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K101 Tma04

developing these internal working models through a responsive and caring relationship with their mother they are able to form a sense of who they are and have an understanding where they fit in, in the world around them. Fivush, 2006, quoted in k101 block 2, unit 5, p.30; the internal working model represents the individual’s experiences of early caregiving as generalised models of self, other and the world. Infants who receive sensitive and responsive caregiving will come to represent themselves...

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K101 Tma04

int) The Open University (2010), K101, An Introduction to Health and Social Care, Ronald Labonte ‘A Broad View of Health’, Milton Keynes: The Open University (P12). The Poverty Site http://www.poverty.org.uk/summary/key%20facts.shtml (Accessed 1 February 2013) UNICEF http://www.unicef.org/sowc96/define.html (Accessed 1 February 2013) Department for Education http://www.education.gov.uk (Accessed 2 February 2013) The Open University (2010), K101, An Introduction to Health and Social...

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K101 Tma01

Kim Mason X2616377 K101 TMA01 Part A – What challenges do individuals face when giving and receiving care within the families? Illustrate your answer using examples from K101 Unit 1. The word ‘carer’ is the generally acceptable term, for someone that supports and cares for a family member, friend or neighbour that may be suffering from illness, disability or unable to manage daily life unaided (dircetgov,2006). Care relationships can be very demanding on time and emotions, life can become extremely...

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K101 Tmoo2

provide active support and empower the service user to take responsibility of their own lives. This is where the five key principles of care practice play a fundamental role. They ensure that the service user is at the centre of everything that is done. (K101, Unit 3 p148-149)....

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TMA04 Question 1 In TMA02 I asked my tutor to give me specific feedback on the learning outcome Ky1. I was advised that I should take a little more care with significant figures and scientific notation. There has not been much emphasis on significant figures and scientific notation in TMA04. However I have taken the advice given by my tutor and broadened it to include attention to detail in all areas dealing with numbers within this assignment especially in questions 2 ai) 2ci) & 3bi). Question...

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tma04 e100

TMA04 – Supporting children’s learning environments E100 Ethical Statement I confirm that for this assignment I have only used material drawn from the setting identified on my employer Permission Agreement Form. In this assignment I have adhered to the E100 ethical guidance by: • changing all names within the assignment (the setting, children, parents and colleagues) so that the individuals cannot be identified • sending out a letter informing parents about my studies and providing them...

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TMA 04, part A. In care work, how successful are outreach approaches and advocacy In engaging people who are socially excluded? In what ways might they not succeed? Illustrate your answer with examples from Block 3. In this assignment I am going to outline outreach and advocacy services that are available to people who are socially excluded, and demonstrate how those services are successful in engaging people. I will also discuss the advantages and limitations of outreach and advocacy...

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Bio Lab Essay K101

conditions does the oxidation of guaiacol from enzymes become most optimal, and what has the highest reactivity rates. References Campbell, N and Reese, J.B (2006) Biology, p.142-149, Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco CA Marrs, K (2007) K101 Laboratory Manual, Ex.5 “Characterization of Turnip Root Peroxidase” KhanAcademy (2012) “Oxidation and reduction cellular respiration” http://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/cellular-respiration/v/oxidation-and-reduction-in-cellular-respiration...

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Tma04 Introduction to Social Science

TMA04 Compare and contrast the views of Goffman and Foucault on how social order is produced. Social order can be considered as invisible rules, almost subconscious. It is a way of behaving that we are not always aware of. Silva (2009, p131) suggests that social order is about people fitting together, and how they practice their social existence. There are different views of social order, and this essay will look at the contrasting views of Goffman and Foucault. Goffman’s view is that individuals...

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k101 tma01

Ann in an isolated position, with no work and no outside time to meet her social needs. ‘The ensuing isolation and loneliness seem to be an inevitable part of caring. This has been referred to by other carers as the caring syndrome’ (Cavaye, 2006. K101 Resources). Using up lots of time to care for someone can then increase strain in other relationships, as your balance between them may not be equal. Ann’s relationship with Bob her husband was strained at times with tension between them; this was...

