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K101 Tma04

developing these internal working models through a responsive and caring relationship with their mother they are able to form a sense of who they are and have an understanding where they fit in, in the world around them. Fivush, 2006, quoted in k101 block 2, unit 5, p.30; the internal working model represents the individual’s experiences of early caregiving as generalised models of self, other and the world. Infants who receive sensitive and responsive caregiving will come to represent themselves...

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K101 Tma04

int) The Open University (2010), K101, An Introduction to Health and Social Care, Ronald Labonte ‘A Broad View of Health’, Milton Keynes: The Open University (P12). The Poverty Site http://www.poverty.org.uk/summary/key%20facts.shtml (Accessed 1 February 2013) UNICEF http://www.unicef.org/sowc96/define.html (Accessed 1 February 2013) Department for Education http://www.education.gov.uk (Accessed 2 February 2013) The Open University (2010), K101, An Introduction to Health and Social...

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K101 Tma01

Kim Mason X2616377 K101 TMA01 Part A – What challenges do individuals face when giving and receiving care within the families? Illustrate your answer using examples from K101 Unit 1. The word ‘carer’ is the generally acceptable term, for someone that supports and cares for a family member, friend or neighbour that may be suffering from illness, disability or unable to manage daily life unaided (dircetgov,2006). Care relationships can be very demanding on time and emotions, life can become extremely...

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K101 Tmoo2

provide active support and empower the service user to take responsibility of their own lives. This is where the five key principles of care practice play a fundamental role. They ensure that the service user is at the centre of everything that is done. (K101, Unit 3 p148-149)....

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TMA04 Question 1 In TMA02 I asked my tutor to give me specific feedback on the learning outcome Ky1. I was advised that I should take a little more care with significant figures and scientific notation. There has not been much emphasis on significant figures and scientific notation in TMA04. However I have taken the advice given by my tutor and broadened it to include attention to detail in all areas dealing with numbers within this assignment especially in questions 2 ai) 2ci) & 3bi). Question...

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TMA 04, part A. In care work, how successful are outreach approaches and advocacy In engaging people who are socially excluded? In what ways might they not succeed? Illustrate your answer with examples from Block 3. In this assignment I am going to outline outreach and advocacy services that are available to people who are socially excluded, and demonstrate how those services are successful in engaging people. I will also discuss the advantages and limitations of outreach and advocacy...

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Bio Lab Essay K101

conditions does the oxidation of guaiacol from enzymes become most optimal, and what has the highest reactivity rates. References Campbell, N and Reese, J.B (2006) Biology, p.142-149, Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco CA Marrs, K (2007) K101 Laboratory Manual, Ex.5 “Characterization of Turnip Root Peroxidase” KhanAcademy (2012) “Oxidation and reduction cellular respiration” http://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/cellular-respiration/v/oxidation-and-reduction-in-cellular-respiration...

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Tma04 Introduction to Social Science

TMA04 Compare and contrast the views of Goffman and Foucault on how social order is produced. Social order can be considered as invisible rules, almost subconscious. It is a way of behaving that we are not always aware of. Silva (2009, p131) suggests that social order is about people fitting together, and how they practice their social existence. There are different views of social order, and this essay will look at the contrasting views of Goffman and Foucault. Goffman’s view is that individuals...

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k101 tma01

Ann in an isolated position, with no work and no outside time to meet her social needs. ‘The ensuing isolation and loneliness seem to be an inevitable part of caring. This has been referred to by other carers as the caring syndrome’ (Cavaye, 2006. K101 Resources). Using up lots of time to care for someone can then increase strain in other relationships, as your balance between them may not be equal. Ann’s relationship with Bob her husband was strained at times with tension between them; this was...

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Tma04 Dse212

People, being naturally inquisitive, have often been referred to as scientists. Even as young children, people are constantly testing and evaluating the boundaries to decipher their own social environment and quickly recognise what is acceptable and what is not. This soon evolves into intuition and whether it is constructed in a logical and rational way depends on a number factors. However, when considering cognitive psychology and the information processing that underpins judgements and risks, people's...

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