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Jurnal Struktur Modal

STRUKTUR ORGANISASI dan PENGENDALIAN Perusahaan dalam menjalankan bisnisnya mempunyai Strategic Competitiveness. Dalam usaha pencapaian Strategic Competitiveness tersebut Struktur Organisasi yang dipilih harus sejalan dengan strategi yang telah dirumuskan sebelumnya. Setiap perusahaan atau organisasi membutuhkan bentuk struktur organisasi tertentu untuk menerapkan dan juga mengelola strateginya. Struktur organisasi adalah konfigurasi peran formal, prosedur, governansi dan juga mekanisme control...

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Modal Verbs

Modal verbs A modal verb is a verb, for example ‘can’, ‘might’, or ‘must’ that is used before another verb to show that something is possible, necessary, etc. Here are some of the uses and meanings of modal verbs. For a more detailed description, use a good grammar book. Here are the main modal verbs of English: can could may might must ought shall will would Expressing degrees of certainty In the speaker’s opinion, John has the car: The car’s not here – John must have taken it. The speaker...

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Modals: Modal Verb and Substitute Form

awhile before you speak? 20. I was reading the book last night before I went to bed. I never took it out of this room. It  be lying around here somewhere. Where  it be? be swallowed, causing serious injury or even death. A-Choose the suitable modal verb. 1-I have no time. I  leave now or I  miss the bus. 2-I wish I  buy a new mobile phone but I don't have enough money. 3-She looks tired; she  take some days off. 4-Judy is not at home. She have gone to Madrid, I don't know. 5-Tom  play tennis...

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Keputusan kajian juga menunjukkan tidak terdapat perbezaan yang signifikan bagi ciri keperluan pencapaian dan lokus kawalan berdasarkan faktor umur, tahap pendidikan dan jangkamasa memiliki perniagaan. Keywords : Personality, Entrepreneurship Jurnal Manajemen & Bisnis Sriwijaya Vol. 3 No. 6 Desember 2005 NORITA DERAMAN, dkk I. PENDAHULUAN Dekad yang lepas telah menunjukkan minat yang tinggi terhadap penyelidikan dan amalan dalam bidang keusahawanan. Bukti yang paling jelas tentang kebangkitan...

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Copyright #ERS Journals Ltd 2002 European Respiratory Journal ISSN 0903-1936 Eur Respir J 2002; 19: 6–7 DOI: 10.1183/09031936.02.00281002 Printed in UK – all rights reserved EDITORIAL Understanding cough A.H. Morice*, J. Widdicombe#, P. Dicpinigaitis}, L. Groenkez A recent meeting on antitussive strategies presented an opportunity to review current practice in the treatment of acute cough due to respiratory tract infection (RTI). Multiple factors contribute to the present lack ...

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Modals Exercise

Choose the right modal verb. 1. There is plenty of tomatoes in the fridge. You __________ buy any. 2. It's a hospital. You __________ smoke. 3. He had been working for more than 11 hours. He __________ be tired after such hard work. He _________ prefer to get some rest. 4. I __________ speak Arabic fluently when I was a child and lived in Morocco. But after we moved back to Canada, I had very little exposure to the language and forgot almost everything I knew as a child. Now, I _________ just...

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Multi Nuclie Modal

DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE, NIT, PATNA Multi-nuclei planning INTRODUCTION The multi-nuclei development in a metropolitan planning is based on the observations that frequently, there are series of nuclei in the pattering of the urban land uses. It is a modal of urban land uses in which a cities grows from one central business district (C.B.D.). CHARACTERISTICS * The number of nuclei and the function each vary one metropolitan area to another. * Each nuclei acts as a growth centre from a particular...

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The Modal Cosmological Argument

THE REASONABLENESS OF ACCEPTING OR REJECTING THE MODAL COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT: In this essay I shall explain why it is reasonable to accept "The Modal Cosmological Argument" as a rational explanation for the existence of God. The modal cosmological argument makes use of "modal" elements such as possibility, necessary existence and contingent existence to prove that a necessary being - namely God - exists. It also applies to the entire cosmos and all possible cosmoi and therefore deemed to be...

