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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington, on November 27, 1942. His real name is James Marshal Hendrix, but nicknamed as Jimi. Jimi Hendrix was an American of African, European, Cherokee Indian and Mexican cultures. Jimi's parents, Al and Lucille Hendrix gave Jimi two younger brothers, and a younger sister, Being Leon, born January 13, 1948, In Seattle, Joseph, born in the mid 40's, and Cathy, born on September 27, 1950, Making Jimi the oldest of them all. December 17, 1951, Al and Lucille Hendrix...

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Jimi Hendrix and His Life Accomplishments

Jimi Hendrix was one of the most influential and talented musicians of the 20th century, and through his work he made rock music what it is today. His talent with a guitar was what made him so popular in his own time. The reason he became a rock and roll legend in the 20th century was because of his new style, outrageous performances and his powerful lyrics which captivated his audiences. His new style of music involved, "...the extensive use but sensitively nuanced use of feedback, distortion,...

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Jimi Hendrix: Why He Desrves World Recognition

Jimi Hendrix is one of the greatest and influential guitarists in rock history. During his career, he revolutionized the sound of rock, and changed it greatly. Hendrix was a major influence in music and with his beliefs. Jimi Hendrix was a positive influence on the world, and his music and views continue to inspire many people. Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington on November 27, 1942. Throughout his childhood, his family dealt with financial problems, and he was sometimes put in the care...

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Musical Analysis - Jimi Hendrix

Introduction The Wind Cries Mary was recorded by The Jimi Hendrix Experience in the United Kingdom. It appeared on their debut release Are You Experienced in 1967. Written by Jimi Hendrix, the song is based around an altercation between himself and his long time lover Kathy Mary Etchingham. The sixties was a defining decade for experimental music, fueled by the drugs musicians were taking at the time. Rock n Roll was a worldwide phenomenon and Jimi Hendrix became one of the main pioneers of the rock/psychedelic...

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Jimi Hendrix Listening guides: technique, style, examples, musical influences, etc.

(this text is a very rough listening guide, but should provide a stepping stone to further study of the music of Jimi Hendrix) Jimi Hendrix, born James Marshall Hendrix in 1942, was an American rock guitarist, singer, and composer who fused traditions of blues, jazz, rock, and soul with techniques of British rock to redefine the electric guitar in his own image. Jimi's impact on music, Pop in-particular, has become more apparent in recent times as his music has become more appreciated. Pop/Rock...

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Hendrix and Vietnam

The Relationship Between The Vietnam War And Music Of The U.S.A. Case Study: Jimi Hendrix This essay looks at musician Jimi Hendrix's musical reactions to the American involvement in the Vietnam War. This research has taken place as part of a larger piece of work examining the links between the Vietnam War and Music in the U.S.A. US troops became officially involved in the war from 1965 and didn't withdraw until 1973 following the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. During this time 58...

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Marshall Hendrix was the most inventive electric guitarist in the blues/rock genre. His passion for music was greatly appreciated and inspired to change and uplift the blues world. Hendrix, a phenomenal guitarist, greatly influenced the way that future guitarist after him approached the instrument to coincide with the genre of blues. Though, in less than five years he established himself in only four albums that had a remarkable impact on the blues/rock community by using his guitar. Hendrix was believed...

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jimmy hendrix

flaw in character makes errors in life that lead him/her to total catastrophe. In the World many people who occupy places of high structure come to a downfall due to their errors in life. Jimi Hendrix, a 1960’s guitarist, who had a downfall in his life that changed everything. To a limited degree. Jimi Hendrix fits the definition of a tragic flaw because, he was a 1960’s R&B guitarist, however his flaw was that he ended up taking too many sleeping pills. What he was lost was that he died from taking...

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Stevie Ray Vs Jimi

Stevie Ray Vaughan vs. Jimi Hendrix Over the years Stevie Ray Vaughan was subject to a lot of criticism for sounding similar to Jimi Hendrix which, in turn, led to an untold number of comparisons between the two of them. In fact, the “SRV or Jimi” debate is one of the most vehemently argued among rock fans the world over. Who was the better of the two and why? Let us first examine the similarities between the two guitar players to identify why they were compared. Both Jimi and Stevie played...

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Star Spangled Banner

which is to make the audience feel the sense of love for their nation.  The extreme electric-guitar abilities of Jimi Hendrix are shown through his version of “The Star Spangled Banner.” His rendition of the anthem is a proclamation of the freedom he has got in his country proudly shown through his performance of the national anthem. The tune of the electrical guitar that Hendrix plays on, adds an exuberant and wild sound to the anthem, which actually imitates the wildness of the War of 1812 at...

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