidumping duties on imports of pencils from China is a good way to protect American jobs? a. Yes and No, U.S. Jobs would be protected in the short run. With the fact that duties where imposed, The Chinese market share...

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Founding of Tata Steel (Tisco)

state government proposed a law to end the Tatas' administration of Jamshedpur and bring the city under a municipality, the local populace rose in protest and defeated the government's proposal. In 2005, a similar proposal was once again put up by lobbying politicians. The target audience was the working class. A large majority sided with the government and set up protest meetings outside the East-Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner's office. However, the objective was never achieved and Jamshedpur remains...

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