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Pasaran Modal Islam

Jurnal Syariah, Jil. 17, Bil. 3 (2009) 431-456 Shariah Journal, Vol. 17, No. 3 (2009) 431-456 ANALISIS PERKEMBANGAN PASARAN SAHAM ISLAM DI MALAYSIA Mohd Yahya Mohd Hussin* Joni Tamkin Borhan** ABSTRACT Islamic stock market (ISM) is one of the most important components in the Islamic capital market (ICM). In making ISM more competitive, Syariah Advisory Committee of Security Commission has introduced the listing of Syariah approved counter/stock based on the primary sources (al-Quran...

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Modal Verbs Usage in Modern English Fiction

calledmodals(M). The modals are listed here: will all may must can Historically, English modals came from a special class of verbs in Ger- manic, the ancestor of English and the other Germanic languages. Modals have always differed from ordinary verbs, to the point where they now belong to a special category of their own. Modals and verbs differ in the range of forms that Sentence: 4.24: Fritz may get a promotion. they exhibit. English verbs appear in a number of distinct forms, whereas modals have a...

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Multi-Modal Language Essay

to read the text. It also plays a big role in helping shy people. Many people find it easier talking to someone online rather than face to face. If your social skills are not brilliant this may help to build your confidence in the future. Multi-modal language also allows your conversation to be quieter and more private; however this can exclude others when used in the wrong situation. No one else can see what you’re saying except for the person receiving the text. Though messages can be sent quickly...

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Makalah Pasar Modal

Penegakan Hukum Di Bidang Pasar Modal Oleh : Elfira Taufani, S.H., M.Hum[1] Abstrak : Hukum ekonomi keuangan merupakan salah satu bagian dari hukum ekonomi yang salah satu aspeknya mengatur kegiatan dari pasar modal. Dalam Undang-Undang Pasar Modal (UUPM) selain memuat sanksi administrasi juga dilengkapi sanksi pidana yang diatur dalam Bab XV tentang ketentuan pidana (Pasal 103 s/d Pasal 110). Walaupun undang-undang ini telah dilengkapi dengan sankisi pidana, tapi dalam praktiknya masih banyak...

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Modal Verbs

Modal Verbs CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ………………………..………………………………….......... 3 CHAPTER ONE. CATEGORY OF MODALITY AND MEANS OF ITS EXPRESSION …………...…………………………...…......4 1.1. Notion of modality and history of its study ……….…….………….4 1.2. Modal verbs as means of expressing modality………………...........6 Conclusions to Chapter One ………………………………………………........12 CHAPTER TWO. LEXICO-GRAMMATICAL MEANS OF EXRESSING MODALITY …………………………………………...…..13 2.1. Modal verbs as...

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Modal Verb

S centre 29 Modal verbs A modal verb is a verb that is used before another verb to express meanings such as ability, permission, possibility, necessity or advice. The modal verbs are can, could, may, might, must, ought, shall, should, will and would. Need and used to can follow some of the grammar patterns of modal verbs, but are also used like ordinary verbs. For more information about any modal verb, look in the dictionary at the entry for the word. The grammar of modal verbs • they are...

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modal verbs

04 IBERICA 19.qxp 22/3/10 17:21 Página 77 A contrastive analysis of the use of modal verbs in the expression of epistemic stance in Business Management research articles in English and Spanish1 Ignacio Vázquez Orta Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) ivazquez@unizar.es Abstract In the present paper an intercultural quantitative and qualitative analysis of the use of modal verbs as epistemic stance markers in SERAC (Spanish-English Research Article Corpus), a corpus of research...

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Modal verbs

advantage to) Obligation (be obliged to) Volition Ability (be able to) Inclination (be willing to) Promise/Intention (be going to) 1 1. Modality 1.1 Modality: excercise 4. Clause combining 2 Practice • Say whether the modal verbs used in the following sentences express likelihood (possibility, probability, certainty), requirement (permission, advice, obligation) or volition (ability, inclination, promise, intention): 1. You will feel better after this medicine 2....