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Tma04 Dse212

People, being naturally inquisitive, have often been referred to as scientists. Even as young children, people are constantly testing and evaluating the boundaries to decipher their own social environment and quickly recognise what is acceptable and what is not. This soon evolves into intuition and whether it is constructed in a logical and rational way depends on a number factors. However, when considering cognitive psychology and the information processing that underpins judgements and risks, people's...

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Aa100 Tma04

Assignment Four: Essay Plan Opening: * Introduction to St Chad’s and Pugin, built 1837-41. * Convert to Catholicism in 1835 * 1829 catholic emancipation act allow the building of catholic churches Paragraph 2 * Description of building and architectural design and its significance * Brick work vs. stone, roof, windows, additions of statues, crypt designed in neo – Norman fashion Paragraph 3 * Internal decoration and layout and its significance * Rood screen, function...

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Tu100 - Tma04

1)a.i. 140 * 341,000,000 = 47,740,000,000 bytes. 1GB = 230 = 1,073,741,824 bytes 47,740,000,000/1,073,741,824 = 44.5GB (3 s.f.) ii. 4.77 * 1010 b. 2 TB = 2*240 = 2199023255552 bytes 2,199,023,255,552/47,740,000,000 = 46 days (rounded to the nearest whole number) c. Week | Data created in week (GB) | Total for Complete (GB) | Total for Incremental (GB) | Total for Differential (GB) | 1 | 25 | 25 | 25 | 25 | 2 | 50 | 100 | 75 | 75 | 3 | 50 | 225 | 125 | 175 | 4 | 100 | 450 | 225...

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B120 Tma04

Introduction A few years ago I got involved in marketing an expensive brand of vacuum cleaners called Kirby. The product was well designed, of high quality and had many features that were lacking in other leading brands. The marketing strategy used were a combination of selling orientation and product orientation, where the business owners assumed that a sales force would be able to sell the product as long as the right approached was used. I was trained to effectively demonstrate the features...

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Assignment Tma04

Essay Plan Option 2: Tradition and Dissent in Music: Dmitri Shostakovich. Introduce topic • Music of Shostakovich. • What is a string quartet? http://classicalmusic.about.com/od/classicalmusic101/p/stringquartet.htm • Where are string quartet’s usually played? • http://www.eas-musikmanagement.de/index.php/en/biolawrence • Shostakovich and Russia http://web.mit.edu/jikatz/www/Shostakovich.pdf Shostakovich’s progress • Start about his progression in...

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E100 Tma04

Supporting children’s learning environment Part 1 E100 Ethical Statement I confirm that in this assignment I have only used material drawn from the setting identified on my employers Permission Agreement Form. In this assignment I have adhered to the E100 ethical guidance by: • Changing all names within the assignment (the setting, children, parents and colleagues) so that the individuals cannot be identified. • Sending out a letter informing parents about my studies and...

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TMA04 Supporting Children's Learning

TMA 04 - Supporting children’s learning through the curriculum For the purpose of this assignment I have observed a child in my setting. Ethical Guidelines have been met and all names have been changed. Part I In this assignment I have focused on James’s development in the area of Communication and Language. James is 14 months old and both of his parents are English speaking. The observations I made can be found as an appendix. I have made exclusively spontaneous observations, as it is...

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Blair Maynard TMA04 A8541288

How a person’s experiences of having tattoos and piercings affects their sense of self identity. Using a phenomenological approach. Abstract Tattoos, body piercings and various forms of body ornamentation have been found not only in modern society but dating back thousands of years becoming a more and more mainstream as the years go on. How people experience living with tattoos and piercings can affect their sense of self identity. The aim of this particular study was to find out how a person living...

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was doing for Angus made her a carer. Ann was also reluctant to take this view because she thought it was her duty. This caused a number of difficulties for Ann. It all came to a point when she had to give up her job as Angus needed care 24/7 (K101 audio 1.2 parts 2). Ann has spent 6 years caring for Angus. It appears to become quite difficult for Ann as his condition deteriorates and he requires more and more of Ann’s time. Ann loved her job and the social aspect of being around other...

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In this essay I will be discussing the case study in K101 block 1 unit 1 of Ann, 37 the daughter of Angus, 79 who has Parkinson disease her daughter Zoe 12 a student and Bob her husband. Parkinson’s disease is a condition which affects about one in 500 people in the UK it is the results of a loss of nerve cells in a part of the brain which coordinates movement. I will discuss how establishing and maintaining good quality care relationship can be both rewarding and challenging for all involved and...

