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  • Plato. Myth of the Cave

    Myth of the Cave describes how people have chains that keep them from becoming enlightened individuals. Some chains keep us in the shadow denying us the ability to learn how to face truth‚ how to face knowledge. Plato’s Myth of the Cave takes a close look at how we behave while dealing with knowledge. Our fear of truth creates chains that help us ignore the inevitability of change. It is known that tree reserves have been dwindling‚ yet people still refuse to see what happening before their very

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  • Reading Books Is a Good Habit

    reading a good book‚ one can not only earn knowledge but also gain experience in life‚ and realize the eternal truth. A good book can guide one in the right direc¬tion in his life’s journey. The taste of reading’ should be acquired early in life‚ because a good book refreshes one’s mind and bring immense pleasure. Just to read any book‚ whatever comes near at hand‚ is not to be called a good reading habit‚ because worthless books can not provide knowledge. It is only the good books that can provide

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  • Evaluate How Personal Learning and Development May Benefit Others

    affect my personal learning and development. I have the capability to assist others by using knowledge and skills that I have obtained by learning and by own experiences. I believe that by sharing this knowledge and skills I can benefit others and I also believe that I can share my own experiences with others‚ for example if I have been through a bad experience I can advice others and help them gain knowledge about it and if they go through the same experience that I did they would not need to have

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  • Tok Prescribed Titles

    Theory of knowledge prescribed titles November 2011 and May 2012 Instructions to candidates Your theory of knowledge essay for examination must be submitted to your teacher for authentication. It must be written on one of the ten titles (questions) provided below. You may choose any title‚ but are recommended to consult with your teacher. Your essay will be marked according to the assessment criteria published in the Theory of Knowledge guide. Remember to centre your essay on knowledge issues and

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  • Not everything that is learned is contained in books.

    contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion‚ which source is more important? Why? Two main sources we gain knowledge from are books and practical experience. Some people think knowledge from books is more important than that from experience‚ others suppose practice brings about more necessary knowledge than books do. Clearly‚ each of them has its own advantages. On one hand‚ knowledge from books effectively provides people

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  • Constructivism

    role which experiences-or connections with the adjoining atmosphere-play in student education. The constructivism learning theory argues that people produce knowledge and form meaning based upon their experiences. Two of the key concepts within the constructivism learning theory which create the construction of an individual’s new knowledge are accommodation and assimilation. Assimilating causes an individual to incorporate new experiences into the old experiences. This causes the individual to develop

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  • Epistemological Belief System

    that personal epistemology is comprised of five distinct factors that exist on continua. Stated from their naïve pole‚ these factors were: simple knowledge‚ certain knowledge‚ innate ability‚ quick learning and omniscient authority. Briefly‚ the simple knowledge continuum stemmed from the belief that all knowledge is rudimentary to the belief that knowledge

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  • Tok Essay General Patterns

    Essay Question: Only seeing general patterns can give us knowledge. Only seeing particular examples can give us understanding.” To what extent do you agree with these assertions? When I analyze this statement we have to fully understand what it means. I have to pay closer attention to the keywords. The main points in this statement are what I have to focus on to determine the answer to the question. General patterns are defined as things that people are familiar with and a form of something

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  • Supreme Mathematics

    Supreme Mathematics Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? 1. Knowledge-the sum of what is known. knowledge is facts‚ awareness or familiarity gained by doing the knowledge. Who is knowledge? It symbolizes the black man. When can you knowledge? Anytime. Where? Everywhere. How is knowledge gained? Through study‚ learning‚ listening‚ trial and error‚ observing‚ reflection 2. Wisdom-who is wisdom? Symbolizes the woman. What is wisdom? Wisdom is wise actions‚ ways and words. Good judgment and discernment

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  • Definition Essay on Ignorance

    will usually return to the phrase "ignorance is bliss". Ignorance is not bliss; it is merely a dose of anaesthetic which wears off in time. Being ignorant does not mean being happy‚ ignorance is lack of knowledge. Ignorance should never be a way of life for a fully grown human because knowledge always means power and ignorance never means bliss. For a child‚ however‚ ignorance of things they cannot accurately comprehend yet may be beneficial. I have always believed in Santa Claus until I caught

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