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  • John Proctor - the Crucible

    John Proctor Ultimately‚ John Proctor is a key part of the Crucible. His refusal to open up about Abigail’s lying (which she admits in Betty’s bedroom) allows Abigail to whip the village of Salem into a frenzy – accusing anyone and everyone of witchcraft. He is a proud and powerful man‚ much respected in the village. The fact he committed adultery with Abigail means she has the power to control him. Adultery is against the laws of Salem’s theocracy (as it is against the Decalogue) so‚ if Abigail

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  • John Proctor Sacrifice

    Crucible Essay John Proctor is a genuine man. Granted‚ he’s made a few mistakes‚ but that should not falter his overall character any. Proctor recovers his sense of dignity as well as his goodness by tearing up the confession paper that would have saved his life. Knowing John’s good conscience and the events that have led up to this moment‚ this act of morality is truly believable. This feat is also incredibly conscientious. During open court after Elizabeth had been arrested for witchcraft‚ John confesses

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  • Essay On John Proctor

    John Proctor is one of the many real characters played in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible written in 1953. John is what some would call a tragic hero. He lived in a time period where any small act of sin could cost him his life. John naturally experience urges that men have to lust after a woman‚ that would be the downfall to his death. He was a prominent man who was a husband with children of his own. John cheated on his wife and felt unworthy‚ he then try to fix his wrong doing’s but only made

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  • John Proctor S Role In The Crucible

    Kate-Lynn Gomerich M. Haddou English 12C Individual Character Project November 22‚ 2014 John Proctors Role in “The Crucible” To be puritan is to be pure of any physical or mental pleasure; when pressure built the citizens of Salem massed into a frenzy of noose casting. Only to realize the heavy weight of truth as a course rope began to constrict around their necks. In “The Crucible” a story taking place in Salem‚ Massachusetts: the restricting ways of puritan life began to take their toll on the

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  • Why Is John Proctor Inhumane In The Crucible

    Ten Commandments‚ an important one was broken in this case‚ “Thou shalt not commit adultery”. John Proctor had sexual relations with Abigail while he was married‚ Abigail is still in love with him even though he doesn’t want her. Abigail is confused when John doesn’t want her‚ “Why do you call me child?”‚ but Proctor said that being with you was the worst mistake (Miller 22). Her wish to be with Proctor becomes a rebellion to the community when she makes reckless choices. Elizabeth‚ Proctor’s wife

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  • How Does John Proctor Change In The Crucible

    dealing with the actual demon or lie and be hanged and have their good reputation go down the drain. John Proctor in The Crucible changed while Abigail did not. Proctor changes exceedingly from the beginning of the play to end. He is a main appearance of the play. This individual goes from a temperamental adulter to a person who is looking forward to restitution in inclusion to make her suitable. John shows his compassion for his response in the following quote “God help me‚ I lusted” (pg.221). This

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  • The Role Of John Proctor In The Crucible

    What do you think about John Proctor? In the Crucible‚ John proctor was a farmer who desperately wanted to be the reverend. He lived in Salem‚ Massachusetts with his wife‚ Elizabeth‚ and three sons. John proctor is a dynamic character in the crucible because he wants his name to be good and have a good reputation‚ but he ruins his life from public reputation‚ he chooses to not admit to committing adultery‚ but eventually he does‚ and he becomes selfless and sacrifice himself to save his wife and

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  • is john proctor a good person

    October 16‚ 2013 Is John Proctor A Good or Bad Person? John Proctor‚ in The Crucible‚ was considered a god-fearing man‚ self-sufficient‚ strong-minded‚ and had a good reputation. But in Salem‚ he was accused of witchcraft. If he "confessed" to it‚ he would be permitted to life‚ but if he did not‚ he would be hanged. Proctor took his penalty without confessing to the courts. In the‚ he dies by his own will believing he is doing the right thing. I believe that John Proctor is a good person for the

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  • John Proctor a tragic hero?

    John Proctor: A tragic hero? A tragic hero is a character whose flaw or mistake ultimately leads to their downfall. In Arthur Miller’s play‚ The Crucible‚ the small town of Salem is immersed in a crisis due to the accusations of witchcraft. One of the accused is John Proctor‚ a strong and moral farmer. John Proctor meets the definition of a tragic hero because of his fatal flaws‚ the affair with Abigail and his pride‚ but redemption at the end of the play saves his morals. S One of John

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  • Characteristics Of John Proctor In The Crucible

    The Makeup of John Proctor The Crucible is a play about the old Salem Witch Trials written in 1953 by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller wrote the play during the era of the Red Scare‚ which was when Senator Joseph McCarthy created fears of a rise in communism. During the Red Scare‚ several celebrities‚ writers‚ actors‚ and politicians were accused of Communism‚ including Arthur Miller himself. Miller wrote the crucible as a way to remind everyone of our past mistakes and how closely the Red Scare imitates

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