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Job Satisfaction: the Role of Manager and Attitude of Employee. a Study Pakistani Culture Work-Setting.

Paper no. 13 JOB SATISFACTION: THE ROLE OF MANAGER AND ATTITUDE OF EMPLOYEE. A STUDY PAKISTANI CULTURE WORK-SETTING. Jamshed Adil Halepota Jamshed.Halepota@brunel.ac.uk ABSTRACT There seems general agreement that job satisfaction has obtained an established position in the literature of industrial and organizational psychology (King and et al 1982; Maanen and Katz 1976). Since decades significant amount of research has been published every year in repute journals. Quinn (1985) reported that...

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good job

A Good Job There is a widespread concern over the characteristics of a good job. Different people hold different views according to their own backgrounds. Some people assert that many good jobs will disappear as a result of more and more unemployment. Some people believe that a good job can provide workers with benefits like high salary and welfare. From my perspective, a good job can provide us with a sense of satisfaction, as well as job security and bring much welfare for us. In the paper...

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What Is The Job Characteristics Model

What is the job characteristics model? How does it motivate employees? Job characteristics are theories identifying how job characteristics affect job outcomes and the characteristics identifies the job characteristics in to five categories. The skill are, autonomy, task significance, task identity and feedback, and the outcomes of high job performance, high job satisfaction, high intrinsic motivation, and low absenteeism or turnover. What are the three major ways that jobs can be redesigned In...

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Job Characteristic Model

The job characteristics model consists of five components which are skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback. These components affect factors such as performance, motivation, absenteeism , turnover and satisfaction of the employees. The purpose is to increase performance, motivation and satisfaction of the employees and to decrease absenteeism and turnover. The job characteristics model is one of the most important attempt models to design jobs. This model is proposed...

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Job Characteristics Model

The job characteristics model was projected in the 1970s by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham to present a comprehensive and precise description of the consequences of job design involving motivation, job satisfaction, performance, and other vital features of organizational behavior. The job characteristics model concentrates on the aspect that makes jobs intrinsically motivating. Hackman and Oldham rationalize that when employees are intrinsically motivated, good performance makes them feel good....

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Assignment Submission: Reintegrating Job Design and Career Theory

1. What is a smart job and why should organizations care about designing them? Douglas Hall (Hall 2002) defined “smart jobs as career-developing positions which stimulate individuals to learn and grow by creating metacompetency of adaptability and self-awareness. Adaptability is a competency that enables the learning of other competencies (Hall 2002). Self-aware allows an individual to figure out what important career skills and knowledge she or he is lacking and will need to develop (Hall 2002)...

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Questioneer of Customer Satisfaction

QUESTIONNAIRE Dear Respondent, Assalamu Alaikum…. This questionnaire has been designed to conduct a research on ‘Measuring Employee Job Satisfaction” to fulfill the course requirement of MBA Program. A survey is being conducted among employee of ‘EXIM Bank Ltd.’ Agrabad branch, Chittagong. Your honest opinions are valuable to this survey and will be kept confidential. Thank you for your time and effort. [Part A: Personal information] Name of the Respondent: ……………………………………………. Address...

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job satisfaction and turnover

LITERATURE REVIEW Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention This study was conducted to measure the level of job satisfaction and its impact on turnover intention. Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) questionnaire containing nine facets of job satisfaction and a questionnaire containing three items for measuring job satisfaction and turnover intention respectively were used for data collection from private sector. Job satisfaction is defined as a person’s evaluation of his or Her job and work context...

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Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction

individual’s self-motivation and job satisfaction. 1.1 What is job satisfaction? Job satisfaction is one’s attitude towards his job (positive or negative). Satisfaction in work and the work environment is the basic constituent of employee job satisfaction. Employee attitudes and values influence their behaviour. Positive outlook and backup from HR helps modify behaviour resulting in higher performance levels. 1.2 Measures of job satisfaction Unlike other psychometric...

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job satisfaction

CHAPTER 01 INTRODUCTION Job satisfaction refers to an employees general affective evaluation of his or her job. Spector defines the concept more simply as “how people feel about their jobs and different aspects of their jobs” (1997, 2). He also considers it as a “related constellation of attitudes about various aspects or facets of the job” (Spector 1997, 2). The organizations should be concerned about their employees level of job satisfaction? Employee satisfaction increases employee retention...

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