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Court Observation

respective seats. The role of the interpreter is to make sure the witness reads the oath before testifying in the case. In the case that I attended, both the plaintiff and defendant were represented by their respective lawyers. As I only had the opportunity to witness the defendant’s lawyer to prove his version of the case, as to call witness and asking questions. I felt that he wasn’t effective when presenting his case as he fumbled with his words a lot and was not questions most of time to the defendant...

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A-Moral Advocate or a Pure Legal Advocate

3.Explain and critically discuss the view that a good lawyer must be an a-moral advocate or pure legal advocate. Consider the arguments on both sides of this question. Make use of some examples. The legal profession quite often comes under scrutiny from the general public and frequently is portrayed in negative light. Lawyers are naturally given a higher social status with the income to match. The legal profession however is still one of the most popular occupations that students strive to become...

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Bartleby the Scrivener

Scrivener, a lawyer on Wall Street who is in need of additional copyists hires a man named Bartleby, who is quiet, reserved, and mysterious. After a few days of doing an extraordinary job of copying, Bartleby is asked to compare a copy sheet, to which he replies, "I would prefer not to." The lawyer is surprised at the employee's response but does nothing in retaliation. Several days later when asked to do something "perfectly reasonable" Bartleby again replies, "I would prefer not to." The lawyer goes...

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Intro to Criminal Justice - My Cousin Vinny

immediately. The two boys were then placed in the same cell together which I thought personally was quite odd. The fact is I don’t think many jails would place suspects of the same crime together. The lawyer that they chose to represent them was very inexperienced. In most murder cases the lawyer that you would hire should have more experience than what Vinny had. The next step in the system is initial appearance. Here they are given formal notice of the charges against them and advised of their...

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Certainty vs doubt

experience). Verbal evidence is not always credible and relies on the character of the person speaking; however, the speaker may conceal or twist the truth around to arrive at a logical point of view, therefore any person may believe the persons point. Lawyers, magicians, and politicians use pieces of the truth to direct certainty or doubt about their subjects. Certainty and doubt lies within an athlete’s own mind; it creates a drive that keeps them going. Belief holds certainty and doubt together. Certainty...

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The Court Case Of Mary Maloney A continuation of Roald Dahl's Lamb to the Slaughter

upon hearing that. Defending Lawyer: Objection! No one is guilty until proven so in front of the court of law. Besides, the supposed weapon was never found Judge: Objection sustained but, defendant, please control your emotions. Defending lawyer: Today, my client is accused of a crime she did not commit. She is a dutiful wife who loves her husband dearly. I hope that Your Honour would see through the pack of lies the prosecuting team is presenting you. Defending lawyer sits down. Prosecutor: May...

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Court Observation Report

most everyday settings. The courtroom layout had significant levels of environmental cues relating to the power of the active individuals in the courtroom. The Judge’s bench was elevated and Coat of Arms was placed behind him, the bar table for the lawyers and barristers was at the same elevation as each other, there was deliberate positioning of the court staff between the judge and all others in the courtroom. The components of the setting and use of traditional wooden furniture made the courtroom...

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Stress & Practicing Law

According to Maute (1992), “lawyers experience high levels of stress which may undercut their effectiveness, shorten their legal careers or their lives” (p. 797). The stress attorneys encounter is born from a variety of sources, can have mild to dire consequences, and can be successfully managed. Attorney stress can be attributed to many factors. Long hours, pressure to make ends meet, and an overabundance or lack of work can contribute to work related stresses for lawyers (Maute, 1992, p. 797). ...

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New Jersey Insurance CohttpwwwtermpaperwarehousecomprintNewJerseyGroup Case 4

division, did some aspects of foreclosures, or worked overtime. The lawyers in the Corporate Loan Section, on the other hand, handled complex corporate loans which necessitated the opinion of outside counsels. Expenses incurred in employing outside counsels were paid by the borrowers and did not affect the budget of the corporate loan section. As a control procedure, the section head conducted consultations with the section lawyers and reassigned work of various attorneys to equalize their work loads...

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No Heroes, No Villians

made the overall experience that much more enjoyable. To me, the challenging part of the book was reading a book on a topic that I do not know much about. I am starting to become familiar with the legal system, however I am nowhere near that of a lawyer. This is why I stumbled at times on some of the legal lingo that the book contained. In addition to that, I did find myself with a better understanding of our legal system. I felt like I was along for the ride on the whole legal process. Also...

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