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Modal Verbs

English Grammar Modal Auxiliary Verbs Modal Auxiliary Verbs  Modal auxiliary verbs are used with a main verb to show, mood and ideas such as ability, possibility and permission. Modal Auxiliary Verbs can will must shall may could would ought to should might Modal Auxiliary Verbs Can: Can is used 1) to express ability: Ryan can speak French but he cannot speak German. Superman can do things that ordinary people can’t. 2) to express request: Can you help Sue? Can I offer you something...

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Dramatistic and Modal Analysis of Poetry by Pablo Neruda

Dramatistic and Modal Analysis Poetry by Pablo Neruda Dramatistic Analysis Poetry is the language of a living soul. Pablo Neruda’s persona speaks to himself in one of his poem’s entitled Poetry upon recognizing, seizing and accepting love into his life. This is illustrated through the use of the Pablo Neruda’s vivacious combination of words revealing exhilaration, euphoria and immortalizing through the power of his pen in the form of poetry. As mentioned previously, the author speaks of a certain...

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jurnal pengurusan

Jurnal Pengurusan 24(2004) 47-77 Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Indices: Cointegration Evidence from Stock Exchange of Singapore’s All-S Sector Indices Ramin Cooper Maysami Lee Chuin Howe Mohamad Atkin Hamzah ABSTRACT The relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock market returns is, by now, well-documented in the literature. However, a void in the literature relates to examining the cointegration between macroeconomic variables and stock...

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Financial Flexibility

sistem keuangan - yaitu sistem keuangan yang berbasis perbankan dan permodalan - dapat memprediksi keputusan pemilihan struktur modal perusahaan tertentu. Jadi saya memperbaiki analisis sistem keuangan sebagai penentu perubahan organisasi di tingkat mikro. Secara umum, penelitian awal ini adalah terkait pemahaman tentang bagaimana sistem keuangan dapat mempengaruhi struktur modal perusahaan, yang pada gilirannya mempengaruhi perilaku perusahaan dan strategi. Fleksibilitas keuangan Sehubungan dengan...

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English Language and Modal Verbs

especially modal verb, which one of the essential parts of a verb phrase in English, because I myself regard it as a very useful tool for the learners of English. Key words: phrase, verb phrase, modal verb OUTLINE I. Introduction 1. Rational 2. Aims II. Procedures III. Findings 1. Overview of verb phrase 2. Overview of modal verb IV. Analysis and Interpretation 1. Meanings of modal verbs 2. Position of modal verbs 3. English...

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Grammatical Tense and Modal Verb

Introduction Modal verb are used to show the speaker’s attitude toward the action or state indicated by the infinitive i.e. they show that the action indicated by the infinitive is considered as possible, impossible, probable, improbable, obligatory, necessary, advisable, doubtful or uncertain. [ В. Л. Каушанская 118p.] Modal words are morphologically unchangeable words that function as parenthesis and express the correlation between the content of an utterance with the real-world situation as seen...

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Modal Verbs

Дополните предложения модальными глаголами can/can't, must/mustn't, needn't, have to: 1 A:    Is Jason at work today?    B:    He ...can't... be. His car isn't in the car park. 2 A:    I can't do my German homework. It's too difficult.    B:    I'll help you. I............speak German. 3 A:    I'm going to watch television.    B:    Alright, but you .............stay up too late. 4 A:    We............book a taxi to take us to the airport.    B:    I'll do it now. 5 A:    I didn't...

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Jurnal Earnings Management

PENGARUH SISTEM HUKUM TERHADAP MANAGEMEN LABA DENGAN KEPEMILIKAN INSTITUSIONAL SEBAGAI VARIABEL PEMODERASI: STUDI PERBANDINGAN INGGRIS DAN PERANCIS Akuntansi Keuangan dan Pasar Modal (Kode: AKPM) Wulandari (Alumni Program MSi FEB Universitas Gadjah Mada) Ratu Ayu, S.W.M.A. (FE Universitas Jenderal Soedirman) Abstract This research aims to provide empirical evidence concerning the effect of different legal systems (common and civil law) on earnings management and the influence of legal system on earnings...