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Social Order in Public Spaces: Buchanan and Monderman`s Approaches

1 TMA04 Word count 1472. Compare and contrast Buchanan and Monderman`s approaches to the production of social order in public spaces?. This essay will look at the ordering of motor vehicles and pedestrians ,in order to compare and contrast Colin Buchanan’s Traffic in towns 1963 government commissioned report, with Hans Monderman’s thesis 1982.It will also look briefly at further accounts of social order that of philosopher Micheal Foucault’s macro dimensions of social life and sociologists...

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References Cavaye, J.,(2010) ‘1 Becoming and being a carer’ in K101 An introduction to health and social care Resources, Milton Keynes, The Open University Townsend, P., (1957)’The family system of care’ in Johnson, J and Desouza, C Understanding Health and Social Care, Milton Keynes, The Open University Walmsley, J., (2010) ‘Unit 1 Care: a family affair’ in K101 An introduction to health and social care Who Cares?, Milton Keynes, The Open University ...

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TMA04: Compare and contrast two social science views about the ordering of social life  Introduction - Define ‘ordered society’ - Define ‘ordered in social situations’ - Macro society – hierarchy, rules, laws, institutions, dispenses knowledge – ordered society - Micro society – unwritten rules, learnt behaviours, socialisation – ordered social situations  Goffman - Outline main views - Theatre/roles - We are all acting certain roles in society - Unwritten...

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TMA04: The Invention Of Tradition. How selective did Irish Nationalists have to be to establish continuity with the national past? The Invention of Tradition as described by Hobsbawm and Ranger, “Is taken to mean a set of practices, normally governed by overtly or tacitly accepted rules and of ritual or symbolic nature, which seek to inculcate certain values as norms of behaviour by reputation.” (E. Hobsbawm, T Ranger, 1983. p.3) The concept of tradition is the passing down of practices...

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Marketing and Freshly Ground Coffee

TITLE: Personal experience of marketing using module concepts from Book4. COURSE: B120 An Introduction to Business Studies. ASSIGNMENT: TMA04. DATE: 25/07/2013. SUBMITTED BY: Ayodeji Olusanya STUDENT PI: C5650672. TUTOR: Patrick Langan. `Essentials`- A situation where I have come into contact with marketing in some shape or form. I was a manager at the above mini supermarket for a period of four years and was actively involved in the day to day operation of the business. The business was...

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Family and Ann

K101 An introduction to health and social care TMA 01 Part A Introduction In this assignment I am going to look at the difficulties and rewards experienced by carers, especially those who care for a family member. I am going to look closely at the role of one such carer, a 37 year old woman called Ann who fell into the unexpected role of caring for her stepfather who has Parkinson’s disease. I would like to first define the word ‘carer’ a carer is someone who supports and cares for someone...

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Marketing mix in a business

 The Marketing Mix in a Business Case Study - Simon Speers, Bottle Green B120 TMA04 Submitted by: Briony White Tutor: Pradeep Sharma Part 1 (a) The marketing mix is a strategy tool used to formulate a plan for product development and promotions in a business. Examining the mix for the company Bottle Green may help Simon Speers, Company Owner, see the strengths and weaknesses of the business whilst considering its growth potential. The four core elements of marketing...

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Music and History

Music History and Appreciation 1 Journal #1 MUS K101 T2 Hildegard von Bingen “Play of Virtues” At the beginning of the song, it wasn't singing instead she was talking. Then she started to sing right after she was done talking. I couldn't follow the translation because it sounded like Latin or French. I kept listening to it over and over but I couldn't understand what the words meant. She does have the most beautiful voice though. She sounds like an opera singer. I noticed when she...

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How can care workers be supported to provide better care

carers extra work to do and can take the focus of care away from service users. It is essential to provide guidelines and records that are clear and easy to follow, to create the balance between paperwork and good quality care. Open University (2008) K101 An Introduction to Health and Social Care, Unit 17 "Unacceptable care”, Milton Keynes, The Open University. G. Lee-Treweek (1994) ‘Bedroom abuse: the hidden work in a nursing home’ in Johnston, J. and De Souza, J. (Eds),'Understanding Health and Social...

