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What Makes Art Beauty?

what “beauty” is to everyone. As I learned in Theory of Knowledge (ToK) class, art, like history, is subjective to the individual, but one cannot deny there are some objective truths to the facts that compose the art world. My curiosity to define “beauty” in art and the components that constitute a “beautiful” artwork led to my previous research in science and mathematics. When I investigated more thoroughly into the two areas of knowledge using reasoning with an open mind, I discovered the two theories...

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Content Competency Paper

provided me with a solid foundation of what my strengths and weaknesses are as a future educator and leader. There is no formula for good teaching, no seven steps to Teacher of the Year. Motivating students, managing the classroom, assessing prior knowledge, communicating ideas effectively, taking into account the characteristics of the learners, assessing learning outcomes, and reviewing information must be attended to at all levels of education. As I review the competencies, I am amazed by the things...

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Killen Principles

or student? • Our lens – are we taking a ‘narrow’ or ‘wide’ view’? Is it possible to take it all in (wide-angle lens) or is it possible to ‘zoom in (telephoto lens)? • Our filter – are we allowing our past experiences, beliefs and knowledge to ‘filter out’ valuable information, and are these things distorting what we really see, or hiding reality? (Killen, 2005, p. vii). Teachers need to be able to take risks and be prepared to change perspectives, change lenses, change filters,...

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Learning from Experience Through Reflection

technological and social forces. A manager's greatest strength is that which comes from daily experience. What this paper has done is to add an analytical process that can help explore causes, develop and test hypotheses, and eventually produce new knowledge. The article tries to analyze the reasons that most managers have not yet embraced a reflective learning process. The explanation set forth by the article is that managers have always placed a higher value on action rather than on reflection...

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how work related learning aids in professional socialisation

uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding, useful in work, including learning through the experience of work, learning about work and working practices, and learning the skills for work. Work related learning can be termed, work place learning, work integrated learning or work focused learning. According to Macintyre, Murray and Teel (2009) professional socialization is the process by which individuals acquire the specialized knowledge, skills attitudes, values, norms and...

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Tok Essay General Patterns

Essay Question: Only seeing general patterns can give us knowledge. Only seeing particular examples can give us understanding.” To what extent do you agree with these assertions? When I analyze this statement we have to fully understand what it means. I have to pay closer attention to the keywords. The main points in this statement are what I have to focus on to determine the answer to the question. General patterns are defined as things that people are familiar with and a form of something...

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What Are The Experience Of Regular Teachers On Handling Intermediate Learners With Special Needs Case Study

into dissatisfaction. OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK This study will be focusing on determining the knowledge, experiences and readiness of regular teachers on handling intermediate learners with special needs under Inclusive Education Program. The independent variable is the knowledge of the regular teachers and the dependent variables are their experiences and readiness. Operational Model Figure 1. Knowledge, Experiences and Readiness in Teaching of Regular Teachers in Handling Learners with Special...

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Teaching Practices Reflection

children through various lenses, and recognise that their personal and professional identities are continually evolving. Often in collaboration with teacher aides and colleagues, teachers articulate, question, consider and debate their range of knowledges to make meaning of their theories and practices. (Refer to the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines for more information about teacher roles, lenses, and pedagogies within a framework for practice, and the list of questions to aid critical reflection...

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The Transfer of Training

Companies spend a vast amount of capital and time on training to enable employees’ knowledge of job-related skills. Companies are wishing to improve return on investment (ROI) from learning and training investments. Primary Factors in the Transfer of Training Process According to Noe (2010), “transfer of training refers to trainees’ effectively and continually applying what they learned in training (knowledge, skills, behaviors, cognitive strategies) to their jobs”. For the transfer to transpire...

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Bacon Essay

main focus of Bacon’s essay rests on explaining to the reader the importance of study knowledge in terms of its practical application towards the individual and its society. His first analysis is an exposition on the purposes or uses that different individuals can have by approaching Study –“…for delight, ornament, and for ability”- And how certain professions are better served by individuals with study knowledge. As he mentions the virtues of Study he also points out its vices: –“To spend too much...

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