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Modals Activity

Inglês: Gramática Organizado por Natália Guerreiro em abril de 2007 Aluno(a):_____________________ Turma: Vetor ___ Connectors & Discourse Markers Connectors, discourse markers, text or discourse organizers, conjunctions, linking words, transition signals… Como você vai ver nas questões de vestibular, os nomes variam, por motivos que não nos cabe discutir aqui. Porém, é importante saber que se trata dessas palavras ou expressões que ligam uma oração a outra, um período a outro, ou mesmo uma...

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Determinants Of Modal Choice For Freigh

DETERMINANTS OF MODAL CHOICE FOR FREIGHT TRANSPORT: CONSEQUENCES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF SHORT-SEA SHIPPING BETWEEN SPAIN AND EUROPE María Feo-Valero a, Leandro García-Menéndez a, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso b and Eva María Pérez-García a a Instituto de Economía Internacional. Universidad de Valencia. Spain b Instituto de Economía Internacional. Universidad Jaume I. Spain ABSTRACTi This paper presents a freight transport demand function consistent with the economic theory of modal choice in a price-time-reliability...

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dan Perbedaan Sistem Politik Ekonomi antar Negara - Alasan dan Pendorong Utama Globalisasi - Sistem Politik, Ekonomi, dan Hukum - Faktor Penentu Perkembangan Ekonomi HB bab 1 & 2 GP bab 1 & 2 2 Budaya dan Etika - Definisi Kebudayaan - Struktur Sosial - Agama dan Sistem Etika - Kebudayaan dan Lingkungan Kerja HB bab 3 & 4 GP bab 4 & 5 3 Lingkungan Investasi & Perdagangan Global Teori perdagangan Internasional - Merchantilism - Absolute Advantage - Comparative Advantage - Hecsker...

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Management Control System

operasi baru, Times Perusahaan Digital, diciptakan, yang melaporkan langsung kepada manajemen perusahaan. Divisi baru termasuk NYTimes.com, Boston.com, NYToday.com, GolfDigest.com, WineToday.com, dan beramai-ramai. Divisi baru memiliki struktur desentralisasi dan struktur organisasi yang berbeda tapi masih dengan peran yang sama sebagai surat kabar umum. Website yang berbeda digabungkan dalam organisasi baru untuk dapat belajar satu sama lain. Banyak usaha kemudian dimasukkan ke dalam menciptakan budaya...

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Modul Penyelesaian Akuntansi

disesuaikan. 7.5 Kolom-kolom laporan laba rugi dan neraca 7.6 Laporan keuangan 7.7 Ayat jurnal penutup. 7.1. Neraca Lajur (Worksheet) Neraca lajur (worksheet) adalah kertas kerja (working papers) yang bisa digunakan untuk mengikhtisarkan ayat jurnal penyesuaian dan saldo akun untuk penyusunan laporan keuangan. Neraca lajur bukanlah bagian dari catatan akuntansi yang formal, bukan bagian dari jurnal atau buku besar dan bukan pula sebuah laporan keuangan 7.2. Kolom-Kolom Neraca Saldo...

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Modal Auxiliary Verbs of Probability

umbrella.” F) COULD has a similar meaning to MIGHT. Example: “You could be right. I’m not sure” G) COULDN’T has a similar meaning to CAN’T but is slightly weaker. Example: She couldn’t have a ten-year-old daughter! She’s only 21 herself! MODAL AUXILIARY VERBS OF PROBABILITY IN THE PAST They express the same degrees of certainty. (WILL HAVE DONE is the most certain, and MIGHT/COULD HAVE DONE is the least certain. Example: “I met a tall girl at your party. Very attractive”. “That’ll have...

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Cross-Modal Bilingualism

International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism Vol. 13, No. 2, March 2010, 201Á223 Cross-modal bilingualism: language contact as evidence of linguistic transfer in sign bilingual education Bruno Menendez* ´ PhD student and Member of the research projects Hum2006-10235-Fil (UPF) and FFI200801452-E (UIMP), both directed by Lourdes Diaz and funded by the Spanish Ministry of Research MICINN, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain (Received 9 November 2009; final version received...

