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Importance Of Local Literature

student centered rather than teacher centered. 92% of students believed that by reading literary texts in English they would be able to expose to many new words and more than 80% of the students thought that they could improve their proficiency level in the English language through the literature lessons (Abdullah, Zakaria, Ismail, Wan Mansor & Abdul Aziz, 2007). In a way, students can also enjoy analyzing the literary works while learning the moral values promoted in it. Since the texts chosen are based...

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Analytical Approaches

Literary Analysis of The Story of an Hour Roman Lewis English 125 Prof. Paula Porter March 7th, 2011 Literary Analysis of The Story of an Hour The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin captured my attention because it explained the ironic ways Mrs. Mallard coped with the news of her husband’s death. I found it further appealing Kate Chopin, the author, was a widow. This lead me believe that there could have been some kind of connection between...

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The Lady with the Pet Dog

College Literature 22.1 (Feb. 1995): 91-103. Rpt. in Contemporary Literature Criticism. Ed. Jeffrey W. Hunter. Vol. 137. Detroit: Gale Group, 2001. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 16 June 2011. Simmons, Diane. “The Rhythm of Reality in the Works of Jamaica Kincaid.” World Literature Today 68.3 (Summer 1994): 466-472. Rpt. in Literature of Developing Nations for Students: Presenting Analysis, Context, and Criticism on Literature of Developing Nations. Ed. Elizabeth Bellalouna, Michael L. LaBlanc...

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Annotated Bibliography Of Maya Angelou's Poetry

into the life, writings, and style of Maya Angelou’s poems. “She is a passionately sincere poet, whose purpose is to inspire her audience to keep going.” The book begins with an autobiography of Maya Angelou then it goes into an original detailed literary critique of some of her most famous poems that Bloom tries to put into a different perspective. Lastly, Bloom’s book discusses Angelou’s displacement, style, works by Maya Angelou, and works about Maya Angelou. Busch, Justin E. A. “Maya Angelou...

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Scarlet Ibis

Hailey M. Camper Mrs. Lauren Owen English 9 Honors 17 September 2013 The Scarlet Ibis: A Literary Analysis There are multiple literary elements that combine together to create the theme and mood of a story. In the short story, “The Scarlet Ibis,” the author, James Hurst, demonstrates the use of literary elements and the importance of vital life lessons. The mood in this short story is deeply nostalgic and melancholy. The narrator faces the difficult obstacle of his pride vs. Himself (which...

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor

o Whenever people eat or drink together.  Most readers relate communion to Christianity but nearly every religion has ritual involving the coming together of people to share a meal.  Not all communions are holy or have religious meanings. o Literary versions of communion can be interpreted in various ways.  Real World o Breaking bread with others is an act of sharing and peace, because you’re breaking bread instead of heads. o Communion is normally taken with those who close are to you...

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important than just a historical or cultural writing. Literature introduces us to new worlds of experience. We learn from books and literature; we enjoy the triumphs and the tragedies of poems, stories, and plays; and we may even grow through our literary journey with books. In conclusion, we may discover meaning in literature by looking at what the author says and how he/she says it. We may interpret the author's message. However we interpret literature, there is still an artistic quality to the...

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Close Reading

938E-7CC3C79F6FC2/0/notes_on_close_reading.pdf What does it mean to read a text closely and analyze it? Why do we do close reading in literary study? The answers to these questions emerge more from the doing than the talking. Briefly, close reading is a basic tool for understanding, taking pleasure in, and communicating one’s interpretation of a literary work. The skills employed in close reading lend themselves to all kinds of cultural interpretation and investigation. Close reading takes...

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Synthesis Paper

to have ideas about different works and by reading these; I learned to trust my own interpretations and I gained knowledge that will support my own opinions and point of view. I also learned to criticize different works and I learned from these criticisms that language is ambiguous wherein the literature can be understood in more than one way, having more than one possible meaning. The meaning of one’s work depends on how the readers understood and respond to it. By studying Literature...

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The Motive for Metaphor

something sciences and arts can help us achieve and of these two fields of study literature is implanted in arts and it is what builds our imagination to be what it is. Literature is like a whole new discovery for each individual human, and the criticism that we form from it is not an outlet to be mean or judgmental but an appreciation towards the discovery of one’s mind and thoughts. Citations Study Guide for The Educated Imagination. (2010, December 4). Reading presented at Study Guide for...

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