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Kachere Youth Prison

problem occurs because of the need of lawyers in this country. Due to the problems of a third world country most people steal to survive and they have no lawyers there to defend them. “There are three hundred qualified lawyers for 14 million people”(Anderson 2). With the limited number of lawyers to work with many people just go without a lawyer, but even if they wanted a lawyer they don’t make enough money to afford them. In the United States you have a lawyer assigned to you if you are unable to...

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Malcolm Gladwell: The Path To Success

career and how he had become successful in life. One of these examples explains how important true passion in life is, “I wanted to get into the law since I was six years old,” says Joe Flom, a person who has become a very successful and dedicated lawyer. Although, dreams do not come true by themselves and Joe Flom proved this fact with his hard work at the Harvard Law School by becoming one of the brightest students there, “The high academic potential is the result of student response to opportunity...

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Criminal Attorney

Criminal Lawyer We have all heard those heartbreaking tragedies of homicides, rape, or even theft, and we talk about them with such sorrow in our hearts saying the suspect needs to serve so many years in prison. But I want to do something about it. I want to put those awful criminals in prison and keep them away from the innocent society. That is why I have chosen to take the path of becoming a criminal lawyer in my future. As a criminal lawyer, my job is to represent my client as best I can...

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Career Goals

future. Continuing to work in the legal field will be my short time goals. Hopefully being able to attend law school would be my long time career goal. If a paralegal put 100% in her career at the long round she/he can accomplish to do everything a lawyer can accomplish. It is very difficult to know that the only thing that keeps a paralegal from getting paid what attorneys get paid is a jury’s number. Some attorney and clients do not realize the work load a paralegal encounters. Many times a...

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Legal Funding

Outline how advice and representation can be funded ‘Access to Justice means everyone should have access to advice and assistance from lawyers.’ (Classroom material p.1) Legal advice is important to civil cases but even more in criminal cases where liberty of a person is at stake because they would have committed a crime and they might go to prison for it therefore in criminal cases it’s vital for a person to receive legal funding. Poor and less educated people are denied access to justice as...

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Hu V. Ang, 127 Ca.Rptr.2d 756 (2002)

Fang. However, if Mary Rose and her attorney follow the steps taken by the lawyer in Hu v. Fang to remedy the error the default could be set aside since this was a calendaring error. I relied on ABA Model Rule 5.3 – Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistants for formulating this portion of my answer. If the default is not set aside, the lawyer could be in violation of ABA Model Rule 1.1 – Competence since the lawyer is to provide competent representation of a client that requires legal knowledge...

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Case Digest of Zaldivar V. Gonzales

Enrique Zaldivar vs Raul Gonzalez On June 25, 2012 166 SCRA 316 – Legal Ethics – Contemptuous Language – Duty of a Lawyer Zaldivar was the governor of Antique. He was charged before the Sandiganbayan for violations of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. Gonzales was the then Tanodbayan who was investigating the case. Zaldivar then filed with the Supreme Court a petition for Certiorari, Prohibition and Mandamus assailing the authority of the Tanodbayan to investigate graft cases under...

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How to Communicate Effectively About Redundancy

should always be a priority, because it creates engagement, and engagement is crucial to productivity. During and after restructures, it becomes even more important. A redundancy round is an emotional time for the firm, both for the lawyers leaving and the lawyers staying. This is especially true if partners have to be let go, which is a bit like losing a member of the family. People need to be listened to and heard and this is especially true when they feel insecure or unsure. It is imperative...

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Sop for Llb

Such as law is more an applied rather than theoretical subject. After seventeen years of theoretical studies and L.L.B examinations I carried out my internship/ work experience with Ghazi Associates (renowned law firm) and finally I was a practising lawyer. I served in this organisation since 2000 to Dec 2006 as a civil and corporate law consultant and got a valuable experience. I dealt Taxation, civil and corporate law cases and represented in the courts. Other cases included breach of copyright and...

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Khan Jr. V. Simbillo

dealt with more severely. Ratio The practice of law is not a business. It is a profession in which duty to public service, not money is the primary consideration. Reasoning - Rule 2.03 - A lawyer shall not do or permit to be done any act designed primarily to solicit legal business. - Rule 3.01 - A lawyer shall not use or permit the use of any false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, undignified, selflaudatory or unfair statement or claim regarding his qualifications or legal services. -...

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