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Multi Modal Discourse Analysis

a personal text, by giving the reader a feeling of involvement with the sender. Modality is expressed by modal verbs, two examples of these is found in the text: “(…) what the world should look like: it should be “green”” here the modal should is communicating obligation. In this case it is the people of the world that are obligated to protect and take responsibility for the earth. The modal verb also indicates that something is not yet as it should be. The world should be green – meaning that it...

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Good Governance

dalam beberapa hal berbeda dengan akuntansi sektor swasta. Perbedaan sifat dan karakteristik sektor publik dengan sektor swasta dapat dilihat dengan membandingkan beberapa hal, yaitu: tujuan organisasi, sumber pembiayaan, pola pertanggungjawaban, struktur organisasi, karakteristik anggaran, stakeholder yang dipengaruhi, dan sistem akuntansi yang digunakan. 1. Tujuan organisasi Dilihat dari tujuannya, organisasi sektor publik berbeda dengan sektor swasta. Perbedaan menonjol terletak pada tujuan memperoleh...

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multi modal transport

LOGISTICS PARKS Multimodal Logistics Park provide all types of transportation facilities at a palace for the end user or defined as a rail, road based inter-modal traffic handling facilitation complex comprising container terminals, bulk/break- bulk cargo terminals, warehouses, banking and office space and facilities for mechanized handling, inter-modal transfers, sorting/grading, cold chain, aggregation / desegregations etc. to handle freight traffic. The key components of a Multimodal Logistics Park...

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Inter Modal Transportation

Explain what ‘Intermodal Transportation’ with reference to ‘Containerization’ is in today’s transportation process. Contents 1. Intermodal Transportation 2. Containerization 3. References 1. Intermodal Transportation Globalization and the constant expansion of the geographical borders led to an increase of the international transport’s demand, promoting the development of the transport sector.  In fact, the growth of the amount of freight being traded, as well as, a great...

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Multi-Modal Essay

Over the past ten to fifteen years, there has been a major change in the way people communicate to each other due to the development of the internet. Because of this, there has been a massive effect on the amount of socialising between friends and family; using technology in online social messaging websites such as Bebo, MSN, Facebook and many more. Through these social messaging websites, more and more people can interact with their friends and family all over the world. An expert professor David...

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Aplikasi Untuk Dagang

merupakan hak dari pihak lain yang dalam hal ini termasuk pemilik perusahaan. Selain menggunakan modal dari pemilik, juga menggunakan pinjaman untuk membiayai operasinya. Karena konsep kesatuan usaha menghendaki pemisahan modal pemilik dari kekayaan atau harta perusahaan, maka ketiga unsur persamaan akuntansi dinyatakan sebagai berikut [1]: H=U+M (1) di mana: H = Harta atau aktiva U = Utang atau kewajiban M = Modal pemilik Pada persamaan di atas, penggunaan utang akan menambah harta perusahaan. Tetapi...

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Asset Management

tersebut. 2. Credit/Loan Dikarenakan Credit/Loan didalam jumlah rupiah sebagian besar (96%) berasal dari Corporate, maka strategy lebih difokuskan untuk penyelesaian loan Corporate yang akan diambil sebagai berikut: 1. Perubahan struktur manajemen, yaitu dengan menempatkan beberapa wakil pemerintah (yang ahli dan mengerti bisnis dari debtor) dalam jajaran Direksi dan Komisaris, termasuk perubahan nama (apabila perlu) untuk memperbaiki kinerja dan menjamin kelangsungan operasi dari...

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Audit Beban Dibayar Dimuka

moneter yang dikaitkan dengan masing-masing tujuan. Prosedur audit yang bermanfaat untuk menguji apakah seluruh penerimaan kas telah disetor e rekening bank adalah pembuktian atas penerimaan kas. Dalam pengujian ini total penerimaan kas yang dicatat di jurnal penerimaan kas pada periode tertentu, misalnya satu bulan, direkonsiliasi dengan setoran actual yang dilakukan ke bank untuk periode yang sama. D. Pengendalian Intern terhadap Saldo kas Dokumen dan catatan penting yang biasanya digunakan dalam...

