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Adult Learning Theories (Merriam, 2007).

demonstrating the usefulness of five well-known adult learning theories, Jackson portrays a vivid picture of the theories in use, which gives valuable insight to the adult learner who will apply these theories to themselves in order to gain greater knowledge and therefore become more successful in their lives (Jackson, 2009). Jackson’s commentary on adult learning theories concedes that Merriam’s push to investigate further into how the actual process of an adult ‘learning’ takes place because they...

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Tina Bruce - play theory

early year’s sector, she is however opposed by Janet Moyles who does however believe that children benefit from the active involvement of teachers, stating, ‘Appropriately directed play will ensure the child learns from his or her current state of knowledge and skill’ (5). The theory sees children as being biologically programmed to play and develop with the necessity of others to initiate it. Bruce therefore shows that both biological and social aspects are important within development and of play...

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Is School Really Necessary?

employees and consumers; it limits their amount of creativity as well as individuality, and prolongs their childhood. We all know that knowledge is power and the more you know the better chance you have in succeeding everything you encounter, but sitting in a classroom five days a week with a highly structured system of learning is not the only way to gain that knowledge. According to Gatto, being educated and schooled are two very different things. You must attend a secondary school in order to be...

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A Comparison between Two Essays

it is a gradual process in which one learns imperceptibly depending on what they have been able to grasp in or from the kind of mistakes made. I would define meaningful learning as a process in which one is exposed to new interesting information, knowledge or experience that one could use in their upcoming life if needed, and help them from committing any additional blunders related to it. One aspect that can affect meaningful learning are the preconceived notions that are built from numerous different...

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A Discussion of the Nature of Scientific Enquiry Skills and Their Role in Children’s Learning in Science

ideas can explain phenomena and events in the world around us. They can be grouped into three sections: planning, dong and interpreting. (Harlen, 2003) Children learn most through “doing” in primary science as it enables them to make sense of the knowledge they are being taught through the testing of theories and discovery of the world around them and how it works together. The National curriculum makes the learning of scientific enquiry skills compulsory and the requirements include that children...

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Analysis Of Instituto Comercial Padre Alberto Hurtado

them chunks and frequent vocabulary. Thereby, they could ask questions or elaborate simple sentences without resorting to Spanish. If students do not understand, such sentences are written in the board to check if it is a listening issue or lack of knowledge regarding vocabulary or structures. According to our observations, some students are capable of holding dialogues, even when their English is not always accurate. However, most of the students identify isolated words and understand complete sentences...

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Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

the way one interprets Math depends on their skill set and point view, including prior learning. It depends on their prior knowledge and the level of math which is being taught. If the level of math being taught is way above what one is capable of they will just interpret it as a bunch of random symbols and not understand what is going on. One needs to have enough prior knowledge to be able to understand more advanced concepts. The shadows of math represent, memorizing the steps required to do the problems...

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Instructional strategies

Assessment Based on Instructional Strategy In this lesson on communication in relationships I focused on using different instructional strategies to better diversify my students learning. By doing this I was also able to better assess students knowledge of the content while also keeping them engaged in different activities. I was also able to assess them at different points throughout the lesson by having them give me feedback at each stage. When I felt students mastered one activity I would switch...

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Overcoming Obstacles: A Short Story

start my epic journey as parts, randomly scattered about with no type of directions. Confused, my mechanics spend countless hours tinkering with my parts, molding me into an amazing machine. Little by little my mechanics become experts. Using their knowledge, the expert mechanics begin to construct the start of a fearless beast. As time goes on I grow from a go-kart to a road car and a road car to a race car. Filled with limitless energy I begin my journey. I spend my first years just trying to start...

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Student Values

for discussion in this paper: Promoting the University of Phoenix's Mission Statement; Consistent Attendance; and Participation in Learning Teams. According to the University Of Phoenix, its mission is to "educate working adults to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities" (University Of Phoenix, 2005, p.2). To fulfill this mission, the University...

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