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  • Jordan Baker Character Analysis

    The three women in ​The Great Gatsby​show incredible significance and striking contrast.The female roles influence the novel through their unique personalities‚ how men acknowledgethem‚ and through their day-to-day lives. The three women‚ Daisy‚ Jordan‚ and Myrtle‚ impactthe novel so greatly that without them‚ it simply would not be the same. Their personalitiesportray individuality‚ the way men treat them is far more different than present-day‚ and theirparticular day-today lives show their motives

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  • Jordan Baker

    other‚ but Jordan Baker stands out the most. She a major character throughout the novel‚ and contributes to the story in the highest degree. She embodies the shallowness and arrogance of people during the 1920’s. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel‚ The Great Gatsby‚ Jordan Baker portrays her showy and arrogant attitude through several incidents‚ and gives the reader a visual of the life of people during the 1920’s. Fitzgerald uses every tool at his disposal to bring the character of Jordan to life

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  • Monologue: Jordan Baker

    MONOLOGUE: JORDAN BAKER What? You got something you want to say to me too? Yea‚ well get in line‚ there’s a lot of people trying to get a word in. I mean‚ who do they think they are to judge me? The world made me dishonest not the other way around. Do they really think that I fancy cheating my way through life? I don’t wish to be this way but is there any other way I can survive in this society? I live in the public eye. I have to take more care than the rest of them to protect my image‚

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  • Jordan Baker in Great Gatsby

    boundaries. Women were more independent as well as promiscuous. Jordan Baker’s maleness in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby depicts the changing woman in the 1920’s. Fitzgerald blends the strong individualistic woman of the twenties with her feminine counterpart through his characterJordan Baker. Jordan‚ an unmarried professional golf player‚ is assertively independent and seems rather masculine in contrast to Daisy Buchanan‚ her “girlie‚” character foil. As the novel continues‚ Jordan’s “maleness” fuses

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  • Jordan Baker In The Great Gatsby

    sense of confidence‚ especially from their newfound suffrage. This also brought along criticism towards the new woman of the 1920s. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald‚ the female characters Jordan‚ Myrtle‚ and Daisy are seen in a negative way through their actions and color symbolism. In the story‚ Jordan Baker is depicted as having gray eyes. This represents one of her biggest faults: her lack of compassion for others. This depiction is shown in the quote that says‚ “Her gray sun-strained

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  • Jordan Baker Dishonest Analysis

    After the party‚ Nick and Jordan meet again and he grows to be curious with her. Eventually he comes to realize all of the events in which Jordan Baker has been overly dishonest and careless. He states‚ “When we were on a house-party together up in Warwick‚ she left a borrowed car out in the rain with the top down‚ and then lied about it” (Fitzgerald ). Jordan was careless when borrowing a car and after damaging it she proved herself to be dishonest and careless by lying about leaving the top down

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  • The Great Gatsby Jordan Baker Analysis

    The characters in The Great Gatsby are round‚ especially Jordan Baker. Jordan Baker‚ a major influence on the novel was not only well described and complex‚ but also unwavering when it came to what she liked the most: golf‚ she would go to sleep early so that she could properly rest the night before the tournament. “’Ten O’clock‚’ she remarked apparently finding the time on the ceiling. ‘Time for this good girl to go to bed’. ‘Jordan is going to play in the tournament to-morrow‚’ explained Daisy

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  • The Great Gatsby Argumentative Essay On Jordan Baker

    The mysterious‚ independent and cynical Jordan Baker‚ known for lying through her teeth. Jordan has no problem lying especially if it gets her out of trouble. She lies about things she doesn’t even need to lie about‚ for example‚ when her and Nick went to a house party‚ “she left a borrowed car out in the rain with the top down‚ and then lied about it” (Fitzgerald 62). Lying about something as little as leaving a car out in the rain shows in and of itself how dishonest of a person she is. Distinctly

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  • Description of a Character

    Description of a Character Imagine a person who is supportive as a family member and a unique friend that would be there for you at the drop of a hat. My Uncle Matt fits the description perfectly by being an adventurous kid stuck in an adult’s body‚ without this person in my life I wouldn’t be who I am today. He is a muscular middle-aged man who wore old‚ broken Harry Potter style glasses. I would always make fun of him by the way he dressed with an old t-shirt from some random event and jean shorts

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  • Character Trait Analysis: Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker from the Great Gatsby

    CHARACTER TRAIT ANALYSIS : NICK CARRAWAY AND JORDAN BAKER By Laurentia Editha 11 IB 1 / 8 In the book‚ two characters named Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker were introduced. These two characters then slowly grow into being each other’s love interest‚ but despite this‚ they are very opposite to each other. The most evident difference may be noticed from how they behave. Jordan‚ being a more buoyant and sanguine female character‚ often shows rudeness in certain circumstances. Such example is

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