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Audit Jurnal

Marianne Ojo. (2009), Oxford Brookes University. The overall purpose of this article is to be highlighted is why the external auditor is such an important tool in corporate governance. Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. It is basically needed to balance the interest of the stakeholders in a company. Meanwhile, the external auditor is needed to make sure that the company follow the GAAP, checking the accounting record...

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Definisi Pengendalian Intern

luas: Pengendalian Intern dapat disamakan dengan “Manajemen Control”, yaitu suatu sistem yang meliputi semua cara-cara yang digunakan oleh pimpinan perusahaan untuk mengawasi/mengendalikan perusahaan. Dalam pengertian Pengendalian Intern meliputi : Struktur Organisasi, formulir-formulir dan prosedur pembukuan dan laporan (Administrasi), budget dan standart pemeriksaan intern dan sebagainya. (Hartanto, 1997 : 51). Sedangkan Zaki Baridwan juga dapat mengartikan Pengendalian Intern...

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Strategi Produk International

RINGKASAN JURNAL JURNAL KE 1 : STRATEGI PRODUK INTERNASIONAL : SEBUAH STUDI EKSPLORASI Anders Pehrsson Department of Business Administration, Stockholm University, Sweden (First received March 1994; accepted in revised form January 1995) Pencarian untuk strategi yang berbeda yang mempertimbangkan keseimbangan antara standardisasi produk di segmen pasar dan adaptasi mereka untuk segmen tunggal, merupakan daerah penting dari penelitian di bidang strategi bisnis internasional. Namun,...

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Earning Response Coefficient

ditemukan alasannya. Struktur Modal Dhaliwal et al (1991), Dhaliwal dan Reynold (1994) serta Billings (1999) menunjukkan bahwa informativeness of earnings menurun sesuai dengan default risk. Dhaliwal dan Reynald (1994) menggunakan dua proksi untuk default risk yaitu bond ratings dan debt-to-market equity (debt/equity) ratio. Kedua proksi tersebut mencerminkan risiko-risiko yang relevan yang tidak bisa dicerminkan oleh equity beta. Debt/equity ratio ini mencerminkan struktur modal yang dimiliki perusahaan...

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Multi-Modal Transport System Effects on Selection of Global Supply

UNIVERSITY OF GLAMORGAN BUSSINESS SCHOOL | Globalization of Logistics and Supply Chain: Selection Of Global Supplier Over Local Impacts On Sustainability of Supply Chain | Key words : Sustainable Supply Chain, Multi- modal/Intra-modal Transport, Transport modes, Logistics, Operations, Sustainability, Triple bottom line | | Aqeel Iqbal | 15-Apr-13 | This paper is conceptualizing on combination of transport modes organisation use to maintain sustainability in their supply chain by keeping...

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Business Journal in Bahasa

JURNAL MANAJEMEN & BISNIS SRIWIJAYA Vol. 1, No, Oktober 2003 ISSN 1412-4521 Pengaruh Kompensasi dan Karakteristik Perkerjaan Terhadap Kepuasan Kerja Karyawan Unit Produksi PT. X Palembang Agung Panudju Restrukturisasi Hutang Melalui Kebijakan Debt To Equity Swap dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Struktur Keuangan Yusuf Haryono Pengaruh Perilaku Kepemimpinan Transformasional dan Transaksional Terhadap Kinerja karyawan Lini Depan Perusahan Jasa Andira dan Budiarto Subroto Pengukuran Kepuasan Kemitraan...

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multi modal

The world has changed greatly over the years. The language has evolved and culture has changed. Due to the large increase in the number of people who use mobile phones and social networking sites, people, especially young ones developed a new, non-standard form of English which we have called text speak. There are some good things and a few bad things about it. I will explain it further now. To keep things simple, text-speak is a non-standard form of English and although it seems as if it did...