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Family and Life Story Work

Whether it is a disabled people, elderly persons, or anyone with gaps in their lives that they need to understand. It can be therapeutic, but it is not for everyone. Words 1536 References The Open University (2011) DVD1: Building a life story, K101, An introduction to health and social care, Milton Keynes, The Open University. ...

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Ashlie Plummer English K101s James Gorham 17 September 2014 Positive and Effective Writing Techniques Used by the Dalai Lama What are some creative and effective ways to captures a reader’s attention when discussing a topic as controversial as new genetics and cloning? The Dalai Lama is very knowledgeable person who cares about all of humanity and that reflects on his techniques he uses in the chapter in his book The Universe in a Single Atom. Trying to include the reader, being knowledgeable...

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Business Organisations and Their Environment

B201 Business organisations and their environments Report TMA04 - First Draft Introduction I work for McDonald's Restaurants UK Ltd. as a Breakfast Manager and Inventory Manager Assistant. My roles and responsibilities consists of opening procedures, which are mainly ensuring there is sufficient raw materials available for a smooth breakfast operation, cash handling procedures, which are mainly ensuring there is enough change on the floor available for staff...

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Bridge Syllabus 2012-2013

of the tougher concepts in biology – for example, the biochemistry of photosynthesis, meiosis, etc. This project will also help many of our bridge students because these subjects are covered in K101. We will try to finish both projects by September 29 (depends on when the selected topics are covered in K101). For extra credit, members of the Bridge class will visit the 2nd grade classroom. 6. Bridge Scrapbook – during the fall semester the class will select pictures from the Bridge and fall semester...

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Whirlpool Europe

TMA04 - Whirlpool Europe Harvard Business School Case Study 9-202-017 The introduction of an Enterprise Resource System (ERP) [pic] ANSWER TO QUESTION 1: The Enterprise Resource Planning System is a cross-functional information system that represents an important development for Whirlpool and an important area of activity for the information management function. Instead of focusing on the information processing requirements of business functions, ERP software focuses on supporting...

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Self-Awareness and the Locus of the Self-Knowledge Development: a Comparison Study to Investigate Developmental Sequences Using Semi-Structured Self Concept Interviews

interview. Statements were categorized in four distinct categories being (a) Physical (P), (b) Character (C), (c) Relationships and (d) Inner Experiences (I). A single "I" statement was split in two where appropriate. ?? ?? ?? ?? ED209: TMA04...

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The effect of retirement upon the mental and/or physical health of an individual

7th Feb and 14th Feb. Draft research leaflet for participants. Week starting 24 Jan 2011- Prepare at least ten questions. Pre-test interview questions with work manager for reflection and any further refocusing and refinement. 26 Jan 2011- Submit TMA04 Week starting 31 Jan 2011- Check recording equipment, alert both participants on interview date and arrangements agreed. Check and reconfirm work commitments week starting 7 Feb and 14 Feb. Week starting 7 Feb 2011- Interview one. Transcribe interview...

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Schematic Diagrams: Flat Color Television

QQR1199-002 Y803 X D810 *8 R804 75 V2/Y_GND Y804 Y805 X X CONT PW R792 33 1/2W BL_GND PW 3.3V_STB 8V A_VCC A_GND 5V 12V 3.3V NECK H_DRIVE HFB ABL EW P_ON/OFF VDRA+ VDRBPROTECT V12A 32V TU001 QAU0353-002 TUNER K103 QQR1114-001Z L001 X K101 QQR1114-001Z L703 *4 CH VrefN_Sdac C704 C790 .1 27p VrefP_Sdac IC701 VrefN_Sdac C705 7p CH VrefP_Sdac XtalIn XtalOut VssA1 GND RefAdN V3.3A1 C307 MC X MC C308 X C703 LC803 QQR1199-002 Y816 X R805 75 J802 QNN0349-002 8V A_VCC...

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Phenomenological Project

interviews * 17th June 2013 transcribe interviews, read transcriptions, analyse material find themes and code them, complete analysis * 24th June 2013 begin writing the project * 30th June 2013 complete project write up * 04th July 2013 submit TMA04 (WORD 199) | | Methods of data collection and analysis Tick one option from the choice of data collection methods and one option from the methods of data analysis. | Data collection...

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