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Tricia Smith Vaughan’s “Not Homeschooling? What’s Your Excuse?” a Critical Response

some students learn better in a group environment where they learn the social skills necessary to succeed academically. Just because one thing is good for a certain child does not mean it is beneficial to another. All children have different learning styles specific to their personality. Some children need one-on-one attention to be able to comprehend academics to the best of their ability, and other students can learn in a group. It all depends on the child which education is best for them. “Learn...

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Co-Education and Single-Sex Education: Which Will Benefit Children More?

believe that the latter is a good choice. Gender-based classes can improve our academic achievement through proper approaches suitable for our learning styles, foster better behaviors through promotion of role models and encourage us to explore who we truly are. As everyone acknowledges that each person has his own learning style, the learning style between boys and girls is not an exception, they are every different due to their physical and metal development. The development of boys’ reading...

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Teaching Patients Health Promotion

education. How do teaching principles, varied learning styles (for both the nurse and her patients), and teaching methodologies impact the quality of such education? How does understanding a patient's view of health promotion and disease prevention guide you in teaching them? Provide an example. Nurses working in a hospital setting are confronted daily with the diversity of their patients. Being mindful of the culture, level of education and learning style that patients present with is challenging...

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Effective Implementation of Differentiated Instruction

Module 7 Assignment A7: Scholarly Writing Paper: Leading for Learning How to Effectively Implement Differentiated Instruction in the Standards-Based Classroom Xavier Anderson EDUC 8011 Fall 2011 Walden University Introduction Most modern day classrooms are structured to operate under the premises that students must demonstrate mastery of specific state mandated standards in order to show academic growth. The purpose of this paper is to explore some effective methods to effectively...

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Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

between business students’ learning styles and effectiveness of web based instructions. American Journal of Business Education, 3, 89-98 Dr. Robert Kozub, an associate professor in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, administered an analysis by using a sample of 159 Taxes and Personal Finance undergraduate students to examine the likely learning performance of students under web based usage. Dr. Kozub adopted four learning styles as determined by Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory (LSI-IIa) and...

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Focus on the Learner

cultural backgrounds. ESL students have widely different needs, because of differences in cultural background, age, and previous education. Even if the students in one class are all from the same language group, they inevitably have different learning styles and needs. It means, that the teacher needs to be aware of the difficulties involved in teaching students. Their social needs, their assumptions about school, and the academic needs peculiar to each group also need to be taken into account. One...

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Chapter 3

respondents. Part two deals with the different learning styles preferred by the students. There will be fifty (50) items in the instrument. Each learning style will have ten (10) items. Their answers will be the choices that will be provided below each number in the form of coded numbers which the respondents may check. They are (5) always (4) often (3) occasionally (2) seldom (1) never. Part one was from the concepts of Felder and Solomon (as cited by Learning Style Handout, 2000) and Part two will be taken...

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Philosophy Statement

Rosa Lee Coley Philosophy on Education I was inspired to teach from a bad experience I had when I was in elementary school. I was in the fourth grade and had a teacher that was very unfair to her students. We never played any learning games or activities. She was very as they say "old-school". She never smiled, never greeted us at the door, and we sat at our desk until it was recess time. It was always come in, sit down and do your work. This inspired me because I did not want to be like her...

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Learning Style Self-Analysis

Running head: LEARNING STYLE SELF-ANALYSIS Learning Style Self-Analysis: Syles, Styles Everywhere… Ronald D Elam Grand Canyon University: EDU-310 Exploring Education as a Profession 11/07/20111 The industry of education, like many other institutions, has evolved over the years. It has grown in leaps and bounds in recent history, in no small way, due to the overwhelming availability of endless amounts of information. With the advent of the computer age, getting information to those who...

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Personal Education Philosophy Statement

today’s diverse-student population. These means that our beliefs, our philosophies, even our values may affect many aspects of our lives. Those aspects of our lives may include religion, life style, politics, and education. In other words, so many people have a philosophy or belief about ones religion, ones life style, ones politics, and ones education. There are so many diverse philosophical differences in this vast world in which we live. As I think about the task of discussing what my “personal...

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