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Gagalnya Pembangunan

BAB 7 TUJUH KETIMPANGAN MENJELANG AKHIR ORDE BARU OLEH ANDRINOF A CHANIAGO NAMA : HANNA M.S. SIHITE NPM : 1206254845 Kejatuhan ekonomi Indonesia sehingga menjadi krisis terparah di antara negara-negara Asia yang terkena krisis bersumber pada struktur sosial dan ekonomi rapuh dan kemerosotan moral sosial yang drastis pada masyarakat selama kurang lebih sembilan tahun terakhir pemerintahan Orde Baru. Namun kerapuhan ini tidak terlihat oleh para ahli ekonomi Indonesia, mereka hanya melihat bahwa...

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Konkurrenzanalyse Blue Elph

Anzahl der Wettbewerber reserviert • das Profil der einzelnen Konkurrenzfirmen reserviert • die Struktur des Liefersortiments reserviert • das Produktangebot reserviert Tabak Produkt (Zigerette,Zigar...) • die Anzahl der Wettbewerber zu viel...Philip Morris USA als Beispiel • das Profil der einzelnen Konkurrenzfirmen www.pmusa.com • die Struktur des Liefersortiments weltweit,konventionell • das Produktangebot In 2008, PM USA's retail cigarette share...

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Studi Empiris Ketepatan Waktu Pelaporan Keuangan Perusahaan Manufaktur Di Bursa Efek Jakarta

tingkat insider trading dan kebocoran serta rumor di pasar saham (Owusu dan Ansah 2000). Tuntutan akan kepatuhan terhadap ketepatan waktu dalam penyampaian pelaporan keuangan perusahaan publik di Indonesia telah diatur UU No. 8 tahun 1995 tentang Pasar Modal dan Keputusan Ketua BAPEPAM No.80/PM/1996 tentang kewajiban penyampaian laporan keuangan berkala. Peraturan tersebut sesuai dengan teori kepatuhan (compliance theory) yang dikemukakan Tyler (Susiloawti 1998, 2003, 2004) bahwa terdapat dua perspektif...

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Gaya Hidup

kelompok diperlakukan seolah – olah mereka merupakan kelompok yang identik, ini dikenal sebagai segmentasi. Setiap berbicara mengenai segmentasi, tak pernah terlewatkan data mengenai kelas sosial. Pokok pangkalnya adalah stratifikasi sosial, sebuah struktur sosial yang terdiri dari lapisan – lapisan, dari lapisan teratas sampai lapisan terbawah. Konsep stratifikasi sosial ini sesuai dengan acuan dalam segmentasi yaitu konsumen digolong – golongkan dan dipilah – pilah berdasarkan faktor tertentu sehingga...

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The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/0144-3577.htm Conceptualizing operations strategy processes Conceptualizing OS processes Niels Gorm Rytter Department of Production, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark 1093 Harry Boer Center for Industrial Production, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark, and Christian Koch Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper...

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Sak Etap

Tutorial Klasikal 6 Tabel 4 Hasil Quisioner 9 Gambar Gambar 1 Sosialisasi SAK ETAP dengan ketua paguyuban Manding 6 Gambar 2 tampilan Website SAKSES 7 Gambar 3 Poster pembuka yang ditempel 7 Gambar 4 Konsultasi dengan SMEDC UGM 8 Gambar 5 Jurnal 8 Gambar 6 Konsultasi dan penyuluhan personal 8 Gambar 7 Sampel Quisioner sebelum program SAKSES 9 Gambar 8 Sampel Quisioner sesudah program SAKSES 9 Abstraksi Akuntansi merupakan cabang ilmu ekonomi yang memiliki peran penting dalam masyarakat...

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Jurnal Manajemen Keuangan

ANALISIS KURS VALAS DENGAN PENDEKATAN BOX-JENKINS: Studi Empiris Rp/US$ dan Rp/Yen, 1983.2-2000.3 Oleh: Hadi Kardoyo dan Mudrajad Kuncoro Abstract This paper attempts to analyse Rp/US$ and Rp/Yen exchange rates over the period 1983.2-2000.3. Using the Box-Jenkins approach, we tested various models to explain the behavior of Rp/US$ and Rp/Yen. The results supported both interest rate parity and purchasing power parity hypotheses for Rp/US$ exchange rates. In the case of Rp/Yen, however, the results...

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sentence expresses or the situation that the proposition describes, or the speakers’ judgment of the likelihood of the proposition being true. While modal auxiliaries are “helping words”, functioning as helpers to make up verb phrases, they are prohibited from being used independently. The present study attempts to conduct a corpus-based study on three modal auxiliaries should, ought to and must with regard to their collocations, colligations, as well as semantic features in Chinese learners’ oral productions...

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Teaching Grammar at Seconday School Level

relatable to students. My objective is for students to use the appropriate modal verb in sentences to deliver a particular intention. Students should be able to use the context to infer the intention of the author and fill in the appropriate modal verb that conveys the intended meaning. Even though this lesson is a mixture of some aspects of process and product approaches, the main layout of the lesson is in the PPP format. Modals are an everyday part of our speech and writing. However during my practicum...

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Investment Opportunity Set

caused by earning assignment sample’s company for dividend is bigger than earning assignment for retained earning. Key words : Investment Opportunity Set (IOS) A. LATAR BELAKANG PENELITIAN  Sedikit sekali penelitian pasar modal yang diasosiasikan dengan struktur modal perusahaan, terutama dengan set peluang investasi. Kemudian muncul konsep baru dalam menilai suatu perusahaan dengan mengkombinasikan aset yang dimiliki dan opsi investasi di masa depan, yaitu konsep Investment Opportunity Set...

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Pengaruh Kenaikan Harga Bahan Bakar Minyak Terhadap Pergerakan Indeks Harga Saham Sektor Pertambangan Dan Indeks Lq 45 Di Bursa Efek Indonesia

Kondisi ini kemudian mempengaruhi iklim investasi di Indonesia secara keseluruhan. Dalam jangka pendek, kenaikan harga BBM tersebut disikapi para pelaku pasar, khususnya pelaku pasar modal sebagai indikator investasi. Berdasarkan argumen tersebut, maka sangatlah mungkin reaksi negatif dari para pelaku pasar modal dapat terjadi setelah pengumuman kenaikan tersebut. Namun, jika yang terjadi sebaliknya yaitu bahwa kenaikan harga BBM justru direspon positif oleh pelaku pasar, maka kesimpulan sederhana...

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Analisis Kinerja Portofolio Reksadana Pendapatan Tetap

I. PENDAHULUAN Salah satu upaya menarik minat pemodal domestik di pasar modal, antara lain dapat dilakukan dengan mengembangkan industri reksadana. Menurut Undang-undang Nomor 8 tahun 1995, Reksa Dana adalah wadah yang digunakan untuk menghimpun dana dari masyarakat pemodal untuk selanjutnya diinvestasikan dalam portofolio efek oleh Manajer Investasi. Dana dari masyarakat yang terhimpun dalam reksadana, akan dikelola oleh manajer investasi (fund manager) kedalam berbagai instrumen investasi yang...

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Hubungan Induk Perusahaan Dengan Anak Perusahaan Pada Perusahaan Multinasional

Dengan melihat perkembangan sejarah, sifat MNC dan kompleksitas tercermin beberapa tahapan mulai dari evolusi internasional "pertukaran barang di seluruh dunia" perdagangan kemudian ke pertukaran sebagian aset fisik dari satu perusahaan untuk aset modal yang lain, dan akhirnya ke akuisisi seluruh perusahaan atau mendirikan yang baru. Fasilitas yang dimiliki dan dikelola oleh sebuah perusahaan yang mencari investasi di lebih dari satu negara. Saat ini, MNC pada umumnya menjadi besar, memiliki tingkat...

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Virtual Organizational Behaviour

kekuasaan pada masa yang akan datang adalah informasi. Oleh karena itu, utilisasi teknologi informasi akan menjadi crucial point bagi eksistensi dan keberlangsungan hidup organisasi. Teknologi informasi akan mendorong terjadinya perubahan bentuk dan struktur organisasi. Hierarki akan menjadi menyurut dan mendatar sebagai hasil dari downsizing dan rightsizing. Knowledge worker pada masa depan akan mempunyai berbagai ketrampilan atau multiskill dan benar-benar mengetahui dan berpengalaman dalam mengelola...

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